4 Running Essentials Every Beginner Needs

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During Victorian times, the essentials for runners were a little different from today. You’ll be interested and tickled to know that runners used champagne as an energy drink. Today, alcohol-based drinks are not (unfortunately) even remotely considered for running! Because of the evident side-effects such as dehydration and dizziness.

For an up-to-date look at what you’ll need for a safe and comfortable run, below are four things to consider investing in.

Running Shoes

It may be tempting to save a few dollars by sourcing out old trainers you haven’t used in a few years (or decades) to begin your running journey. However, this isn’t the way to go if you want a comfortable, light-footed run. If you’re unsure when to buy new running shoes, try checking the following; whether the trainers fit and if the soles have lost their grip.

With every footstep you take running, your feet bear the brunt of your entire weight, and continuously absorb the impact. And so, finding running shoes that shall adequately support your feet and keep them cool is necessary to get the most out of your run. 

If you’re on a budget for running essentials, make finding and buying the right running shoes your top priority.

Water Bottle

Drink water before, during, and after your run to keep your mind and body hydrated. While exercising, your body will sweat excessively, partially in an attempt to cool your body down. As a result, it’s possible to become dehydrated after working out if you don’t drink enough fluid. 

As a solution, you can purchase small runner bottles shaped like a handle, which you can easily hold and sip while you run.

Sports Bra

The second most important thing you need is a sports bra to support your chest from the impact and shock caused by running. Choosing and wearing the wrong sports bra will cause unnecessary pain and sores. To find a suitable bra, why not venture into your local sports shop, and try on a few. In doing so, you can find out what fits, what’s comfortable. 

Test your chosen sports bras by lifting your arms high to ensure the bra doesn’t rise, and emulate some jogging motions in the changing room, to check out the support. 

Mobile Phone

Taking your mobile is essential for your safety. In case you; accidentally run in the wrong direction and get lost, or you fall and have an accident. Your mobile gives you the means to contact someone for help. 

On a positive note, if your run is along a scenic route, you can take some pictures along the way and get into a running rhythm by listening to some upbeat music. 

Running is a free, enjoyable way to get your body moving, and has numerous health benefits such as;

  • Alleviating signs of depression
  • Shifting stubborn weight
  • Releasing a surge of feel-good endorphins
  • And potentially increasing your lifespan. 

Finding the right gear to use and run with is all a part of helping you to fall in love with your new fitness regime. 


Staying Motivated Against The Battle Of The Bulge

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Losing weight is the most common fitness goal by far. However, it’s also the hardest to stay motivated for. After all, life has a nasty habit of serving curveballs that make it hard to stay on plan. One missed training session or trip to your favorite restaurant won’t cause any damage. Still, you must avoid extended breaks from the fitness regime. Otherwise, you will quickly fall back into bad habits.

A strong mindset is your most powerful tool by far. Here are some simple steps that will help you stay motivated to achieve consistent results.

Make Healthy Eating Fun

Any weight loss plan will confirm the importance of nutrition. Unfortunately, many diet plans are far too strict. While you can keep up a dedicated plan for the first few weeks, your passion will soon fade. You should be allowed to enjoy your new body, and nutrition is a key part of it. Incorporate healthy salads and increase your water intake throughout the week. This way, you can feel far less guilty when you want a glass of wine or a slice of pizza on the weekend.

As long as you create a regular calorie deficit, you will still lose weight in spite of the odd treat. Besides, those weekend treats make the weekday slogs feel worthwhile.

Develop A New Passion For Sport

A lot of people follow a fitness plan that they think will deliver the best results. However, you won’t see any progress if you start skipping sessions due to boredom. Falling in love with a new sport makes you actively want to hit the training pitch. As well as practice and matches on the field or court, it’ll guide your gym sessions. The Pete Williams off-season basketball regimes are a great example. But there are similar strategies for virtually every sport imaginable.

Playing a sport can also help you meet new people with a similar mindset. They can become your inspiration and competition to unlock even greater results.

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Join An Event

As well as playing a new sport, you’ll want to think about setting a defined sporting target. Training for a half marathon is a particularly effective option. Experts like Lara Hamilton can provide the coaching insights needed to prepare for the big day. Meanwhile, a deeper insight into attire choices and nutrition for the event can work wonders. With a set date in mind, you will be forced to take exercise seriously. This should translate to quicker weight loss.

For an added source of motivation, raising money for a charitable cause will spur you on. It’s great news for the charity and provides you with even more satisfaction.

Use Friends For Motivation

Convincing yourself to hit the gym or avoid the naughty meal isn’t always. Thankfully, there’s strength in numbers, and a support network of other dieters can be your secret weapon. There are plenty of weight loss groups available both locally and online. Alternatively, you can suggest a competition among colleagues at work. Fitness tracker Apps and body metric tools provide further motivation as you compete against each other.

Even if you lose the competition, the fact you’ll also lose weight is the real victory. You’ve got this.


My Top Five Fashion Trends For Summer 2020

Hey Loves!
Summer hasn’t stopped, and that means fashion Love all the way. The cat walks this spring we’re loaded with amazing finds for the summer and these five were my favorite. These items can be dressed up or down, whatever your heart desires. These Five trends are sure to take over the streets of your favorite cities this summer.

