Great Ways To Enjoy The Holiday Season

It’s that year where it seems when it rains, it pours. The Covid pandemic hit, then the next thing you know we are dealing with protests and violence. It’s safe to say that we all could use a bit more joy this holiday season. There are many things we can do to bring more fun into our home this holiday season.

Have A Craft Day

This is a great time to make a trip to Michaels and grab some art supplies and get to work. You can make a simple card to send to a friend or love one. That truly can change someone’s day. Simply sending a Christmas card with maybe a nice picture inside with a friendly note would be a nice gesture. One of my favorite things to do with my family is making glass ornaments then decorating them with glitter or inscribing them with initials of our family. The kids absolutely love doing this.

Bake Some Delicious Treats

Who else gets excited about baking delicious treats for the holiday? I love baking during the holidays. It’s also fun to make your favorite treats and deliver them to your favorite people. They love getting some delicious treats over the holidays. It’s such a nice to give . It’s a gesture of kindness and makes your heart happy. Amazon makes some amazing pre baked cookies that you can decorate. ( if you aren’t one for baking ).

Have Christmas Movie Night

Who loves Clarke Griswold as much as I do? It’s always so fun to get everyone together, throw some popcorn on and watch funny Christmas movies! It’s such a fun , festive event that everyone can enjoy. I have my favorite, as do my kids, and it’s always an enjoyable event. Get your family together , and have some good old fashion fun.

Have a Small Holiday Open House

It’s definitely a hard year to have Christmas Parties, but inviting a small amount of pepppe over to enjoy some good food and cocktails never hurt anyone. Keeping the crowd small is key, but putting a time limit on it, and not exceeding a certain amount of people can still be a lot of fun. Adding in a game to the night can also be enjoyable. Just remember to always stay safe.

Go check out the Lights

Covid hasn’t stopped people from hanging lights. Grab your hot chocolate and go check out the Christmas lights that people have displayed. Little kids absolutely love this , especially if they can bring their favorite snack. You may also be able to find outdoor events in your area that offer you to go see displays they have set up.

This year has definitely been a year of more downs then ups , but it’s what we make of it in times that are disturbing to our daily life. I hope you all have a great holiday !


Why Your Failing Your Fitness Goals

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Setting yourself a target and working diligently towards it can feel like a waste of time when you don’t reach your goals. Whether you’re training to run a 10km, aiming to lose 5 pounds, or trying to increase your endurance in the gym, it can be demotivating when you don’t feel like you’re making any progress.

However, there are a few common mistakes that everyone can make when they’re approaching a new fitness goal, and they can really hold you back. If your current methods aren’t getting you the results you’re after, take a look at these six reasons why you might be failing your fitness goals:

You’re Too Impatient

If you expect to lose 14 pounds in a week or go from a sporadic jogger to an ultramarathoner in a fortnight, then you’re definitely being too impatient. When you’re improving your fitness, it can take longer than you’d like to reach your overall goals. By breaking your goals down into smaller targets, you can keep yourself motivated and reassure yourself that you’re making progress. Furthermore, setting yourself a realistic timeframe will help you to pace yourself and reach your goals safely.

You Have a Food Intolerance

Food intolerances can be hard to pin down because they don’t always cause symptoms straight away. Instead, you might experience non-specific tiredness, bloating, and lethargy at random times or for days on end. Of course, dealing with these symptoms can make it hard to achieve your fitness goals, particularly if you want to lose weight.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to take a food intolerance test to find out what the culprit might be. In addition to this, visiting a weight loss clinic can help you to access the specialist advice you need. With a bespoke healthy eating plan, for example, you’ll know exactly what foods to eat and when to eat them in order to shed pounds.

You’re Doing the Same Workouts

If your new fitness regime started off well but you’re not seeing any more progress, it’s likely that you’ve reached a plateau. When this happens, it can be beneficial to change your routine. Varying the type of exercise you do is one way to exercise different muscle groups and start getting results again. Alternatively, you could try increasing the number of reps you do when strength training or lengthening your cardio sessions so that you’re working a little harder.

You’re Not Eating Enough

If you don’t give your body enough fuel, it isn’t going to perform optimally. If you’re increasing the amount of exercise you do, it’s important to assess whether you need to up your calorie intake too. When people are losing weight, they’re often reluctant to eat more. However, eating too little can actually make it harder to lose weight. By getting the right range of macro and micronutrients, you can ensure that your body has everything it needs to lose weight, build strength, and improve endurance.

You’re Overestimating the Calories You Burn

Fitness trackers make it easy to monitor your calorie usage, which should enable you to measure your progress accurately. If you’re inputting manual data, however, be careful not to overestimate the number of calories you’ve burned. You’ll burn far more calories if you go on a vigorous bike ride than you will if you go at a leisurely pace, for example, so factor this in when you’re tracking your movements.

