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9 Benefits of Klotho Protein: Is this the Hidden Recipe For Healthier Living?

Many chemical processes occur in the human body to keep it functioning properly. Klotho is an anti-aging protein that is secreted by the brain, thyroid, and kidneys. It plays a huge role in regulating the function of kidneys and vascular health. Below is a closer look at nine different health benefits associated with klotho protein.
1.Improvement in Cognition
When it comes to health, klotho therapy is lower in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. People with higher levels of the protein are more likely to have improved cognition, better memory skills, and can learn new concepts better. It has also been proven that people with higher klotho protein have a higher IQ.
2.Increase in Longevity
Klotho protein reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the human body. In humans, studies show that people that have low klotho have a higher risk of death. Studies on mice showed that those with higher levels of klotho did have longer life spans than the mice that were not exposed to higher levels.
3.Prevention of Numerous Cancers
Studies of klotho protein have shown to suppress tumor formation in different regions of the body. Increasing the levels of the protein can help with bone cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer.
4.Improves Your Ability to Exercise
If you do aerobic exercise regularly, then you could potentially increase the production of klotho levels in your body. This will improve your strength and prevent muscle loss. Not only that, but it will improve the body and its ability to improve tissue regeneration.
5.Improves Your Vision
Klotho improves the retina by promoting melanin production in the eye. The protein may also prevent the retinas from degeneration, cataracts, and other issues associated with your eyes and vision. Finally, by increasing levels of klotho, you may be able to improve the many symptoms associated with glaucoma.
6.Protects Against Kidney Disease
When it comes to kidneys, klotho regulates calcium homeostasis in the bloodstream, which improves the kidneys and their function. It also may improve electrolyte imbalance, as well as irregular amounts of protein in your blood.
7.Great for the Vascular System
Studies have shown that the protein can help prevent vascular disease because of its ability to regulate antioxidants. Studies on humans showed that higher levels of the protein were associated with fewer cases of cardiovascular disease. People with low levels of klotho had higher chances of developing high blood pressure.
8.Protects the Bones
The bones in the human body protect organs from outside damage, not to mention allowing us to walk and move around. Lower levels of klotho protein are associated with a decrease in bone mineral density in the human body. On the other hand, people with higher levels of klotho protein had healthy bone mineral density.
9.Lung Disease
Studies have shown that higher levels of klotho protein may decrease the chances of various lung diseases based on your age. Likewise, higher levels may assist with the formation of fibrosis in the lungs and the adverse effect they may have.
You can easily take supplements to increase levels of klotho protein in your body. Regarding your lifestyle, you can exercise, restrict your calories, avoid smoking, limit your intake of alcohol, and limit your time in the sun without having on proper sunscreen protection while you are out.


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