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Top 5 Gym Exercises To Boost Testosterone

Testosterone or androgen is a vital hormone that plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of our bodies. Lack of testosterone production is a very concerning problem faced by many males and females all around the world.
Your body will reduce testosterone production as you began to age with time. Mostly males aged around 45 and females around 40 years can experience significantly reduced testosterone levels as compared to younger adults.
There is a very important reason why you should worry about your testosterone levels and that is of your health. Decreased testosterone levels can cause a range of health problems both in males and females including obesity, heart-diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, joint pain, reduced metabolism rates. Loss of appetite and list goes on.

Without a doubt, testosterone is a hormone you should be worried about the most for maintaining at healthy levels. A healthy level of testosterone provides a range of benefits such as; building muscles, increased stamina, healthy joints, stronger bones, and so on.
The very essence of life and health of our body relies on the production of testosterone, therefore the importance of this hormone cannot be overlooked.

Fortunately, there are many ways by which you can increase and maintain a healthy level of testosterone in your body. And by regularly exercising and maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best ways to go. As many of you might be fitness lovers and may already have joined a gym or a healthy sport there are exercises that can help you.

Fitness and health athletes know the importance of testosterone and regularly exercise and take supplements that can boost their test-hormone-levels. For those of you who do not know about this hormone or are interested in increasing their testicular strength by exercising here are the top 5 gym workouts regimes that can boost your androgenic hormone levels.
1- Deadlifting
When it comes to pumping your test-levels high-intensity workout exercises play a vital role. As deadlifting is one of the most intensive workouts, it can help drastically in helping your cause. For this, to work you need to lift as heavier weights as you can while completing 5 sets of 5 repetitions while taking 5 minutes of break after every set.
As you use your maximum strength to lift the weight brain signals the gonads glands that are responsible for producing testosterone in the body. For effectively completing your sets make sure you are wearing comfortable apparel.
Wearing a Born Tough’s workout shirt can enhance your comfortability level and increase the mobility of your arms.
2- Chin-ups
It is a very simple exercise that many of you might already be familiar with. But the fact that this exercise can increase your T-levels might be new to most of you. Regularly doing chin-up exercise can improve your Test-levels significantly as it requires you to pull your bodyweight all the way up to the bar level and forces you to assert strength. The use of concentrated strength results in more t-hormone production.
3- Pushups
It is a very simple and effective exercise that does not even require you to use any equipment or machinery. Pushups are widely popular and provide immense health benefits. Apart from building your chest and arms muscles and making you lean it also helps in boosting your T-levels. You can set up a routine for 4 sets of pushups with 10 repetitions while taking 5 minutes of break after every set to improve your test-hormone production.
4- Running
Ever wonder early morning walks in the fresh air could increase your test-production? It can! You can start jogging, running, or even use your treadmill in your home for running and improving your t-levels. Make a habit of taking part in any indoor or outdoor running or cycling to aid hormone production. Moreover, it is very essential that you wear comfortable clothing in which your gonads can feel the air and avoid being overheated.

Because heat can significantly reduce and damage the quality of your t-hormones. You can use Born Tough’s workout shorts for remaining comfortable and dry during your workout sessions.
5- Leg workouts
There are many types of leg based exercises that you can do in a gym. Lifting weights with legs is a very effective way of improving the production of T-hormones. You can choose any type of leg workout regime to boost your t-levels.

Exercising is the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Taking parts in healthy activities or sports in a sure way to defend against many health conditions and diseases. Maintaining a healthy workout routine and a healthy diet will not only increase your health and fitness levels but will also help you to live a healthy life.


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