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No one Can Forget the Crisp White Shirt

Hey All!

Hope you all had a great week. One item that I want to throw out there for a Great Fall addition is the Crisp White Shirt. Who could ever forget the legendary white shirt that made its way into the fashion world years ago. The crisp white shirt is a must have. It is a staple that can be worn in many different ways. It is an effortless piece and can be dressed up or down, depending on what the occasion is.

I personally love wearing a crisp, white shirt either tied in front or with a great pair of jeans, tucked in with a classic belt. I recently wore one of my favorite, white shirts recently with a great pair of cut off jean shorts and my comfy Gucci Slides. This outfit would’ve looked great with a classic belt and jeans or even a denim skirt and some strappy heels or classic sneakers. The classic , white shirt will be around for years to come. This shirt can also be worn as an addition for a great pair of slacks. If you are headed to work or even a dinner date, this shirt is a keeper in more ways than one.

Everyone loves a good , crisp white shirt

Years ago, White shirts were labeled as shirts for people who could afford the luxury things. Business men , back in the 1800’s would wear them everyday, and people thought they just owned many of them to keep them so white and crisp. That is really how they came up with the terms “white collar’ and “blue collar”. Now it a favorite with everyone.

Now days, White crisp shirts are still seen as professional attire to an extent, as many working people wear them, but they have evolved in to so much more. They have evolved them into comfort, functionality and have styled them in to so many different ways. You can buy them with tall collars, short collars, and collarless. No matter what, or how you wear it, it is one of the most loved shirts to ever come about, and I love mine!

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