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6 Wellness Tips To Enjoy The Holiday Season

The Holiday season is among us, and that can mean chaos. We don’t have to have chaos during the holidays, but for some, it can mean running non stop. I find personally , for myself, that planning is all about balance. When you have balance, you have more enjoyment, plain and simple. I feel with as crazy as this year has been, we really need to stop and enjoy every waking moment of this amazing holiday season. I have some great tips to help you really savor this holiday.

Soak in It

Baths are so enjoyable. My favorite way to unwind is a nice , hot bath with some good essential oils, some detoxing bath salts, nice , pleasant music and a good cup of relaxing tea that really helps me sleep at night. I also like to add the to be in bloom sleep powder in my tea and I’m ready to zonk. The best feeling in the world. Relaxing every night is so good for our immunity.

Oil Your Surroundings

Essential oils are my best friend. I use my diffuser every day to set the mood and aroma in my house. There is something so cozy about winter. Turning up the fire place, and putting a nice, delightful oil in the diffuser just makes everything around you nice. I absolutely love the smell of pine at Christmas time. My house constantly smells like pine. The candles, the oils, and it really does smell like Christmas. Oils are good for the soul.

Just Breathe

Have I ever told you how obsessed I am about meditation? It really has changed my life. I do it every day and it really sets the tone for my day. I’m more relaxed and very calm through out my day. You realize real quick that the little things really don’t matter. Even taking 10 minutes a day to just Stop, and take 5 deep breaths can really change your day. Stop and just breathe the Life your living.

Turn up that music

You heard me right… Jam up the music. I love listening to music . It really does something for the soul. I turn mine up loud when I’m wrapping, or fiddleling around the house. If no one is looking, you can always dance your pants off too. Dance like no one is watching. It’s SO good for the soul.

Go for a walk in the snow

Walking in the snow and breathing in that fresh air is so amazing. It really is festive and relaxing at the same time. I love getting my pup out in it and watching him jump in the snow. It literally makes my day so much more brighter. Some people think it’s too cold or it’s not made for them, but I have to tell you there is a first time for everything.

Pour you Some

The end of the day comes pretty quick this time of year. We are spending our days trying to get things done, that time seems to fly. When the end of the day comes, pour that nice glass of wine for yourself to enjoy. Turn on your favorite music and relax the day away. There is nothing like ending your day on a good note by spending some time by yourself.

Try to enjoy this holiday season the best you can. It only comes around once a year.


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