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My Top Five Fashion Trends For Summer 2020

Hey Loves!
Summer hasn’t stopped, and that means fashion Love all the way. The cat walks this spring we’re loaded with amazing finds for the summer and these five were my favorite. These items can be dressed up or down, whatever your heart desires. These Five trends are sure to take over the streets of your favorite cities this summer.

Square Toed Heels

These shoes are everywhere. They come in all colors and styles. One of the things I’m loving about them is they really do add some flair to whatever you are wearing. Zara sells many great styles, and in many types of colors. These even look great with a great pair of linen shorts for a dressed up look or even a pair of cut off shorts to add some edge. You pick!

Bucket Hats

The past is coming back! I remember when people wore bucket hats back in the day. They are adding so many great styles to this years looks. You can buy them in pastel colors or even in sporty styles. This Nike one is a great look for any type of outing for the summer. I think they are so cute, and did I mention good for blocking the sun?

Balloon Sleeve Tops

These tops can’t get any cuter. I’m loving them so much, I’ve added a few to my wardrobe for the summer. The sleeves add so much dimension to any outfit. They are so cute for a night out with a great skirt, or even with a pair of jean shorts. You can find these in many great places like Princess Polly or Red Dress.

Biking Shorts

I guess the past is really making a comeback. I remember wearing these growing up, and now they are back! They are back bigger than ever. These are such a comfortable addition to your wardrobe for running errands, going to yoga class, or going jogging. They are so big that you see them on just about every website you come across. These are cute for the summer and can really be added to that lounge day wardrobe.

Baby Doll Dresses

These are by far some of my favorite dresses. They add some fun to your wardrobe and look even cuter with a great pair of sneakers. These are dresses that can be dressed up or down. I’m absolutely loving the white ones.

These are some great pieces to add to your summer wardrobe for some really great looks . Check out some great stores like Zara or Aritzia for some amazing pieces.


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