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Great Ways To Enjoy The Holiday Season

It’s that year where it seems when it rains, it pours. The Covid pandemic hit, then the next thing you know we are dealing with protests and violence. It’s safe to say that we all could use a bit more joy this holiday season. There are many things we can do to bring more fun into our home this holiday season.

Have A Craft Day

This is a great time to make a trip to Michaels and grab some art supplies and get to work. You can make a simple card to send to a friend or love one. That truly can change someone’s day. Simply sending a Christmas card with maybe a nice picture inside with a friendly note would be a nice gesture. One of my favorite things to do with my family is making glass ornaments then decorating them with glitter or inscribing them with initials of our family. The kids absolutely love doing this.

Bake Some Delicious Treats

Who else gets excited about baking delicious treats for the holiday? I love baking during the holidays. It’s also fun to make your favorite treats and deliver them to your favorite people. They love getting some delicious treats over the holidays. It’s such a nice to give . It’s a gesture of kindness and makes your heart happy. Amazon makes some amazing pre baked cookies that you can decorate. ( if you aren’t one for baking ).

Have Christmas Movie Night

Who loves Clarke Griswold as much as I do? It’s always so fun to get everyone together, throw some popcorn on and watch funny Christmas movies! It’s such a fun , festive event that everyone can enjoy. I have my favorite, as do my kids, and it’s always an enjoyable event. Get your family together , and have some good old fashion fun.

Have a Small Holiday Open House

It’s definitely a hard year to have Christmas Parties, but inviting a small amount of pepppe over to enjoy some good food and cocktails never hurt anyone. Keeping the crowd small is key, but putting a time limit on it, and not exceeding a certain amount of people can still be a lot of fun. Adding in a game to the night can also be enjoyable. Just remember to always stay safe.

Go check out the Lights

Covid hasn’t stopped people from hanging lights. Grab your hot chocolate and go check out the Christmas lights that people have displayed. Little kids absolutely love this , especially if they can bring their favorite snack. You may also be able to find outdoor events in your area that offer you to go see displays they have set up.

This year has definitely been a year of more downs then ups , but it’s what we make of it in times that are disturbing to our daily life. I hope you all have a great holiday !


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