6 Wellness Tips To Enjoy The Holiday Season

The Holiday season is among us, and that can mean chaos. We don’t have to have chaos during the holidays, but for some, it can mean running non stop. I find personally , for myself, that planning is all about balance. When you have balance, you have more enjoyment, plain and simple. I feel with as crazy as this year has been, we really need to stop and enjoy every waking moment of this amazing holiday season. I have some great tips to help you really savor this holiday.

Soak in It

Baths are so enjoyable. My favorite way to unwind is a nice , hot bath with some good essential oils, some detoxing bath salts, nice , pleasant music and a good cup of relaxing tea that really helps me sleep at night. I also like to add the to be in bloom sleep powder in my tea and I’m ready to zonk. The best feeling in the world. Relaxing every night is so good for our immunity.

Oil Your Surroundings

Essential oils are my best friend. I use my diffuser every day to set the mood and aroma in my house. There is something so cozy about winter. Turning up the fire place, and putting a nice, delightful oil in the diffuser just makes everything around you nice. I absolutely love the smell of pine at Christmas time. My house constantly smells like pine. The candles, the oils, and it really does smell like Christmas. Oils are good for the soul.

Just Breathe

Have I ever told you how obsessed I am about meditation? It really has changed my life. I do it every day and it really sets the tone for my day. I’m more relaxed and very calm through out my day. You realize real quick that the little things really don’t matter. Even taking 10 minutes a day to just Stop, and take 5 deep breaths can really change your day. Stop and just breathe the Life your living.

Turn up that music

You heard me right… Jam up the music. I love listening to music . It really does something for the soul. I turn mine up loud when I’m wrapping, or fiddleling around the house. If no one is looking, you can always dance your pants off too. Dance like no one is watching. It’s SO good for the soul.

Go for a walk in the snow

Walking in the snow and breathing in that fresh air is so amazing. It really is festive and relaxing at the same time. I love getting my pup out in it and watching him jump in the snow. It literally makes my day so much more brighter. Some people think it’s too cold or it’s not made for them, but I have to tell you there is a first time for everything.

Pour you Some

The end of the day comes pretty quick this time of year. We are spending our days trying to get things done, that time seems to fly. When the end of the day comes, pour that nice glass of wine for yourself to enjoy. Turn on your favorite music and relax the day away. There is nothing like ending your day on a good note by spending some time by yourself.

Try to enjoy this holiday season the best you can. It only comes around once a year.


Fitting Exercise Around A Hectic Lifestyle Is Possible

When it comes to the process of making time to workout, it’s far too easy to assume that you’ve not got enough time to exercise. The truth is that life can get busy, and it’s far too easy to fail to make time to stay active in your schedule. However, this is not a mistake that you want to make when it comes to fitness routine, as by failing to make time to workout your fitness will suffer. 

The good news is that when it comes to fitting exercise around your hectic schedule, it’s actually far simpler and easier than you might think. While it can be a struggle to make time for exercise in a hectic schedule, it doesn’t have to be a complete and utter nightmare. The key here is in how you approach your need to workout; get the approach right and you can make life far easier for yourself. 

Bearing that in mind, below are a few useful tips and ideas to consider incorporating into your life to help make fitting exercise into your hectic schedule a little simpler and easier. 

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Ditch the car

A simple way to make staying active a little easier is to consider ditching the car and getting from A to B using a slightly healthier route, such as walking, jogging, or cycling. If you want to up your physical activity, consider ditching your car a few days a week and instead getting work on your feet or via a bike. By incorporating physical activity into your daily routine, you make staying in shape far simpler and easier for yourself. On days that you don’t work, consider planning your day around staying active. Instead of jumping in the car to meet a friend for coffee, consider planning a bike ride with your friend instead. Be creative and take steps to move more. 

Find ways to workout at home 

When it comes to making it easier to workout, making it easier to exercise at home is one way to do so. If you have the space at home, it’s worth thinking about creating a small, simple workout zone within your home. Think about adding a few key workout essentials to this space, such as a yoga mat, some weights, and perhaps a fitness tool like an Aero Trainer, for instance – you can read AeroTrainer reviews online to learn more about the benefits of this kind of tool. 

