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4 Workout Looks You Can Wear In and Out Of the Gym

Wearing athletic apparel inside the gym is essential as it can impact directly on the effectiveness of your workout sessions. However, the trends of wearing athletic apparel have now created a new sense of fitness and fashion.
Health and fitness athletes and enthusiasts are now shifting towards wearing more athletic-looking attire that conveys the message of health and fitness while staying in style. Fitness athletes and health gurus work hard in gyms and their training sessions to build their physice and love to travel and remain in a style that not only covers the aspect of fashion but also covers the essence of fitness passion.
We live in a rapidly changing world, as like every other thing the sense of fashion is also continually changing. Nowadays fitness clothes are being worn into workplaces as creative and stylish athleisure wear has transformed how casual clothing is perceived today.
The notion of wearing gym attire only in the gym is becoming vague as now the athleisure of today has facilitated the fitness enthusiast to remain in their gym attire while outside of the gym. If you are new to the athleisure dressing or want workout dress combination ideas that you can wear both inside and outside the gym while also looking trendy and stylish. Here are our 4 workout looks that you can wear both inside and outside the gym.
1- The Runner Look

First on our list is the runner look. It is a very trendy stylish and comfortable outfit that you can easily wear to both gym and outside of the gym. To complete this look you can use your gym workout shirt and wear it with your workout shorts while pairing it up with sneakers to complete the outfit. You will remain fashionable and comfortable while rocking this outfit. If you do not have a workout shirt, grab a quality shirt from Born Tough’s workout shirts collection.

2- The Weight Trainer Look

A great thing about the athleisure is that only your imagination is the limit. You can pair up many workout apparel items and can create endless combinations of outfits. Second, on our list is the weight trainer’s look. If you love to work out or have an athletic body or puffed up arms you will love this outfit. You can simply wear a workout tank top and pair it up with stylish workout shorts while matching it up with a pair of sneakers. We will leave the color matching and contrasting up to you.

3- The Casual Look

If you are going to exercise in the gym and need to immediately hit the road for traveling or going to a dress-code friendly work, this outfit is going to be perfect for you. You can look both athletic and casual in this outfit and not to mention extremely comfortable.
For applying this outfit wear your favorite workout t-shirt and pair up with a quality workout jogger pant while wearing any appropriate workout shoes and voila! Your perfect athletic and causal outfit is ready. In case you do not have workout pants here are our recommended Born Tough workout Jogger pants that will make you look athletic and stylish.

4- The Hoodie Look

Last but now least, we present the hoodie look. It is a perfect outfit for the winter seasons and looks very stylish in both gyms and out of the gym. For this stylish attire grab a quality and stylish looking workout hoddie and wear them with a slim fit trouser or a workout pant. For this outfit to look really great make sure you have a slim fit trouser that should fall slightly above your ankles for that extra trendy look. Finally, complete your outfit by wearing sportier-looking sneakers.
There you have it, our top 4 workout looks that you can wear in and outside of the gym. The trend for wearing athleisure clothing is not going anywhere and the best way to remain in style is to follow current trends. Athleisure attire is the best way to remain comfortable while also looking stylish. As a fitness lover, you should always learn more enhanced combinations of workout apparel to ensure staying in style and looking athletic.


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