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My Top Luxury Items for 2020

Happy Monday!

It’s that time of the year to throw out the old, and bring the new in. That goes for everything. ( another blog post coming on that). I’ve always been a luxury lover. I feel it’s not only beautiful, but a very good investment should I say. They hold their value well, and most things luxury just look plain GOOD. I feel if you are going to invest in a great bag, or shoes then you need to really love them.

I always have my eye on a great bag or a pair of shoes all the time. I do feel when the year ends, I’m wanting to always upgrade to another brand , or add in a great pair of shoes that I know I will get good use out of. This year I received some amazing gifts, and they happened to make my luxury list for 2020.

I’m a handbag nut. I love them, and my husband knows it. I’ve got a great collection going on, and this year I received the Yves Saint Laurent handbag in black. It’s absolutely stunning I must say, and will forever hold a place in my closet. The Burberry puffer coat is another great gift I received and it’s the perfect coat for those cold , frigid days. These items made my list because I just absolutely love them.

1. Gucci loafers– These shoes are a go to for any occasion. They are so perfect for walks, dressing up or down . If you are wearing a nice pair of slacks, these would go great. They also look amazing with jeans. These are just pure luxury.

2. Burberry checkered scarf– these scarves have been around for most of time. They are super luxurious and come in an array of colors. I love the basic camel color to say myself. I can see these being around fifty years from now.

3. Yves Saint Laurent bag– I cant stop staring at this bag. The perfect addition to any outfit. I just can’t get enough .

4. Stuart Weitzman sneakers– I love sneakers. I love the way they look with anything. The look with a long skirt, short skirt, jeans, ect. The list goes on. He never disappoints with his shoe selection. He’s one of my favorite shoe designers ever.

5. Stuart Weitzman cuffed boots– these boots are a showstopper. They come in the most amazing color, and looks great with skinny jeans or a great pair of leggings. These are super gorgeous.

6. Theory cardigan– everyone needs a great cardigan . They look amazing with jeans , or even leggings and tall boots. Theory makes amazing cardigan sweaters.

These are just a few of my amazing picks for 2020 luxury. I feel these can last a long time and look great with so many things. Most of these items can be bought at Saks Fifth Avenue and online.


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