Square Toed Heels

These shoes are everywhere. They come in all colors and styles. One of the things I’m loving about them is they really do add some flair to whatever you are wearing. Zara sells many great styles, and in many types of colors. These even look great with a great pair of linen shorts for a dressed up look or even a pair of cut off shorts to add some edge. You pick!

Bucket Hats

The past is coming back! I remember when people wore bucket hats back in the day. They are adding so many great styles to this years looks. You can buy them in pastel colors or even in sporty styles. This Nike one is a great look for any type of outing for the summer. I think they are so cute, and did I mention good for blocking the sun?

Balloon Sleeve Tops

These tops can’t get any cuter. I’m loving them so much, I’ve added a few to my wardrobe for the summer. The sleeves add so much dimension to any outfit. They are so cute for a night out with a great skirt, or even with a pair of jean shorts. You can find these in many great places like Princess Polly or Red Dress.

Biking Shorts

I guess the past is really making a comeback. I remember wearing these growing up, and now they are back! They are back bigger than ever. These are such a comfortable addition to your wardrobe for running errands, going to yoga class, or going jogging. They are so big that you see them on just about every website you come across. These are cute for the summer and can really be added to that lounge day wardrobe.

Baby Doll Dresses

These are by far some of my favorite dresses. They add some fun to your wardrobe and look even cuter with a great pair of sneakers. These are dresses that can be dressed up or down. I’m absolutely loving the white ones.

These are some great pieces to add to your summer wardrobe for some really great looks . Check out some great stores like Zara or Aritzia for some amazing pieces.


Fun Activities That Will Keep You Fit

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We all need to exercise. It’s essential to keep our bodies fit and healthy. In fact, the average adult should get around 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week! Now, the vast majority of us will usually get this in a gym. This makes sense. Gyms are simple places to work out in. They allow us to work out well indoors without having to face the elements. They provide us with all the machinery and equipment we need to get a full workout. There are professionals to watch our progression and ensure our safety. But for many of us, running on a treadmill, cycling while staring at a wall and other gym-related activities can be a bore. Instead, why not try out some alternative fitness activities that can keep you in good shape at the same time as bringing fun and enjoyment to the experience? Here are a few to consider!

Roller Skating

Roller Skating isn’t something people just did in the 70s and 80s. It’s something that’s still alive and well today and can actually exercise you really well. You may need to get to grips with balance and movements when you get into your first pair of roller skates, but it’s generally worth learning the skill. You can roller skate outdoors, or you could even join a roller derby team in your local area.


If you’re looking for a fun group activity that you can enjoy without having to take all too seriously, you might want to consider pickleball. This sport isn’t widely known about, but once you try it out, you’re bound to be hooked. It will usually take place on a tennis court and is essentially a fun paddleboard sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. You’ll need a few essentials, like a paddle and specialist shoes for pickleball, but once you’ve got these, you’ll be set and ready to go. Of course, this is a team sport, so you may have to put it on hold until social distancing guidelines ease up in this pandemic we’re in to be able to play. But for now, it’s a good idea to sort out the essentials and read up about the rules and ways the game is played to prepare!

Martial Arts

Practicing martial arts comes with many benefits. It’s good for your body. It’s good for your mind. It can also teach you self defence skills, putting your mind at rest as you know you’ll be able to protect yourself well should the need arise. There are many different martial arts out there, so browse the different options in your local area and conduct a little research into each type on offer. You’ll soon be able to decide which is best for you and can research what you’ll need to invest in before attending your first class.

These are just three different options. There are so many more out there! So, keep searching until you find something that ticks all of your boxes. They’ll help to keep you in shape while fostering a hobby!


The Importance Of Taking Me Time During This Chaotic Madness

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a bit chaotic in the past few months. We have all went through major changes with the craziness in the world, and all the negative energy that most of us have noticed. It is really hard for some to really enjoy their days with joy. I can tell you that this is why it is truly important to take time each day for ourselves and our mental health. Everyone Needs ME Time.

Healthy mental health is so important. It’s trying times like these that really test our ability to get through it. We are so use to being a part of something. It can be hanging with our families each day or having a true connection with other humans on a daily basis. When that is taken away for whatever reason, it can wreak so much havoc on our mental state of mind. Taking time each day to really sit in silence, or read a book, or light a candle and meditate can do so many wonders for your mental state.

I feel taking time for yourself each day is vital to us and the people we love. It makes us better people, and puts our minds at a state of ease. I want to say that I know there are people out there that truly are suffering from all sorts of mental illness, and I am in no way a doctor telling you how to control it. I am simply inviting you to take time for yourself and your mind each day to really observe your feelings. It can really help to write your emotions and feelings on paper. It can help to journal your days and write down how you are feeling from day to day. Reading a good book on self empowerment or reading meditations can really help your mind at ease.

These are very unsettling times for sure. We never could’ve imagined that so many chaotic things would turn our world upside down , one after another. We could never have imagined that we would be told when we could leave our homes, or when we could be around the people we love. These are all new , unexpected events that have truly changed all of our lives. These ideas that I am giving you are to help your mind settle more easily. Meditation and listening to relaxing music has been proven to help the mind relax and rejuvenate.

If you just take 15 minutes each day to really take time for yourself, you will see that you will feel more relaxed through out your day and maybe not worry so much. Taking a hot bath at night and lighting a candle can really work wonders for the mind. We all deserve a little peace in our daily lives. The little things can really work wonders for you.

I hope you all find peace within you .