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5 Benefits Of Mindful Breathing Exercises


The importance of breathing correctly is well-known and it’s beneficial for your overall well-being. Mindful breathing exercises are about being conscious of your breathing and taking time to inhale and exhale deeply. Deep and controlled breathing exercises have a positive effect on different aspects of your health and should be an important focus of your fitness routine. Activities such as yoga, martial arts, and meditation incorporate mindful breathing and it complements many other types of sport. Here are five benefits of mindful breathing exercises. 

Improve your posture

Incorrect breathing can be a cause of bad posture. In fact, your posture is directly linked to your breathing. If you try breathing deeply you’ll immediately notice your body naturally straightening up. If you would like to monitor your breathing and posture more closely, you could invest in a fitness gadget from obvus.me. You can connect these to an Apple watch, for example. This way you can ensure you practice mindful breathing to benefit your posture.  

Natural detox

Mindful breathing helps to enhance your detoxification system. First of all mindful breathing exercises are a relaxing activity. It helps to reduce the acidity level in your body caused by stress. Deep inhaling and exhaling also help to get rid of toxic carbon dioxide in the body. Deep breathing also gets your lymphatic system flowing properly which naturally detoxifies the body. 

Improve your blood flow

One of the main health benefits of deep breathing is that it improves your blood flow. This helps to get more oxygen around the body which ensures better functioning of your vital organs and your immune system. A cleaner blood supply helps your immune system fight infection and makes you recover faster. Mindful breathing helps you absorb the vitamins and nutrients you need as well. 

Reduce anxiety

Deep and controlled breathing is also a great way to detox the mind. Mindful breathing exercises are an important part of mediation and help to reduce stress and anxiety. Many psychologists suggest breathing exercises as a way to calm down and gain some perspective. It allows your heart rate to slow down and balances your hormones as you take in more oxygen to the brain. The body releases feel-good endorphins during deep breathing.  Mindful breathing also helps you sleep at night. If you suffer from insomnia, especially if it’s due to stress, you should practice breathing exercises before bed.

Improve digestion

There are also mindful breathing techniques for digestion. Deep breathing helps supply your digestive system with more oxygen allowing it to work better. It encourages blood flow to your intestinal tract which improves digestive action. Mindful breathing also has a positive calming effect on your nervous system which results in better digestion as well. 

Mindful breathing exercises are not only a calming activity, but they have a positive effect on your health overall. Look at some online tutorials or speak to a trainer in your gym and find out how you can incorporate them into your workout, and immediately feel the benefits.


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