Immunity Boost with Apothekary herbs

Happy Monday!
I know it’s not the most glorious time in our global world with this “ silent enemy” we are dealing with. There is so much anxiety and uncertainty going on around us. If your like me, waking up everyday hoping for a miracle to come swarming in, to kill this virus. Praying for the amazing workers helping to get this virus under control and save lives.

One thing we can do is STAY HOME and take care of ourselves and our family members. Immunity is so important in this vital time. Keeping ourselves as healthy as we can . I recently just received some amazing Apokethary herbs to add in my smoothies and teas. These herbs are super healthy and helps keep your immune system running smoothly.
They have many herbs to choose from. If you are needing some more relaxation , chill the F out is an amazing herb to add to your daily regimen. They offer chlorella, mushrooms, and moringa. They are all superfoods in my opinion, and helps that immune system strong.
Please check out this amazing company , and add some healthy herbs to your daily regimen. They offer many recipes on how to use them and can be added to almost anything.
Remember right now is vital we all Stay Home and take care of ourselves.


Show your Freedom with Flags Unlimited

Freedom is a huge luxury that we have in our country. We have the freedom to live the life we have always wanted and the freedom to decide what choices we make to make the life we want. Each day we are alive is a new day to live the life we want.

There is no better way to show the love of our country then displaying the American Flag. The flag that represents so much. The U.S flag is the symbol to our freedom and the country we live in. We have the freedom to live our lives under no microscope or someone telling us how to live it. This flag represents not only the freedom we have , but the choices we have made as a country. The U.S flag to me represents the freedom to live a healthy life, freedom to pick and choose what we will invest to make our lives what we always wanted. It’s such a blessing to live in such an amazing country. Many people in other countries do not have that luxury as an individual, or the decision to make the changes needed to make the life they want. Some countries are under strict rule and policy.

Displaying this flag symbolizes our American Flag History. Each and every one that taking pride in our individual freedom is a gift. It’s a gift of itself. It’s something we get each day we wake up and Something we get when we go to bed at night. We decide how we want to live our lives or recharge our lives each day. It is something we should all take pride in and know that it’s a huge symbolic gesture of what an amazing country we live in.


I’ve Got White Fashion On My Mind

Happy Friday!
I feel like Spring is finally here , and I’m so excited when the great Spring arrivals hit my inbox. I have to share with you some of my favorite fashion loves for this Spring.

White is one of my all time favorite Spring colors. Why? It goes with anything and everything. I particularly like pairing a white pair of jeans with a cute halter or ruffle top. Wedges with a pop of color would instantly add to the look.

I’m always loving a good white handbag. This particular looks is great for a night out and goes with any type of outfit. I particularly love the Gucci white Marmont bag. It’s one of my favorites for upcoming Spring. This bag is great over the shoulder or used as a messenger bag,

Gucci Marmont Bag

A good pair of strappy white sandels are great with some shorts and even a nice dress. Walmart has some cute white sandels this season . These shoes look great with dresses and skirts. I love the look of strappy Sandels with some great Capri jeans.

A good pair of strappy white sandles.

White dresses are a favorite this year for Easter season. They look great with a pop of color of wedges and a great jacket or blazer to add to the look. They can really make a statement. White can be worn dressy and last or laid back and casual. It’s such a great statement color. I know some people don’t think white is a color, but I sure do.

A pretty white dress always works.

White linen pants are another favorite. These are your beachy type of pants. The pants that look great with a tank top and a good pair of flip flops or Sandels. I love wearing them on cool nights in the summer for a great dinner look or to lounge around in.

White pants are one of my favorites.

You can just say that white will always be in for Spring and you can color white up as much as your heart desires!


Sorry Butter Coffee Fans, But Your Favorite Drink Isn’t Healthy

Now and again, a “health” trend comes around that blows your mind. Sometimes, very occasionally, you learn something new. But mostly, these fads are marketing gimmicks designed to earn as much money for their creators as possible before they burn out. 

Butter coffee is an excellent example of this. For many years, there’s been a group of people in the field of nutrition who argue that humans should eat fat and shirk carbohydrates. The first mass iteration of this was the Atkins diet, followed by other dietary regimens, including modern-day Paleo and keto. 

The idea here is that carbohydrates spike insulin, which leads to metabolic dysfunction, so we should avoid them. That’s led to the notion that eating as much fat as you like is a good thing, so adding butter to coffee makes sense. Why limit yourself to cream?

The Problem With Butter Coffee

Surprisingly, the problem with coffee isn’t caffeine. As an article on Smart Fitness Results points out, coffee actually makes an excellent pre-workout. 

Pixabay – CC0 License

No – the main issue here is the butter itself. And we’re not just talking a single pat, once a week. We’re talking about great globs of the stuff, several times per day. 

Let’s start with the idea that carbohydrates are bad because they spike insulin and lead to conditions like diabetes. There’s no doubt that carbs do lead to increased levels of insulin the blood. That shows that the body is working correctly. The pancreas releases insulin to allow glucose to get into cells. Without it, you’d die. 

The argument is that the more insulin you have, the worse your health will be – and again, that’s true for the most part. But here’s the kicker: not all carbs are the same. White bread and candy bars are both carbohydrate foods that spike insulin a lot – but oatmeal and beans barely shift the needle. What’s more, if you cut animal foods from the diet, you can reverse conditions like diabetes when you feed carbs in their natural form

The problem with butter coffee is that it loads the body with saturated fats – a dominant type of fat in dairy foods. These fats then cause inflammation on the lining of the artery walls, which leads to the creation of plaques that cause heart disease and stroke. This information has been around since at least the 1970s, and yet people continue to drink butter coffee as if it is mana from heaven. It is nothing of the sort. 

Healthier Drinks

The good news is that there are many healthier drinks out there. 

Pixabay – CC0 License

If you love milky coffee, try a plant-milk latte. It tastes pretty much the same as the original dairy variety, especially if a barista makes it for you. 

If you want to take your health regime even further, you might want to try green or hibiscus tea. Both of these plants contain potent compounds that improve the way that you feel. 

And for those who don’t like warm drinks at all, there’s always water.