My Top 7 Must Haves To Add To Your Fall Wardrobe

Who is ready for Fall? I am totally ready. I love Summer, but with all the Covid Chaos going on, I think I’m ready for a change. How about you? One thing that I love about Fall is the Clothing. I just can’t get enough of the gorgeous long cardigans and the over the knee boots in all different styles and colors. Can I have them all Please? I have 7 Staples That I think Would add so many dimensions to your fall wardrobe.

Over The Knee Boots

OTK Boots are a must have for the Fall. These boots can really add so much to any type of outfits. These boots look great with dresses, and skirts and I absolutely love OTK boots with long cardigans and leggings. The popular Stuart Weitzman boots are a label staple, but you do not need to spend that on a pair of boots if you feel that doesn’t fit your budget. Steve Madden makes great boots and so does Sam Edelman. OTK boots are perfect for the Fall.

Long Black Cardigan

Black to me is such a versatile color. I mean what doesn’t go with the color Black? One thing I love about a good, black long cardigan is that it can be added to a daytime outfit and an evening outfit to add some flair. One of my favorite outfits is OTK boots with a long black cardigan and some rugged jeans. It’s a very casual outfit with some dynamic. A long, black cardigan will never do you wrong.

Denim Jacket

I have loved wearing a good denim jacket this past fall. I actually even wore it during the spring on chilly nights. It has become such a popular staple in the fashion world. Zara sells some amazing jackets , and HM has some great ones too. This jacket even looks great with a long tank dress. You can wear a denim jacket with any color. It truly makes any color pop.


Loafers have become one of my favorite type of shoe. It is a great addition to any shoe collection. I am loving the animal print loafers that are out everywhere. Loafers look great with any type of jeans, and also look great with long skirts, and even a great pair of shorts. I really truly hope Loafers are around for a long time. They are an easy go-to shoe, and most are really comfortable.

Black Leggings

Black leggings are a simple MUST-HAVE. They go with literally everything and anything. I love Black leggings with OTK boots and love them to go to the gym. The great thing about these leggings is that they can be dressed up or down. You can go from the gym to dinner with only changing a few pieces of clothing. They are a great must have for the Fall, and did I mention how comfy they are? Lululemon makes some great leggings.

Puffer Jacket

I can’t get enough of puffer jackets when it comes to chilly weather. They are everywhere, and I can see why. They come in a multitude of colors, and they are great for those chilly nights. I absolutely love the way they look with jeans and booties. It really creates a great Fall Look. Puffer vests are great too. They both are very versatile pieces that can be really sporty looking in a fall like way. Burberry makes some great jackets , as well as Zara.

Brown Staple Belt

A good brown belt is a must have in my book when it comes to the Fall weather. A good belt looks great with some booties, jeans and a nice , white crisp shirt with a jacket, or cardigan. If you are looking for a good staple belt, Gucci makes some great belts. If you are looking for a cheaper version, I love Zara belts. A belt is a great statement piece that can really top off a Fall outfit.

There are my Top 7 Fashion must haves to have in your closet for the Fall Season. These pieces can be dressed up with just about any type of article of clothing. IT’s all about the way you feel when you walk out the door.


My Sephora Favorites I Use Everyday

It’s that time of the year again, and Sephora is having an amazing sale! I wanted to share with you all some of the items I use everyday to get ready.

Charlotte Tilbury eye palette

Charlotte Tilbury is the gem of all gems when it comes to makeup. The minute she comes out with a new item, I seem to never be able to get enough of it. She’s pure genius, and so is her makeup. Her eye palette, which I use everyday glides on the eye lids and never creases. That’s one thing that can be annoying about eye makeup. The longer the day goes on, the makeup can crease. Not Charlotte Tilbury. It’s the ultimate best palette ever.

The best eye palette ever

Charlotte Tilbury No Filter Foundation

Foundation can be tricky. It’s always so hard to find the right one that works well with your skin. They can range from looking to oily, or looks like you are wearing a mask. Charlotte Tilbury No Filter Foundation makes your skin look Flawless. It evens out skin tone, and makes your skin look amazing. There is no better foundation out there.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Pencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills is unstoppable. Her eye brow line is one of the best I’ve ever used. She comes out with new and exciting items all the time, and I just can’t get enough of them. Her colors are true to itself. They have an array of colors and they are the best pencils that really define your eyebrows.

Tarte Highlighter

Tarte highlighter has an amazing color that really accentuates your definition in your face without looking like a lightning bug. Many highlighters out there can really make your skin look too bright or isn’t casted correctly in the light. Tarte is the best, in my opinion when it comes to illuminating.

Clinique Lip Stick

I really can’t get enough of these lipsticks. Clinique makes there lipsticks in the best colors and they have almost like a moisturizer built in to them so they don’t give off that matte finish. I really am not a matte lover, and Clinique did well when making these amazing lip colors.

These are my Top 5 products that I use daily. These are items that I truly couldn’t live without and are fabricated to give your skin the love it deserves.


