My Top Three Beauty Items I Can’t Live Without

Happy Tuesday!
Over the years, I’ve acquired so many beauty products. I’ve truly found some I simply can’t live without. These products have done wonders for my skin. I’ve always suffered from sensitive skin, and these products have truly helped my skin look the best it ever has

. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

If I have one thing to say , this product is purely magic. The minute it goes on your face, the glow starts it’s work. I don’t know if you have ever watched Charlotte Tilbury makeup tutorials, but she can instantly transform any type of skin with this cream. It is truly the best cream I’ve ever used. It really reduces pores, and gives your skin the most Dewy look. It’s definitely a must have. I will use this cream forever.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Tatcha enzyme powder

Tatcha has always made amazing products. It’s very hard to find a good cleanser that works well with your skin. It took me many months and lots of money to find the perfect cleanser. This cleanser is a powder that works it’s way into a foam. It truly cleanses deep and your skin feels baby soft. I feel this is a bit of an exfoliator also. The minute you get the cleanse done, your skin feels amazing. This is one of the best cleansers ever.

Tatcha Enzyme Powder

Tatcha water cream

Once again, Tatcha wins. This water cream is so moisturizing and feels so light at the same time. I use this around my eyes, and it really helps with de puffiness and dark circles. It helps with really helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The minute you put it on, your skin feels so amazing. This is a great item that has really help transform my skin.

Tatcha Water Cream


My All Time Favorite Chickpea and Spinach Salad

I am a salad lover, and this chickpea salad is my all time favorite salad that I make at home all the time. It is loaded up with a lot of antioxidants and really good vitamins and minerals. I call this my Super Salad because it’s SUPER for your health.

This salad is loaded up with lots of fiber and protein

I absolutely love chickpeas. They can be cooked and taste delicious and they can just be thrown on a really good salad to add much fiber to your diet. This salad is also great to make for cook outs and dinner parties. I do just double the ingredients if you have a bigger party than 4.

* 1.5 cups of organic spinach ( make sure you rinse the spinach before use.

* 2 organic avocados

*1.5 cup of chickpeas

*1 cup organic cherry tomatoes

*1/2 cup onion ( diced up)

*1 cup organic goat cheese

*basil seasoning ( I add as much as I like to get the taste just right)

*black pepper ( use at your own disgretion)

*Dill Weed seasoning

*1 cup olive oil

Throw all of this together and toss real good. You want everything to be fully mixed.

This salad is great with warm pita bread on the side also. Enjoy !


My Favorite Designer Bags For 2020

February is here, and that means Spring arrivals are on their way in. A great reason also is that most Winter items are getting marked down. You can find some amazing designer pieces for a lot less than usual. I have a few great Designer Bags for this year that I absolutely love. I truly feel these will be favorites for years to come.

Dior Saddle Bag

This is a huge favorite already with lots of influencers and bloggers. I think this will be a Dior favorite for many years to come. This particular bag comes in many colors, and you can also purchase a strap if you are wanting to carry it as a messenger bag. I absolutely love the details on this particular Dior Bag. The way the flap looks as well as the name on the front. I feel this bag would go great with many different types of outfits. To me, this will be a classic.

Louis Vuitton Locky BB bag

I have always been and always will be a Louis Vuitton fan. I feel their bags are always a hit and will forever be in style. The vintage bags are gorgeous , and this Locky BB bag is so adorable. Louis Vuitton sets the record for classy and sheek. This particular bag has such a cute look to it. The long strap makes it the perfect messenger bag.

Gucci Ophidia Mini Round Shoulder Bag

I’m a Gucci lover, and it seems their bags never get boring. They seem to have such a creative side to their looks and design. I feel each and every bag they make has a story behind it. This particular shoulder bag is the perfect black round bag for a night out. It can be casual or dressed up in many ways. I absolutely think this is a great bag for 2020.