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The Type Of Exercise that fits with your Lifestyle and Personality

Personal training 

Personal training can take a myriad of shapes. Some personal trainers will simply be a gym employee, who might guide you through what a few of the machines do, and how to operate them without injury. 

However, just like any career, not all personal trainers are created equally. Ideally, your personal trainer should offer a personalized fitness plan to help you reach your goal, and not simply expect you to abide by what works best for someone else. Personal training should be personalized directly for you, and your personal trainer should be willing to tailor your fitness plan and goals for you. A common misconception is that personal trainers are just your spotter when lifting weights, but fantastic fitness coaches, like those at Clientel3 for example, should take your fitness level, your medical history, and even your personality into consideration when creating your plan. If you’re not seeing significant changes with your current workout plan, you may want to seek out a professional personal trainer. 

Best for: People that need consistency. If you enjoy a no-nonsense approach to exercising and have a very specific goal in mind, you’ll likely thrive with personal training. This is also ideal for people who have suffered an injury and can use personal training as a form of physical therapy in conjunction with other exercises. You’ll also need to be able to keep a schedule since you’ll make individual appointments with your trainer.


Sometimes you just don’t have the inclination to get on a bike and go for a ride around locally or on a trail. However, biking and spinning specifically can be an excellent all over workout. A spinning class can be a great way to ensure that you raise your heart rate and get the level of intensity that you would if you went out for a standard bike ride, if not more. Of course, it might be that you feel uncomfortable sat on a small seat for any great length of time. So investing in the best padded bike seat covers for spinning could help you to feel mor comfortable when taking a class. You can also train on your own as well, and this means that for anyone short on time it can be the ideal option to consider. 

Best for: People that are time poor. If you want one type of exercise that will help to cover most bases when it comes to your body then spinning is the one for you. It is a simple yet effective form of exercise. Also, you can use the time to listen to your favourite music or an audio book. A class option also can give you motivation if you are the type of person that isn’t usually a self starter. 


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