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The Simple Ways I Switched To Vegan

Happy Wednesday!

I have so many people ask me how I eat so healthy and how I don’t deprive myself with the way I eat. I have to be honest. I have always loved eating healthy and staying healthy. I mean don’t we all love waking up feeling healthy and ready to start our day when we work out and eat right?

I wasn’t always “Vegan” though. I loved chicken, and loved putting it on everything. I loved chicken salad, chicken in my salad, grilled chicken, you name it! I started feeling horrible as I got older after eating it. I felt so sull, and really felt fatigued at times. I finally said to myself that I wasn’t going to feel that way anymore. Honestly food shouldn’t make you feel that way if you are eating right.

I finally started making small changes to my diet and I have never felt better. I started adding a variety of vegetables in with every meal I ate. This included breakfast. I would have vegetables with every meal. I started cooking a lot of my own meals at home. I still do through out the day. I studied a lot on food and what the good foods really are. The answer- WHOLE FOODS. Foods that are grown . Foods from Earth. I eat every meal with a vegan aspect. I look at it and if its not whole foods, then I really don’t eat it. I make a lot of different buddha bowls mixed with a lot of grains and vegetables.

You want to make sure that you study your research before going vegan. It doesn’t happen overnight. You need to learn what animal products really are. You need to learn optimal health. What does a vegan lifestyle do to your overall health? Learn about the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it, I guarantee its not good for you. Read books, magazines and other resources on vegan living.

Make the changes small. Start off by adding one vegetable to each meal. Start experimenting with different recipes and the vegan lifestyle. Try switching out your dairy milk for almond milk. Try to always motivate yourself in how you choose to live. If someone isn’t vegan and you want to make the change, listen to yourself.

Always keep a positive attitude about the change. The one thing to remember is that its small changes and if you foul up, you will have tomorrow to try again. Try to plan the transition. Clean your fridge out. Throw out all non vegan items. Start stocking your fridge with fresh vegetables and make a list of some great recipes you want to try. Its a change , but it will definitely help you feel better and , healthier and stronger.


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