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Great Ways To Detox The Mind

This world seems so chaotic these days. You turn the news on , and of course it’s plastered with all the worlds problems. It seems that you scroll through your daily social media news feeds, and find nothing but political news and divided political standpoints.

Nowadays , more than ever, it is vital for our minds and bodies to disconnect from that problematic chaos. It really does drain our mental, physical and emotional energy on a daily basis if we let it. The minute you read something that is not to your liking, those feelings can stay with you all day, ruining any peace you were striving for. That’s why it’s important to detoxify!

For me personally, I have done just that. I recently deleted my Facebook app, and it has changed my days. It can turn into scrolling more hours than you care for. For what? That’s what I asked myself recently. In my news feed, all I ever got was a bunch of unwanted ads, and political BS. I have not missed it once. If you are one that chooses not to delete your apps, then take time out to detox your mind. Here are some great ways to do that.


I’m a yoga lover. I always have been. There is something about getting on my mat , and letting my body flow through poses. It makes me feel so much better and my mind is more clear and more peaceful. If any one knows me well enough, they know just how much I love yoga. It has changed my life. If I can’t make it to class, as recently it’s been crazy busy for me, I find ways to get on my mat at home, it truly disconnects your mind from those wandering thoughts . If you haven’t tried it, give it a try.


Do you have any idea what journaling can do for your mind? It really makes you realize how your spending your days , and gives you a sense of perspective on your life. Journaling anything from the day you had to the feelings your having about a particular situation can make you realize what you want to change. You can go back into your days and see just how much your thought process has changed over time. It truly can change your mind for a more peaceful experience.


I’m a meditation junkie. I do it daily, and cant tell you how much my life has changed because of it. If you are new to it, start out with just simple 5 minutes daily of sitting in peace. Turn on some meditation music and relax, experience and take time to really sit in the quiet. Have you ever tried it? It’s part of my morning ritual. The minute I’m done, I feel I’m so ready to take on my day. My medications have really increased. I’m up to about 30 minutes a day, and I can’t tell you how more focused my mind and body is.

Disconnect from all media

Here I go again on the media, but yes it’s a mind breaker. It can make people upset, disengaged, depressed, tired, and so much more. Turn everything off for one day and see how much brighter your day is. You will not believe how you will feel. Try something creative during that time. Make a new recipe, paint or draw. It’s so positive for the mind . The media is a monster people.


Laughter is such good medicine for the soul. Take some time and meet with some friends. Really engaging with the people you love and feed your soul good medicine is such a great replacement for all the chaos that may be taking up head space. Joy is imperative for stress relief. There are so many ways to bring joy and laughter into your days.

Always give your mind a break. Give it something good everyday and disconnect from the chaos that is taking up your days. These are great ways to achieve that.


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