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What Is Brazilian Hair

What is Brazilian Hair
Do you know the rumour about Brazilian hair donors? While they probably donate the hair as part of a religious function, these donors do not undergo any spiritual ritual while donating their locks of hair. Brazilian hair is a very special brand of hair that describes a human hair weave that’s considerably soft, bouncy, and full, just like the hair of a native Brazilian woman.
Because they are not so easy to get, Brazilian hair weaves are very expensive, compared to other brands of human hair. Brazilian hair is durable and will last years with the buyer, provided the maintenance habit is really up to par. The hair is suited to heat, and will accept any form of heat styling- curling, rolling, straightening, and it is suited for any hairstyle you want to make.
It comes in three basic ways: straight, wavy, and curly. Each one might have sub levels but they are generally under the umbrella of those three. All kinds of Brazilian hair are good for coloring because they accept dyes and lots of hair product. With the dyes, you can achieve plain old highlight, exotic balayage, savvy ombre, soft sombre, and elegant baby lights.
Thanks to the natural density of Brazilian human hair, it does not frizz, tangle, or matt. What’s more? Two to three bundles of the hair is enough to help you achieve a full bouncy look, due to its natural volume and thickness.

Brazilian Straight Human Hair
The Brazilian straight human hair is slightly coarse, silky, and straight with a thick texture. The ends might curl up a bit, but you can straighten it with heat styling. It takes well to products and processing, and can last very long under all kinds of temperature- even the humid one.
Although it is slightly coarse, the Brazilian straight hair is still soft and full, though not as full as the wavy counterpart. It is great for closure and frontal wigs, sew in, and glued in extensions. It usually comes in a very dark brown shade, and has a length of 10 to 28 inches. Of all types of Brazilian hair, it is rated the best due to the simple nature of its maintenance and styling.
You can get them in different shades, either on personal request or from already processed bundles. It comes with medium luster and it does not tangle or shed, and the wefts are sewn in with machines, so worry not about falling hair. All in all, the Brazilian straight hair offers the wearer a chance for versatility.
Brazilian Wavy Human Hair
This is the most popular kind of Brazilian human hair, and it is the frequently pictured one. This is why people imagine big waves when picturing locks of Brazilian human hair. The Brazilian wavy hair comes as Brazilian body wave human hair and Brazilian loose wave human hair. The body wave comes as a bundle of a big S shape with fullness, thickness, and great texture.
The loose wave comes as wavy spirals with an option for minimal maintenance efforts. Brazilian wavy hair is the most popular hair being rocked by celebrities because of its glossy and manageable characteristics. Even when wet, the curls remain and do not go away quite easily, which is why many women opt for it when a wavy hairstyle comes to mind.
The body of Brazilian wavy hair is very full and considerably thicker than the other types of Brazilian human hair. It requires zero styling and minimal maintenance efforts to stay in place and retain its curls. Most of the time, it comes in different shades of natural colors and is very resistant to the harshness of the sun, humidity, and cold. No climate or weather will rain on the parade of your lustrous Brazilian wavy human hair.
Brazilian Curly Human Hair
If you know the Mulatto or Molado hair type, then you have met the Brazilian curly hair. It is a mix between the thick curl patterns of mixed race Africans and the loose curl patterns of native Brazilians. The Brazilian curly human hair can be long or short, like an afro weave.
The curly hair is one of the most popular curly human hair in the hair market, and it has a high demand rate, thanks to its versatility. It is soft and heavy, and provides a thick and bouncy finish to your appearance when you use it. It is durable, just like the others, and can take three years before shedding some parts of its curls.
The color ranges from light brown to the deepest shade of black, and it comes in different lengths- depending on your preference. With these curls, you are forever bound to stand out in the crowd, because the hair is unique and like no other. The beauty of this hair is that it gives you the opportunity to rock the curls you never got from birth.
