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Get Fit Fast When You Absolutely Hate Exercise

Do you absolutely hate exercise? Maybe you want to get fit, but you just don’t quite know which steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Either way, the first thing that you have to understand is that you are certainly not alone. You don’t need to be a gym hero in order to improve your health. There are so many ways that you can improve your fitness without going to the gym, and if you want to find out more about that then take a look below.

Find your Groove

Don’t force yourself to try something that you just don’t enjoy. Instead, find ways to workout that fit the personality you have. If you are a very social person then try and find something that engages you on a social level. It may be that you need to take a group dance class, join a sports team or even go for a walk with friends. Connecting with your friends and your family is a fantastic way for you to avoid working out alone and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to not only get the best result out of your workout but also your fitness journey in general. You can even buy some home gym equipment if you don’t feel as though you’re a social butterfly.

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Be Patient

It may well take a while for any new behaviours to become habit. It’s vital that you give yourself time to get into a new regular routine. One way would be for you to try and be active around the same time every single day. Exercise can be addictive, but in a good way. If you try your best to stick to a routine, then you may find that you eventually begin to crave that routine, and this will make a huge difference to you overall.

Build it In

Build any activity into your schedule and into your lifestyle too. If you do this, then it won’t feel as much like a chore. There are so many ways for you to fit your workout into your life, and most of the time it doesn’t involve giving up something else. You can get active as a family if you don’t want to give up your time with them, and you may even find that you are able to reap the rewards much more efficiently.

Break it Up

Believe it or not, it’s okay for you to fit any physical activity in when you can. You should try and get around 150 minutes of exercise a week, but if this sounds overwhelming right now then try and add two or even three sessions of short activity during the week. When you do, you will soon find that it all adds up. You can do some quick yoga in the morning and then you can easily go on to add other elements to your routine. This could include getting a stop or two earlier off the bus and then walking, for example. Little things like this can make a huge difference, and the best thing is? It doesn’t feel like exercise.


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