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My Top Five Tips For Wellness During A Quarantine

This Quarantine has been life changing no doubt. I feel this “ locked up” feeling has really made us evaluate many things in life. One thing I feel I have really improved on is my Wellness. I’ve always been health driven and a very mindful eater, but these times have really expanded my love for cooking many healthy meals. I have spent many days reading wellness books and listening to wellness audio books. I’ve realized just how much I love Cooking with vegetables I thought I once hated. Going through something so life changing can wreak havoc on our wellness if we let it. This goes for all wellness including mental wellness. I have some amazing Tips for staying well and healthy through a quarantine

The Perfect Green Smoothie
  • Get Moving – I know we don’t have access to our favorite gyms or studio classes, but many online apps have some great classes and workouts to try. I absolutely love my Brooke Burke Body app. She has such amazing workouts with such little investment. One thing I love is that she changes her workouts up.
  • Stay Hydrated– yes many of us can drown our days in too much wine or spirits, but staying hydrated is key. It gives us so much more energy and is good for our health. There are times you can be dehydrated without realizing it. The key is keeping water with you constantly through out the day. A favorite of mine is adding fruit to my water to give it a bit of flavor.
  • Journaling– I have been journaling for many years. I find it very calming and positive. Especially through a time like this, it’s great to get everything out on paper. Your blessings, your gratitude, your goals. This is something we all need in our life right now. Waking up every morning and journaling puts everything into perspective. It really reminds us of how lucky we truly are.
  • Eat Lots of Colorful Veggies – vegetables are the best thing you can put in your body. They are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that our body needs to feel good and function well. I’ve been using this quarantine to really dig deep into my vegan cookbooks and get to work. Many vegetables I thought I disliked have become my all time favorite.
  • Get Creative– creativity is SO good for the mind and your wellbeing. A typical day we are so busy with our daily lives that we don’t take the time to really dig into our creative outlets. This quarantine has given me plenty of time to expand my creativity. I’ve made great lists of organization and goals on my personal blog. It has really given me a sense of new and exciting projects to come.

I hope through this whole Quarantine , you keep your wellness in tact. It’s the only thing we have to keep our minds and bodies going in a healthy direction. We should all come out of this counting our blessings .


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