The short curly Brazilian afro weave is kinky, unusual, and downright appealing to the senses. Despite its kinky nature, it has not been processed with chemicals, or balanced with unnoticeable synthetic fibers. Once you follow the maintenance policies, you do not have to worry about shedding, tangling, or straightening curls.
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Why Should One Choose Brazilian Human Hair?
Brazilian human hair comes from the Pacific area of Brazil and it is unique because of its thickness, bouncy nature, luster, and full body. Below are some of the reasons for choosing it:
It has the ability to blend in with any type of natural human hair you have; be it the kinky African hair, relaxed hair, Caucasian hair, or Asian hair. When you comb your natural hair in with it, scarcely anyone would be able to tell the difference between the Brazilian weave and your own hair.
It is versatile, making it suitable for any hair style you wish to rock.
It can hold curls, waves, and spirals for as long as you want it to, and it makes you easy to spot.
It is 100% human hair, it has not undergone any form of processing, treatment, and it has no additional hair fibers in the body.
It allows you to be bold and daring, by allowing dyes and color, layering, and stylish cuts.
There is no better quality human hair in the market, seeing as it trumps Peruvian hair, Malaysian Hair, and Indian Hair.
With Brazilian human hair weave, you do not have to worry about shedding, tangling, and hair frizz.
It is suitable for all seasons, both for aesthetic reasons and climate issues.
What Can You Use Brazilian Human Hair For?
When you see a Brazilian human hair weave. Think versatility! It can go for these few styles:
Sew In
With your Brazilian hair weave, you can try sew in; complete sew in or incomplete sew in. In complete sew in, all parts of your natural hair will be braided into cornrows, and using a big sewing needle and thread, attach the wefts of the weave to your hair. The particular hairstyle will determine the dynamics of the cornrows.
An incomplete sew in will only require cornrows in the middle of your hair, because its sole purpose is to make your hair fuller and longer by adding extensions to the hair. With sew in, you can achieve side part, center part, fringe, ponytail, afro, and one braided side. The main aim is to change the color, texture, length, and volume of your hair without going through long processes.
Sew in hair is a protective hairstyle because it leaves your natural hair in cornrows, giving it time to rest, grow, and heal from previous damages. The hair can take up to 12 weeks before the cornrows underneath will need changing. Making sew in extensions does not take that long either, after 4 hours max, you are done.
You can use your Brazilian human hair weave to make a wig for yourself. You can either make it yourself, ask a professional to make it, or buy a ready-made Brazilian hair wig. The beauty of wig is that it comes with transparent lace, making it look just like your hair when you wear it. You even have the option of styling the edges as your baby hair.
To put on a wig, you also have to braid your hair into cornrows, to avoid the clumpy and bulgy look it would ordinarily give. Just like sew in, using a wig is a form of protective hairstyle because it prevents your hair from damage, and gives your hair the chance to grow evenly.
Your wig will come with lace or silk closures or frontals to make it look real and natural. Frontals give your wig ear to ear coverage and it has the ability to mimic your naturl hairline. Using your Brazilian human hair weave to make something as gorgeous as this, will make you a hot shot.
Glue In Extensions
Unlike sew in, all you need to do for glue in is to buy your Brazilian hair weave, and a keratin or latex glue. So as not to damage your locks with glue, your best bet is to go to the salon and get it done by a professional stylist. You also don’t need to braid your hair into cornrows when using the glue in technique.
The glue has to be applied to the Brazilian extension’s weft, and then glued directly on a layer of your hair, close to the scalp. At the end of the day, you achieve a look that fits right in with your natural hair. Unfortunately, the wrong application or removal of glue can be damaging to your hair. It also doesn’t last long before the glue loses its stickiness, and the weave starts falling off.
Clip In Extensions
Brazilian human hair also comes with clip in hair extensions; a temporary means of making your hair look fuller and longer. Clip in hair extensions are easy to apply and easy to maintain. Just make sure your hair is tangle free before you start the clip on.
