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My Love For Essential Oils

Happy Wednesday!

Essential Oils have been around for a long time, and I got introduced to them about four years ago and have been hooked ever since. I can’t tell you how much these oils have changed my life.

Essential Oils

I use them for just about everything, and it seems I can’t get enough of them. Essential Oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are obtained through steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing. I use my oils for infusing and have used them for sickness as well. The smells of these oils are beyond amazing, but for me they have helped with sinus issues, and decongestant benefits.

Inhaling Essential Oils helps with stimulating the Olfactory system. This is the part of the brain that is connected to smell, including the nose and the brain. I have essential oils in my car and inhale them every morning. It literally changes the day. I do it before yoga practice and after yoga practice as well. I use lavender for many uses, including adding it to my bath water and adding it to some of my cleaning products. it gives off such a relaxing vibe. These oils can also be added to a good base oil , such as almond or coconut for a great body oil.

My favorite oils that I use quite frequently are Lavender, Bergamot, Rose, Chamomile, and Peppermint. I have used Lavender for stress. If I feel I’m rushed on certain campaigns and feel overworked at times , I will use lavender as I work and I also have a great Lavender roll on that I add to my wrists and neck. I have a lavender oil that I also inhale.

I love getting massages and love the essential oils used in them also. I’ve used Peppermint for headaches and that has helped tremendously. Essential Oils are also good for Sleep and Insomnia. Misting your pillow with some Lavender mist has helped with dozing off also. Essential oils can be used for a variety of things and has added so much to my life in terms of health and happiness.

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