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Staying Motivated Against The Battle Of The Bulge

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Losing weight is the most common fitness goal by far. However, it’s also the hardest to stay motivated for. After all, life has a nasty habit of serving curveballs that make it hard to stay on plan. One missed training session or trip to your favorite restaurant won’t cause any damage. Still, you must avoid extended breaks from the fitness regime. Otherwise, you will quickly fall back into bad habits.

A strong mindset is your most powerful tool by far. Here are some simple steps that will help you stay motivated to achieve consistent results.

Make Healthy Eating Fun

Any weight loss plan will confirm the importance of nutrition. Unfortunately, many diet plans are far too strict. While you can keep up a dedicated plan for the first few weeks, your passion will soon fade. You should be allowed to enjoy your new body, and nutrition is a key part of it. Incorporate healthy salads and increase your water intake throughout the week. This way, you can feel far less guilty when you want a glass of wine or a slice of pizza on the weekend.

As long as you create a regular calorie deficit, you will still lose weight in spite of the odd treat. Besides, those weekend treats make the weekday slogs feel worthwhile.

Develop A New Passion For Sport

A lot of people follow a fitness plan that they think will deliver the best results. However, you won’t see any progress if you start skipping sessions due to boredom. Falling in love with a new sport makes you actively want to hit the training pitch. As well as practice and matches on the field or court, it’ll guide your gym sessions. The Pete Williams off-season basketball regimes are a great example. But there are similar strategies for virtually every sport imaginable.

Playing a sport can also help you meet new people with a similar mindset. They can become your inspiration and competition to unlock even greater results.

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Join An Event

As well as playing a new sport, you’ll want to think about setting a defined sporting target. Training for a half marathon is a particularly effective option. Experts like Lara Hamilton can provide the coaching insights needed to prepare for the big day. Meanwhile, a deeper insight into attire choices and nutrition for the event can work wonders. With a set date in mind, you will be forced to take exercise seriously. This should translate to quicker weight loss.

For an added source of motivation, raising money for a charitable cause will spur you on. It’s great news for the charity and provides you with even more satisfaction.

Use Friends For Motivation

Convincing yourself to hit the gym or avoid the naughty meal isn’t always. Thankfully, there’s strength in numbers, and a support network of other dieters can be your secret weapon. There are plenty of weight loss groups available both locally and online. Alternatively, you can suggest a competition among colleagues at work. Fitness tracker Apps and body metric tools provide further motivation as you compete against each other.

Even if you lose the competition, the fact you’ll also lose weight is the real victory. You’ve got this.


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