The Most Beautiful Smile With White Smile

These days there are so many whitening kits on the market. It can be quite intimidating on which is the Best one to use. I can tell you that White Smile offers the best for that gorgeous white smile.

The Kit comes with three gel pens that you put on the lightning part of the kit. Once you put the gel on the lightning part, you will then stick in your mouth. The lightning kit will light up and is on a timer for 10 minutes. Once the timer goes off, you can either take the tray out, or you can leave it in your mouth for ten more minutes.

Loving my results !

I always left mine in as I was busy doing things. I’ve tried so many whitening kits for my teeth, including the Crest Whitening strips. I can’t tell you enough good things about this kit. For one, the price point is amazing.

It is such a ” clean kit”. When I say clean, there is absolutely no mess. When you use other kits, they have the strips that are applied directly on the teeth, with no tray, and become quite messy. This is as simple as simple gets. This kit is 100% vegan, and peroxide free. Its dual light technology helps protect against sensitive gums, inflammation and any type of tooth decay.

One of the things I loved about this kit is not only the safeness, and price point, but also how you can take it anywhere. It is wireless and rechargeable. The reviews are incredible. I can’t say enough good things about White Smile. I loved it so much , I now have my family and friends using it. They are loving it.

If you are looking for a beautiful white smile, look no further than White Smile. You will get the results you longed for.


The Best In Self Care With Pop Sonic

We all know how important Self Care is, and taking time each day to take care of ourselves inside and out. I’m sure you all have your favorite tools and products that you like to use on a daily basis. Well, if you are looking for a new tool or gadget to help you take care of those needs, Check out the Wonderful World of Pop Sonic.

I recently received some amazing products from Pop Sonic, and when I say amazing, I mean amazing. I really don’t know where to start. They have every tool under the sun, and believe me, they are wonderful.

Let me start with their toothbrushes. If you are looking for a great tooth brush, or simply want to give someone in your family a cute one, their electronic toothbrushes are the bomb. They come in an array of colors, and work wonders. I cant say enough about them. I loved them so much, I gave every one in my family one. They all fell in love.

On the Beauty aspect of things, they have a whole variety of items that work wonders. Let me start with their compact mirrors. These mirrors are the perfect accessory to anyone’s purse. They are super cute, light and they fit perfectly into any small case. I have been one that wishes on certain occasions that they had a good purse mirror to carry around. They come in so many colors and are super handy.

They have mirrors that you can attach to the wall( yes like the hotel mirrors) that give you such a good up -close look at your skin and when your doing your makeup. My daughter absolutely loves hers. They also have the ones that you can just stand up on a vanity. Either way, they are awesome.

On another side note, hair removal can not only be expensive, but finding the time to get to the appointment can be another thing. Pop Sonic sells the BEST hair removal razors that are battery operated. They work wonders. I never again have to make that appointment at the hair removal place because I have my own.

I cant say enough about this brand and their items. They are simply amazing .