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Top 4 Knockout Moves In Boxing

Boxing is one of those sports that if you do not know the essentials of self-defense, distance maintaining and hitting rapidly, etc. you can really get hurt and lose quickly. Outfighting or fighting while maintaining an appropriate distance while delivering rapid punching and footwork maneuvers is usually the fighting stance for the starters in the boxing sports.
While pros mostly aim to deliver a lightning knockout punch or strangle their opponent in hard to escape submission techniques to try to end the match as soon as possible to save their energy and reduce the risk of injuries.
However, despite the right timing, the right technique, and the right set of skills delivering a knockout move can be a bit of a challenge because the skills and expertise of the opponent also matter, and one lesson that every sport teaches is to never underestimate your opponents.
Knockouts are the fastest and a much-preferred way to victory because the longer the match continuous the risks of getting serious injuries increases. There are no sure-fire ways to deliver knockout moves, every situation and type of opponent will need you to re-think your ‘potential’ knockout move according to the opportunity window.
And you will also have to analyze the situation, timing, and opponent to decide what type of move will you be delivering. Different fighters deliver different types of knockout stances but here is our pick for the 4 most popular and most used boxing knockout moves that you can try to master to knock out your opponents in boxing.
1- The cross (aka the chin-breaker)
The first on our list and one the most used and effective knockout move is to deliver ‘the cross’ knockout punch. This is a single punch move that will most likely knock out your opponent of guarantee to seriously hurt them.
To deliver this punch you have to procure maximum strength from your core and channel that strength through your arms to your punch. After you feel the accumulated strength in your arm try to land a straight forward cross-punch right at the chin of your opponent that will surely knockout or badly hurt your opponent.
To deliver this punch ensure you wear a quality pair of boxing gloves because you will not be allowed even in the ring if you do not have boxing gloves. Try out these best quality Elite Sports Boxing gloves to find a quality pair according to your likings.

2- Backhead Kick
Most of you will probably know this already that a direct and powerful hit on the back of the head can easily knock out even the most powerful and experienced fighters or athletes. The reason why a direct strike to the back of the head can knock most people unconscious is less of a scientific but more of a biological fact.
A powerful strike on the backhead can cause the brain to move vigorously which causes pressure on the brainstem that ultimately results in unconsciousness. This move is for the boxing fighters who can really use their legs and deliver a pinpoint accurate blow to the backhead of their opponent. After finding the perfect window of opportunity to deliver the blow and make sure you wear boxing shorts to effectively deliver this move. Try out Elite sports boxing shorts to remain comfortable and for moving easily during your matches.
3- The uppercut
This move is one of the most devastating and effective knockout moves also admitted by the boxing pros. This stance seems very simple but is one of the hardest techniques to master. To deliver this stance you need to generate maximum power and channel it into your fist while keeping your body as close to your opponent as possible.
When the window of opportunity presents itself, throw a powerful short and compact punch verticle to the torso or under the chin of your opponent. The perfectly landed uppercut will surely ravage your opponent or will knock them out.
However, ensure you practice this move first because as it requires you to place yourself close to your opponent your opponent can also deliver a submission move or a counterattack that will not be a good thing for you.
4- The liver shot
Landing a perfect liver shot can make your opponent to struggle to stand on their feet. A gut or liver punch if landed perfectly can leave your opponent vulnerable to further attacks. To deliver a liver shot wait for your opponent to lower their guard in terms of covering their liver side area. As soon as you see an opportunity to land a gut punch with your full might deliver a blow to straight to the liver of your opponent that will surely stagger them and you can finish them off with a follow-up attack like an uppercut or rapid jabs on the chin.

Here are the most effective moves that you can deliver to incapacitate your opponents. However, try not only to deliver a knockout move this can cause you to lose focus while your match. Knocking out an opponent requires perfect timing and perfect stance so only consider delivering a knock out a move if you have enough practice and the right opportunity.


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