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Are Whitening Trays All The Hype?

White Smile With Smile Brilliant

Having beautiful teeth are so important to a lot of people. It seems for many, the costs can add up and before we know it, we’ve dropped thousands of dollars at the dentist office. This isn’t just the checkups, but also if we want a gorgeous , white smile.

These days, getting your teeth whitened at your dentist can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. I’m one that loves to have a white smile without breaking the bank. I recently used the amazing whitening system by Smile Brilliant. I can’t tell you how amazed I was at the results.

First off, the system is engineered and perfect for anyone. It doesn’t matter what state your teeth are in, there is a system to fit everyone. One great thing I loved was it was customized to fit my teeth. I made my own impressions, sent them in and they sent me my perfected trays back. They fit my teeth perfectly. This system is so innovative. It seems all you see these days are just the strips. Well I’m here to tell you Smile Brilliant is on a whole other level. You can customize your own amount of gel and sensitivity level. You can also pick how sensitive your teeth are.

There are many different systems to fit the needs of everyone. You can go with the 27 application if you have heavy, dark stains . If you feel they aren’t that stained, you may pick the average stain system. It goes from heavy stains system to a light stain system.

The system itself will come with whitening trays, 2 impression trays, 3 sets of impression material, desensitivity gel, and also they include 3 way postage. It’s honestly amazing. I used mine for about 6 weeks and I can’t believe the amazing results. This is a system that works entirely for you. It is made just for you. It has a very personable way about it, and it’s something that no strip can give you.

If you are looking for the perfect whitening system and want to save money in your pocket, this system is for you. Check out my before and afters. Please enter the giveaway. It is for $149 smile brilliant credit. It is for atleast 1-2 weeks and open to the USA, UK, Austrailia and Canadian residents. You can go to the link: https://www.smilebrilliant.com/g/fitandbliss . Please use code fitandbliss15 for a great coupon toward smile brilliant.

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