How Can You Take Care of Your Brazilian Human Hair?
Taking care of your Brazilian hair is not determined by the style it has taken on your head. Wigs, sew in, glue in, etc. all follow the same care routine with slight differences. The general difference is that the removable ones should be removed before care. Here are some of the ways to care for your Brazilian human hair:
Install Your Weaves at The Salon: it is always better when a professional installs the weaves for you, because it will reduce the risk of damage. You should not risk destroying such an expensive hair product by doing it yourself when you are unsure, or by patronizing a non-professional.
Brush twice daily: anything can cause slight tangles, and without brushing, the tangles will build up overtime, ruining your Brazilian hair. When you want to brush the hair, hold it in the middle, and start applying gentle strokes at the ends. For this purpose, buy a wide-toothed comb or soft detangling brush, because anything different might be too rough for the hair texture. Work out the tangles and move up slowly till you get to your scalp. Avoid vigorous, fast, and rough brushing techniques, so that you won’t end up pulling out half of the hair.
Wash It Weekly: Learning to keep your Brazilian hair clean is one of the most import hair-saving skills you can learn. Buildup of dirt in your extensions will cut their lifespan short by causing breakage, shedding, and tangling. Dirt also gives microbes the opportunity to survive in your hair. Microbes can break down the composition of your hair by reducing the overall volume. To wash, always use mildly scented shampoo, avoid shampoos with sulfate, wash it gently once a week. Harsh and frequent shampooing can strip the Brazilian hair of its natural nutrients and oil and causing hair dryness for you.
Add Conditioner: it is advisable to spray in your conditioner, leave it for a few minutes, and then brush it in thoroughly. A conditioner will ensure the constant softness of the Brazilian hair.
Use Hair Spray: hair spray will keep your hair shiny, silky, and soft, especially silicone-based products.
Moisturize the hair: since you are not growing the Brazilian hair from your scalp, it will not have the essential moisture it needs from preventing brittleness. To help it stay moisturized, get hair moisturizing products and replenish the moisture content of the weave every week. Moisturizing will also prevent frizz and tangles.
Use air drying method: using a heat dryer saves time quite alright, but in excess, it can suck out the oil and moisture in your hair, and end up damaging it. To avoid breakage in your Brazilian hair, pat your hair after a swim or shower with a soft towel, and leave the hair to dry out by itself. When patting with a towel, avoid rubbing it in, because friction causes frizzing in wet hair.
Don’t sleep with it: it is better to take off your wig or unclip the clip in before going to bed. If you don’t want to take it off, wrap it up with a soft piece of clothing instead. When you wake up, you won’t have to go through the long hair care routine because the wrapping will leave your hair tidy and photo ready. A soft wrapping prevents friction, which causes most of the problems of a Brazilian weave.
Deep condition: this is a very important trick for those that use heat styling on their Brazilian hair very often. Deep conditioning will leave the hair or return it to its original state, especially after undoing bleaching and chemical hair treatments.
Use hair products: the best advice anyone can give you about your Brazilian hair is to tell you to treat the hair as if it were yours. So, use natural oils, sprays, creams, and herbs on the weave, because it is a real hair. All these products will keep it from the problems of a human hair weave.
Store well: when you finally take off the Brazilian hair from your head, ensure that the storage condition is optimum. For wigs, store it on a mannequin or wig stand, and it’ll be safe there. For bundles of used or unused weaves, get a very dry box, and keep them in it. Make sure the box has air spaces for proper aeration, to avoid creating a humid climate for it.
The benefits of taking care of your Brazilian human hair are endless, seeing as the survival of the weave depends on your maintenance techniques. A very good maintenance technique will ensure the longevity of your Brazilian hair by preventing dryness, frizz, breakage, shedding, tangling, and decomposition. If you need motivation, you can always think about the money you paid for that gorgeous hair. Are you willing to throw it down the drain? No, we don’t think so.


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