Great Ways To Increase Your Presence on Instagram

Instagram is one blow minding app. It has really developed into a great way for brands and influencers to connect. It is also a gateway to sell just about anything. These days you cant scroll your feed without finding something someone is trying to sell. That being said, it can seem a bit overwhelming and intimidating. I have some great tips on how to improve your social presence.


I can’t tell you how important hashtags are when posting. There are many that you need to stay away from due to be over shadowed. These hashtags are a huge no-no when posting. To find out what those hashtags are, there are many websites you can google to find out. The lists are long. Make sure to not use any of those listed hashtags. It doesn’t make your profile look good to Instagram. You can also look up the most popular hashtags to use that could possibly get you on the Explore page. The more you can make the Explore page, the more ways people can find you.


Blogging is a fun job, only of you make it fun. If you feel at times that you are doing all you can, and seem like it’s not growing as quickly as you would like, make sure you are staying patient. Everything takes time. Using the correct backlinks in your blog is very important. If you are talking about a brand , or a company and you are posting about them, make sure that you add their business link so people can get back to the business that you are talking about. Back links help so good with helping people find what they need. It is very important that you always use the appropriate backlinks.


Engaging with other bloggers is critical to your growth. You have to find the right bloggers that are within your niche and communicate with them. Joining into a giveaway or shout out is a huge way to spread your growth .Reaching out to other bloggers for a guest post is a great way to grow your presence on social media too. Commenting on other bloggers pictures will only help your posts. the engagement rate goes up also with the instagram algorithm. It can change constantly, so always be on the lookout for new changes within the social media platforms. It really is great getting to know the same people doing the same job as you. You can always throw ideas off each other, and you will have friends for life.


The best thing to do when posting anything on any of your social media platforms is tagging. Collaborations come in handy this way, especially if your engagement is high. If you are wearing a cute outfit or a cute pair of shoes, tag the brand. They will have an easier time finding you this way. If you are doing a story on your Instagram channel, tag the brand in your stories. It’s crazy how many times I received shout out from a huge brand or influencer because I simply tagged them in my stories or my post. A little goes a long way if you know what I mean. If you are a fashion influencer, and you are some really great platforms such as Reward Style, make sure to always use the appropriate tags when posting.


Social Media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and now TIk Tok is very important for your brand. These are the platforms where everyone and anyone can find you. You want to make sure if you have a blog, or domain, or any type of website that is your main page, that all your social medias are linked directly to your page. If someone is reading one of your great posts, they may certainly want to follow you on all other platforms as well. It’s a great idea to have a follow widget in your blog with all your social media icons. They can press it and follow. It’s that easy. WordPress is one of the best platforms for blogs. They are easy to work with and they stay up to date on all their upgrades.


Emojis are a complicated thing when it comes to Instagram. I feel they are frowned upon by the algorithm, and it really isn’t good engagement protocol. The best bet is to skip the hearts and the emojis and really give a sincere comment. I feel that emoji comments bring down the engagement rating on your feed. I prefer to have words in my comments. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute when someone leaves an emoji, but for rating your engagement, it really doesn’t help.

The ultimate win when owning blog is keeping yourself patient through the process. It is very important to know that good content is vital to a good social media platform too. Do not copy someone. Be creative and unique. There are so many bloggers sharing the same things, same clthes, same shoes. Open yourself up to new possibilities, and be original. That is what it’s all about. You can also use great websites to utilize your blog better such as the bloggers outreach program.




Is Exercise A Natural Remedy To Fight Against Stress and Anxiety?

Exercise can do more than to just build muscles and make you sweat. It can improve your mental/psychological, physical health while helping you to lose weight, become lean, perform better in the bed, sleep better at night, feel energetic in the morning, and can even increase your mortality rate.
Not every fitness enthusiast you see is after building muscles or getting strong abs. Most of the fitness lovers are just after the amazing feeling they get after every workout or exercise session. When it comes to health and fitness benefits of the exercise we can go on day and night and even then the benefits of exercise may not finish.

But what we really after in this article is to discuss how taking part in physical activities can help you to fight against mental health conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety. There are millions of people all over the globe who are clinically depressed and deal with stress and anxiety on daily basis. While in the United States every 1 in 10 adults suffer from depression.

A childhood trauma, an accident, or even the pressure of work can put you in high levels of stress and anxiety. There is a huge ratio of people who get stressed out very easily and others get stressed or develop more severe conditions due to many different factors.

It is inevitable to face the ups and downs of the world and not get stressed out from time to time. Getting stressed out is normal but making a habit out of it or leaving it unchecked is the root cause that can leave to many further mental and physical conditions.

If you suffer from mental health conditions like anxiety, stress, or depression there is a better way than of popping addictive pills that can harm you in many different ways. One of the best and natural treatments you can use to manage your stress is to exercise. Regularly doing physical activities daily for even a short period of time can help you to control and reduce stress and depression and many health studies have already proved it.

To inform you more about the subject here is how physical workout can help you to deal with your mental health conditions.
Diminishes Depression
Did you know that exercising only for 15-20 minutes a day can reduce your depression level by 26%? This is how effective physical activities can be, and we are just getting started.