Your lunch hour isn’t just for lunch 

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that your lunch hour should just be all about the food when actually that isn’t the case. You can easily use your lunch hour for exercise as well as eating if you want to make staying active a little easier for yourself. This doesn’t have to mean taking part in an extreme workout class or hitting the gym, it could simply mean going for a nice long walk on your lunch hour or taking your bike out for a quick spin. 

There you have it, a few handy hacks for ways you can make fitting exercise into a hectic lifestyle a little simpler and easier. 


The Type Of Exercise that fits with your Lifestyle and Personality

Personal training 

Personal training can take a myriad of shapes. Some personal trainers will simply be a gym employee, who might guide you through what a few of the machines do, and how to operate them without injury. 

However, just like any career, not all personal trainers are created equally. Ideally, your personal trainer should offer a personalized fitness plan to help you reach your goal, and not simply expect you to abide by what works best for someone else. Personal training should be personalized directly for you, and your personal trainer should be willing to tailor your fitness plan and goals for you. A common misconception is that personal trainers are just your spotter when lifting weights, but fantastic fitness coaches, like those at Clientel3 for example, should take your fitness level, your medical history, and even your personality into consideration when creating your plan. If you’re not seeing significant changes with your current workout plan, you may want to seek out a professional personal trainer. 

Best for: People that need consistency. If you enjoy a no-nonsense approach to exercising and have a very specific goal in mind, you’ll likely thrive with personal training. This is also ideal for people who have suffered an injury and can use personal training as a form of physical therapy in conjunction with other exercises. You’ll also need to be able to keep a schedule since you’ll make individual appointments with your trainer.


Sometimes you just don’t have the inclination to get on a bike and go for a ride around locally or on a trail. However, biking and spinning specifically can be an excellent all over workout. A spinning class can be a great way to ensure that you raise your heart rate and get the level of intensity that you would if you went out for a standard bike ride, if not more. Of course, it might be that you feel uncomfortable sat on a small seat for any great length of time. So investing in the best padded bike seat covers for spinning could help you to feel mor comfortable when taking a class. You can also train on your own as well, and this means that for anyone short on time it can be the ideal option to consider. 

Best for: People that are time poor. If you want one type of exercise that will help to cover most bases when it comes to your body then spinning is the one for you. It is a simple yet effective form of exercise. Also, you can use the time to listen to your favourite music or an audio book. A class option also can give you motivation if you are the type of person that isn’t usually a self starter. 


Additional Ways To Feel Your Healthy Best

Most people are pretty good at doing the bare minimum to keep their health in check, but there’s a lot of value in going the extra mile, and learning some of the additional ways to push your health in the right direction. The thing about health and fitness is that the sky’s the limit; the more we work on it, the better and happier we feel. It’s one of those things that can transform a person’s life, and all it takes is a little bit of time and knowledge. In this blog, we’re going to look at some key ways to push your health in the right direction that goes beyond simply spending time in the gym.

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All the Rest

Most of us focus on what we can do to improve our health during our waking hours, but there’s much to be said for our non-waking hours, too. If you’re not getting a full night of rest each night, then you’ll find it difficult to live at your healthiest best. While chronic insomnia can cause a whole host of health problems, that’s not what we mean. We’re talking about the impact it can have on your lifestyle. If you’re tired, then you’ll be less likely to prepare a healthy meal, and also won’t work out as hard as you could. So if it feels as if you’re always tired, then look at making some changes — you’ll find that you’ll feel a lot better when you’re fully refreshed.

Get Additional Help

Here’s the thing about the human body: it is complicated. While a lot of people know the basics of staying healthy, the truth is that if you want to take your health to the next level, then you may require the help of an expert. There are people like Kristen Blake, who have studied how to improve health and fitness for years; you can check out more details about her and how she can help you at www.kristenblakewellness.com. Another place to look for help is in the gym. While you might feel tired when you leave, if you’re not using the right technique, then you might not be making as much progress as you thought you were. An instructor can show you how you can work towards getting the results that you want.

Daily Movements

While spending time at the gym or doing intensive exercise is useful, you’ll find that you’re not as healthy as you could be if you’re spending the rest of your time sitting down. It’s really important to have an overall healthy lifestyle, which involves building daily movements into your life. If you can cycle to work, go for an evening walk, or all-around ensure that you’re not spending all of your time sitting down, then you’ll notice a big improvement when it comes to your energy levels and overall health.

While any amount of health-related effort is good, remember that sometimes it pays to go the extra mile. Take our tips above, and you’ll be doing just that.