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Runners. Save Your Joints With These Tips

You’ve laced up your running shoes, and you’ve got your hi-vis on. You’re connected to your music, and you’re ready to go, and yet you can’t: the hip pain you’ve been dealing with is playing up once more – and you’re in pain. Hip pain can be some of the most uncomfortable to deal with. It has a significant impact on your everyday life, and hip pain makes even the simples actions feel far too hard to deal with. 

Hip pain is common as you age, but it’s also common in those who partake in heavy-duty sports. The thing is, you can do a lot to prevent it! Running doesn’t have to be painful, and while you can keep Orthopedic Physician Associates on speed dial for when the pain really does get too much, you can so much to help yourself. The sooner you treat hip pain, the faster it will go. So, let’s check out a few ways you can save your hips from pain and keep running! 

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  1. Start with your bones when you start to look after your hips. Fractures in the pelvis are painful, and stronger bones are less likely to fracture due to impact. Eating a diet rich in calcium, cheese, milk, and lots of leafy green veggies will help! The right nutrients are going to help you to nurture your bones, and you can take supplements to top you up, too!
  2. While many health issues are blamed on weight unnecessarily, you have to be mindful of the pressure you put on your hips with the weight of your body. One of the most common weight-related issues with the bones is osteoarthritis. Get to a healthy weight, and you’ll be less likely to deal with hip pain!
  3. Keep running. Yes, you may be in a little pain, but exercise is going to help you to strengthen those hip muscles and make the risk of injury far less likely. Stair climbing and lightly jogging will help. Sure, exercise can cause issues for the hips, but you can do it correctly with the right technique and try not to run on the hardest surfaces. The less you have an impact on the ground, the better you’ll feel.
  4. Stop smoking and drinking where you can. Smoking narrows the arteries and makes the blood flow to your hips slow right down. You want there to be healthy blood flow so that your bones stay strong. The other reason? It’s terrible for your overall health: make smarter choices.
  5. The older we get, the harder we find balance. So, you need to think about preventing falls to keep your bones strong and healthy. If you think you’re at risk of falling, speak to your doctor. They’ll give you medication if you have an issue with being dizzy!

Your hips deserve the best care, and if you catch the problem pains early, you can fix them quickly and get back to your best without delay. Keep running; your health really does matter.


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