So You Want to be a Personal Trainer?

man fist bump to man laying on ground

Becoming a personal trainer is something many fitness buffs move into after they’ve perfected their physique. They see how they’ve managed to sculpt the perfect body for themselves, and now they want to pass this knowledge onto the next generation. 

But becoming a personal trainer isn’t just about helping people find the perfect gym routine for them. Nor is it about gathering a boot camp full of hopefuls in the park on a rainy December morning. You’ve got to have the right skills to excel as a personal trainer. You’ve got to want to help people, and not merely show off how much you can lift. Yeah, dude, we know, it’s a lot. 

If you’re serious about becoming a personal trainer, then here’s how you can get started. 

What Qualifications Do You Need?

While you can become a personal trainer without the right qualifications, having them gives your credentials better legitimacy. These qualifications will help attract more clients and give you an edge over others, just starting who may not have the same qualifications. 

You’ll need at least a High School diploma or higher followed by an AED and CPR certification as you will be working with people who may be dangerously out of shape, or those trying too hard to prove something. 

Following this, choose a specialty fitness area to focus on. This depends on what you feel most comfortable with. You can consider group training or individual training. Once this is decided, you should seek certification from the Personal Training governing body in your area. 

Learn What Others Do Well (And Not So Well)

With such an abundance of personal trainers out there, you have no excuse for not perfecting your style to match up the very best of them. To prepare for your first classes, you can take notes from the best online trainer to see what you like about their approach, but also what you would do differently. 

Knowing your competition is crucial if you want to stand out. As we’ve mentioned, everyone seems to know a personal trainer even if fitness isn’t their thing. You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle, so understanding what type of personal trainer you want to be will help you stand out. 

Do you want to berate to motivate? Do you want to create a safe space for people to feel confident, no matter their progress? Do you want to be somewhere in between, being hard when you need to, but also reassuring everyone they’re doing fine? This is entirely up to you, but know it will have an impact on the type of people you attract to your business. 

Get Your Workout Space

You can’t deliver personal training sessions without a place to workout, but when you’re first starting, you won’t have the funds to invest in a workout space straight away. One way many first-time trainers get around this is by doing their early sessions in public areas. 

Not only is this free (depending on where you live), it’s also free publicity. If you do your sessions at a time where the space is busy, you could pick up some clients as the day goes on. From here, you can take payments and start saving to find a proper workout space, preferably with a roof. 

Push Your Brand

Once you’ve established your training brand with a dedicated cluster of customers, you can start expanding and push your brand awareness further. This can include everything from personalized Boot Camp shirts where everyone gets their name printed alongside your logo to water bottles, sweatbands, and even free weights and plates. 

There’s also marketing to consider. The best place to start with this is by getting on social media. It’s likely your clients have already tweeted or ‘grammed pictures from your sessions. They may have even tagged you in a few. So take advantage of this and create a personal training page so that potential future clients know where to go.

You should also create content as often as possible. This will show people what it is like during your sessions. Again, the content of these pictures and videos depends on the type of trainer you are. You can show clips of your sessions being intense, or you can sprinkle the hard work with the more relaxed moments. 

We know you don’t want to spam friends and family, but you’ll not get your name out there otherwise, so they’ll have to deal with it for now. 

Personal Success

Personal training is a superb way to combine your passion for fitness with your desire to inspire others to live a healthier life. However, with the market so saturated, you’ve got to dedicate as much of yourself to it as you can if you want to stand out.