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It’s Time To Focus On Your Five A Day

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You have to take a number of things into account when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. You need to exercise regularly (150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week or seventy five minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a week for the average adult). You also have to give up bad habits that can cause health problems, such as smoking or excessive drinking. We also know that we need to get a healthy, balanced diet. But what we should lay emphasis on here is that you do need to get your five a day. So many people teach this health advice to kids but neglect it themselves. There’s a good reason that you should be getting your five a day, which will get further into now!

What Is Five a Day?

Let’s start out by making it clear what five a day actually means. Put simply, it’s the World Health Organisation’s recommendation that you consume five portions of different fruits and vegetables every single day. One portion is generally around 80g or one handful. It’s important to remember that the five portions need to be of different fruits and vegetables, rather than five apples or five portions of carrots, for example. Variety is key in regards to the vitamins and minerals you’ll take in from your five a day.

Why Is Your Five a Day Important?

So, why is your five a day so important? Well, fruit and vegetables form an essential role in your diet. They provide your body with the relevant vitamins and nutrients to help it function properly. There’s a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that different fruits and vegetables can contain and each serves a different purpose. On top of this, fruits and vegetables often prove to be a great source of dietary fibre, which aids your digestive system.

What Counts?

Many people question what counts towards your five a day. Put simply, any fruit or vegetable counts. It can be whole, fresh, frozen, dried, juiced, tinned… whatever. As long as it contains fruit and vegetables, it will count.


Of course, some of us can find it difficult to strike the right balance when it comes to getting the right levels of each vitamin and mineral in our diets – sometimes even if we do eat five portions of different fruits and vegetables. This is where supplements come into play. They can top up levels of those you’re missing out on. You can get details here for further information on this.

Things to Bear in Mind

Remember when having your five a day through fruit juice, it does count but it can damage your teeth. Juiced fruit impacts your teeth more than whole fruit, as the sugar has already been released. Try to use a paper or reusable straw or clean your teeth after.

This is just a brief run through of your five a day and its importance, but you can really see your health improve by incorporating these fruits and vegetables into your diet. Hopefully, some of the above information can help guide you in the right direction!


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