You Skip Workouts

We all miss the odd workout but regularly skipping the gym is going to hamper your progress. Consistency is the key to achieving your fitness goals, so it’s essential to create a workout schedule you can stick to. If you’re having trouble staying motivated, book a few sessions with a personal trainer so that you have an extra incentive to get to the gym. Alternatively, find a workout buddy and agree to train at specific times. When you’re accountable to someone else, it’s less tempting to miss a workout and risk letting them down.

Refining Your Fitness Regime

When you’re first starting out, finding the right tools and methods is vital. However, it’s important to remember that your needs will change over time. By noting how your mind and body are adapting, you can modify your regime so that you’re continually challenged.

If you’re still not getting the results you’ve been dreaming of, don’t hesitate to speak to a professional. With assistance from your doctor, nutritionist, dietician, or personal trainer, you can refine your fitness regime and hit your goals more quickly than you think.


My 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been a very hectic and chaotic year, and I know for some adding in the thought process to find the perfect gift can add to the chaos. That is why I have added my Holiday Gift Guide for 2020. I feel there is something on my guide for everyone. These are some of my favorite gifts for the Holiday season .


Who doesn’t love being cozied up in the winter. Whether you are staying in to watch a movie, or binging Netflix, I have some amazing gifts for anyone that wants to feel cozy all Winter long. Barefoot Dreams has always been a favorite when you hear the word Cozy. They make the best throws ,which made my holiday guide for 2020. I feel everyone needs a good throw, and a good pair of comfy pajamas. You might want to add in the super warm Ugg slippers that will keep your feet warm all winter long. I’m also loving the Dipityque candles to add to your night in. These are sure to wow your favorite someone this holiday season.


Every special man in your life deserves some TLC this holiday season .The UGG slippers always seem to make my list every year. They are the type of slippers that deserve to be in every mans closet. They are perfect for wearing around the house, and also just running to the store. I also love the new Tom Ford cologne that came out this year. The tobacco cologne smells masculine and divine and I am loving the scent. Patagonia always seems to make the best half zip fleeces that every man loves. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for the winter season. Gucci made my list this year. I know that is no surprise. They have some really cute money clips for the man that doesn’t like the wallet.


The Beauty favorites have arrived. Everyone usually has a beauty lover in the family. If so, I have some great items to share in this year’s gift guide. I am loving the pure silk pillowcases that help combat wrinkles and keep those stray hairs healthy. This one is perfect. If you have watched my IG stories before, you all know how much I love Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk color. It is fabulous, and looks great with all skin tones. This would be a great gift for anyone that loves Charlotte’s products. I am loving the Chanel Lip set. This set has a great array of colors that everyone will sure enjoy.


I have a soft spot in my heart for all things Luxury. I am not going to lie. I feel so many designers make some amazing things that can totally add to a great wardrobe. I am not saying that all luxury is better than something more affordable, but there are some great items that would be perfect for years to come. I feel they are timeless. I have and always will love David Yurman jewelry. I feel it is perfect for any jewelry lover. His pieces are always evolving, and I love them so much. I am loving the beautiful Moncler Puffer vests. These are perfect for a man or woman. Christian Louboutin always makes the best shoes, but this year he has some great suede boots out that would woo anyones heart. They are perfect to pair with just about anything your heart desires.


Pets need spoiled too, and that is why I picked out some really great things for your little Paw Buddies. I am loving these . They have an array of designs and every pet will look so cute in any of these. I am loving the Chewy box service that is a perfect investment for your little buddy. You pay a small fee to get a box delivered every three months with lots of goodies in it. I also am loving these dog toys that your pup will sure to love. can also check amazon for some super cute pet toys that are durable and healthy for their teeth.


I always love adding this list to my guide each year because I love buying for kids and babies. The options never fall short. I feel there is something out there for each age group. I am loving the baby ugg slippers . These may not last long, but they sure will be styling while staying warm. Nordstrom has many cute toys out for each age group, like the dancing keyboard. That is always a hit, and loads of fun. I love the Santa’s Milk and Coffee Set that Nordstrom has. This is always fun for the little ones. I also love the Barefoot Dreams Baby blankets. This is a great investment to any baby nursery. They come in a variety of designs. If you have a little artist on your hand that love to create, I love the Neon Tie- Dye Scrunchie Design Set from Nordstrom. These items can be found in my Like it to Know it Profile. Download the LikeItToKnowIT app, and look for StyledMeliss. You can shop till you drop all night long.

Well this concludes my Holiday Gift Guide For 2020. I really feel there is something for everyone in my guide. You can check my Instagram Stories out to Find more amazing gifts for the Holiday Season .