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3 Sure Fire Ways To Get Fit Fast

Getting fit means different things to different people. You might want to tone up, lose weight, get a six-pack, get rid of the wobble on your thighs, or train to run a marathon. No matter what fitness means to you, there are some common strategies you can employ to increase your chances of reaching your fitness goals. Take a look at these three ways to get fit fast.

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If you have always thought of yoga as an exercise that belongs in the realm of dreadlocked hippies who enjoy the sweet smell of jasmine incense sticks, you’d be wrong. Doctors are now prescribing courses of yoga to help those individuals who need to lose weight quickly and those patients who struggle with their mental health. Yoga is great to help you get fit fast because it encompasses a range of disciplines. By moving your body into a range of challenging postures, your flexibility will increase. You will also strengthen your core, making many other exercises easier to do. 

Yoga also gives you a sense of inner calm through a range of breathing exercises. You can channel your thoughts into the present rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. With a more optimistic outlook on life, your mojo for exercise will be found and you will be more motivated to get fit fast.


Getting fit isn’t all about running a 5K in a personal best time or being able to row a thousand meters in under eight minutes. This is great for your cardio fitness, but what about your strength? To increase your strength levels, you need to have a go at weights and crossfit. You can get better at pullups for crossfit by doing a range of exercises and reps that boost the strength of your biceps and triceps such as inverted pull ups or deadlifts. It’s crucial that you do a range of these sorts of exercise twice a week so your muscles retain their muscle memory. Becoming strong through yoga, cross fit and the bench press will help your muscles work harder for longer, increasing your stamina and getting you fitter faster.

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Get Outdoors

Don’t assume that you need to head to the gym to get fit. Yes, you could hire a personal trainer or you could venture to the gym for two hours a day seven days a week but you will end up over exerting yourself and causing injury. It is the quality, not the quantity of your workouts that is important. Think about heading outdoors and enjoying some cycle rides, hiking or running. You can embark on some HIIT to increase your fitness levels. High intensity interval training involves short intense bursts of energy on your part. For example, when running, sprint for sixty seconds at full pelt before walking for thirty seconds to recover. Do this ten times to create a short workout that boosts your stamina and endurance. Being outside can be fun and more invigorating than heading to the gym.

You can get fit fast. Find your mojo and get motivated by following this guide.


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