My Festive Halloween Candy Buffet

HI All!

Halloween is a day away ! I’m a Day late getting this post up. I’m So So sorry about that. Anyhow, I want to share with you one of my favorite things to do during the Halloween Season.

We always have a night where we have friends over to play games, drink wine, and listen to music. One of my favorite things has always been a great Candy Buffet. I always put out an assortment of candy and put some fun decorations around. When my kids were younger, we use to have huge Halloween parties and the candy table was flowing all night long.

A great way to add some amazing pumpkins to your buffet

I’ve definitely cut back, but it’s still one of my favorite times of the year. I guess it brings back so many amazing childhood memories.The thought of getting dressed up and going to a Halloween Party is still so fun to do. I always start out by picking a theme. I do black and white some years, and other years I just do orange. I did purple and black last year and that was a lot of fun. The great thing is that everything with Halloween can be mismatched and still look incredible.

I figure out my theme and color scheme and then I go buy the things that I need. I always start out with pumpkins and I buy pedestals to sit the pumpkins on. Crate and Barrel have some cute pedestals to use for this buffet. This gives a great look for Halloween. I then buy an array of different candies. If my scheme is Black and White, I’ll stick to black and white candy with a pop of color. I then add in some great cupcakes or cookies that I make. I then buy some great little gift bags that the guests can take some goodies home in. By the end of the night, there is little candy and treats left.

The candy Buffet is a great accessory for décor when it comes to Halloween. Everyone loves the festive treats and it adds some flair to an already Fun night. It is also great to add in a Halloween themed punch that everyone can enjoy. If it’s an adult party, it’s always fun to make it into a great cocktail. The fun part of a Halloween Party is that it all ends in Fun.