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Great Ways To Keep Your Mind Healthy Through The Corona Virus

We have all been there. It has happened at one time or another when we feel in such a rut. The news, the media, and the negative impact of this virus is out of control. It can easily deter you mind from a positive place to a negative and sad place real quick.

I have talked with multiple people about their feelings, and it comes down to one thing: Let this Virus be over. We have had to really adjust our living and social capabilities. I have many ways to keep your mind healthy and help you keep living that joyful life through the midst of this pandemic.


I know it seems really hard not to jump on Twitter or Facebook to see what is going on , but believe me… STAY OFF! It does nothing positive for your mind. If anything, it gets you rattled, and sad and makes you think about the negative impact of this virus. Take your time and do something positive. Read a book, Go for a run, or even meditate. These are amazing things that really help put your mind in a great place. I stay off all that stuff and It has really helped.


I cant tell you how much meditation has helped through this pandemic. I take 30 minutes every morning and do my meditations. I love my mornings. It is ME time. I read , meditate, and have my morning tea or coffee. Its a great way to start your day and being present in that very moment.


One thing that is Very easy for me is getting rid of toxic people. I have cut myself off of people that are jealous, envious, or really isn’t there to support other women. I have taken a break from people who surround themselves around the negativity of this virus, politics, or anything like wise. I have no time to sit and listen to people’s views and their negative energy. It’s people who have nothing going on that seem to do that. Start your mornings off with good, positive energy. Light a candle, say a prayer, and pray for all those people that NEED to get a life.


I cant tell you what exercise does for my mind. I love yoga and do it almost every day or every morning. It is such a great place to get your mind on your mat, and thinking positive vibes always. If you don’t like to do yoga, go for a run or a long walk. It is so meditative. You think about the good things going on in your life, or what you want to plan next. It is really a powerful thing.


This is a savior. I love spending time with my friends , enjoying a good glass of pinot. We don’t talk about the negative stuff, but rather enjoy laughs and good talks. I absolutely love summer nights like that , and we have plenty of them. There is nothing like Great Friends who support everything you do, and you have fun with.


Journaling is key to getting all your thoughts and feelings on paper. It really does make you feel a whole lot better about this crisis going on. It really opens your mind up in a positive way.

Always keep your head up and find the joy in the little things. It is NOW when you need to feel blessed for everything you have and the people in your life. It really is a blessing .

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