Another heartwarming fact about working out is that if you partake in healthy physical activities regularly your depression will be reduced naturally as equal to any anti-depressant pill may reduce. The reason why physical training is so effective is that it helps your brain to develop new patterns, neuro links, and signals the brain to release endorphins that are also known as happy or feel-good hormones.

The release of these hormones can make you feel peaceful, lively, and calm and will definitely help you fight against depression.
Effective against Anxiety
Taking part in any type of physical activity or sport can increase the production and release of endorphins hormones as we just talked about above. Many people face the problem of anxiety when they are tired after the whole day of work and when they try to sleep their brain just doesn’t turn off and they struggle to fall asleep and finally resort to pills.

The reason why this happens is that they continue to think about circumstances, events, or about things that usually have not happened yet, and most of the time they do not even have control over those things.

These types of worrisome thoughts will not only just keep you awake at night but will mentally harm you in many ways. You can fall easily asleep and not think about un-important random things when your body is tired after a workout. Therefore add a healthy activity or sport to your lifestyle schedule to improve your mental state and health.
Reducing stress
Stress sometimes can be a very constructive element that can drive you to complete your important tasks on time efficiently. But too much stress can just not only mentally harm you but can also lead to further health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks insomnia, heartburn, stomachache, diarrhea, and so on.

When you are mentally stressed out the negative effects also become visible on your body. Physical activity or relaxation-based activities like Yoga, mindfulness, or meditation can drastically improve your mental state and prevent you from many health complications.

Do you know what you wear during your physical training can also help you feel confident and improve your mental state? It is true! You can instantly feel better by wearing athletic outfits. If you do not have athleisure wear wardrobe attire we encourage you to check out workout hoodies and sweatshirts and workout jogger pants that are stylish, comfortable and will make you look and feel remarkable.


5 Reasons You Should Study MMA

If you are not familiar with the Mixed martial arts or in short MMA sports you are in for a ride. MMA is one of the most bad-ass fighting disciplines in the world. Martial-arts fighters are not only the strongest and fittest athletes but are one of the healthiest people on the earth.

Such combating arts require the practitioners to go through excruciating workout routines and workout sessions that not only improve their cardio, stamina, endurance but also help in boosting their self-esteem and confidence.
If you are new to the world of sports and looking to add a healthy physical sport to your schedule, MMA is one of the best sport you can study. Now before you scratch your head and ask yourself why on earth we are encouraging you to practice one of the deadliest art of fighting? Let me inform you of the fact that with the right professionals studying MMA-fighting can be safer than practicing soccer or football.
Every sport has its own dangers but when it comes to immense physical and mental health benefits minor risks of physical injuries can be overlooked. Not trying to force or convenience you at all, just trying to lay out our top 5 reasons why you should consider practicing this art of fighting.
1- Learn self-defense
It is a great world out there, but mishaps happen and there will be situations in life where you will need to defend yourself. Be it a bar fight or fighting off a thug on a street, possessing necessary fighting skills to defend yourself and others can come in handy.
You can learn plenty of self-defense techniques and moves that will help you to stand out for your self in dangerous situations.
2- Boost your self-confidence
Have you ever noticed how good you feel after doing a hard physical activity or a gym workout? It is all because of the fact that intensive exercises signal the brain to increase production and release of dopamine that is a feel-good hormone. The release of this hormone not only makes you feel good and happy but also can boost your self-esteem and confidence. You can also feel confident after learning several submissions and fighting techniques during your classes.
3- Get in shape
Many of you might want to take up a healthy sport to get in shape or lose extra build up fat. In that case, practicing martial-arts can not only help you burn mega calories but can also help you get in shape faster than you may have imagined.
High-intensity exercises in this fighting discipline will help you to lose extra fat, build muscles, stamina, endurance, and will also help you in building a well-toned body while obesity and other health problems will be the least of your worries.
4- Reduce your stress levels
For some of us, getting stressed out over even the little things is very common. You can get stressed out by many different things, even minor things like going out on a dinner with your favorite lady or preparing for the exam you may have tomorrow.
Everyone deals with their stress differently, and fitness pros with a passion for sports blow off steam by practicing sports like Karate, boxing, wrestling, etc.
In martial-arts fighting, you will learn how to cool off your brain and maintain focus in tense situations that will also teach you how to deal with stressful situations in practical life.
5- Mental growth
The state of your mind plays a vital role in how you deal with situations and circumstances in everyday life. Many of you might like to stay in the comfort zones, away from the noise of the world that can keep you from making friends or growing mentally. For those of you who have introvert personalities can study this sport to grow mentally and improve their lacking areas.
Training with other professionals will not only boost your self-confidence but will also help you to be a part of a supportive community and you will likely make many friends on your journey.
Every sport has its own health benefits it is not necessary for you to study MMA you can choose any sport or healthy activity that you may have a passion for. However, if you decide to give martial arts a try, make sure before you have proper sports attire.
There are two main apparel items that you must have before joining a class including gloves and shorts. You can buy Elite Sport’s MMA Gloves and Elite Sport’s Shorts to complete your essential martial-arts outfit.