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My Favorite Designer Bags For 2020

February is here, and that means Spring arrivals are on their way in. A great reason also is that most Winter items are getting marked down. You can find some amazing designer pieces for a lot less than usual. I have a few great Designer Bags for this year that I absolutely love. I truly feel these will be favorites for years to come.

Dior Saddle Bag

This is a huge favorite already with lots of influencers and bloggers. I think this will be a Dior favorite for many years to come. This particular bag comes in many colors, and you can also purchase a strap if you are wanting to carry it as a messenger bag. I absolutely love the details on this particular Dior Bag. The way the flap looks as well as the name on the front. I feel this bag would go great with many different types of outfits. To me, this will be a classic.

Louis Vuitton Locky BB bag

I have always been and always will be a Louis Vuitton fan. I feel their bags are always a hit and will forever be in style. The vintage bags are gorgeous , and this Locky BB bag is so adorable. Louis Vuitton sets the record for classy and sheek. This particular bag has such a cute look to it. The long strap makes it the perfect messenger bag.

Gucci Ophidia Mini Round Shoulder Bag

I’m a Gucci lover, and it seems their bags never get boring. They seem to have such a creative side to their looks and design. I feel each and every bag they make has a story behind it. This particular shoulder bag is the perfect black round bag for a night out. It can be casual or dressed up in many ways. I absolutely think this is a great bag for 2020.

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