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Is There Such A Thing As A Fat-Burning Diet?

Weight management is a crucial part of any diet (though it’s definitely not the only part.) While losing fat should never be your sole goal, it can be important to do it to get down to a healthy weight that doesn’t put stress on your joints, organs, and so on. Diet will play the majority of the role in any weight loss plans, but aside from eating less to gain less, are there foods that can genuinely help you burn fat?

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Not all fatty foods are “fatty”

If you’re looking to cut down on fat, it might sound natural that you would avoid any foods described as fatty. However, when it comes to fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and herring, they are packed with omega 3 fatty acids that have been shown to, amongst a plethora of other benefits, help your body burn fat more quickly.

Keeps more than the doctor away

Eating an apple a day is more than just the world’s oldest fruit-related meme. Apples are an example of fruits that are high in dietary fibre. Fiber aids healthy digestion, which not only makes it easier to get the nutrients you need from your food but also helps your body get rid of excess fat. What’s more, apples are great hunger-quenching snacks, so they can help with portion control.

See your future in the leaves

There are two kinds of tea that are particularly good for helping your body burn fat. First of all, caffeine, in general, can help burn fat. However, green tea and oolong tea contain an antioxidant called EGCG (with a much longer scientific name) that helps burn belly fat, so it’s never a bad idea to buy loose leaf tea online to keep your supply up. Those same antioxidants can help resist the signs of aging, too.

The right kind of yogurt

Regular yogurt can be pretty sugary, meaning you might be avoiding it. However, if you make the switch to greek yogurt, not only are you getting almost double the amount of protein per spoonful, but you’re also promoting your gut health and thus improving digestion. Protein takes more energy to digest than carbs so your body will effectively by burning fat in the act of digesting the yogurt itself. Just make sure you’re not going for high fat and high sugar greek yogurt.

Be berry good

If you’re trying to manage your sugar levels very closely, you might be wary about including too much fruit in your diet. However, berries contain less sugar per gram than the majority of fruits and make for a great way to liven up some otherwise tasteless breakfasts. What’s more, berries are full of those antioxidants we mentioned, as well as the fiber that aids your digestion, so fresh berry deliveries can help you keep life sweet without worry.

It’s important to be keenly aware of fads and quick options that, on further inspection, are rarely reliable. Make use of the foods mentioned above, but incorporate them as part of a healthy lifestyle includes portion control and exercise.


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