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How to Make 2021 Your Fittest Year Ever

It is okay if you 2020 proved so much that you couldn’t bring yourself to achieving your fitness goals. However, you can get up to speed with your fitness program in 2021. According to a 2020 CDC report, more than 15% of US adults are physically inactive. Although getting fitter may seem a bit too much on your plate, a few lifestyle tweaks and simple habit-forming can give you that better physique you so crave for. That said, here are four ways to make 2021 your fittest year ever.

Ensure proper hydration

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Ensuring proper hydration is effective for losing fat and staying lean. Inadequate hydration does not only affect you physically, but it can affect your mental health too. Studies have suggested that even the slightest dehydration can cause a drop in focus and concentration levels, affecting your energy levels. Therefore, taking enough water is excellent for guaranteeing that your body is in the correct state to function correctly and digest fat. Additionally, increasing your water intake may influence your muscle endurance and strength output during workout sessions.

Prioritize good sleep

For a healthier and leaner body, sleep should be one of your top priorities. Although often overlooked, sleep is a crucial element for getting ripped. Even the best supplements, dieting, and training won’t make up for the inadequate good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, a study has linked shorter sleep times to increased BMI levels and a higher risk of obesity in men. Sleep enhances the release of growth hormone and protein synthesis, which is effective muscle growth and repair – the recovery kind you need for a regular workout. 

Plan your workouts

If you are like many other people who enjoy regular gym workouts, you should consider switching up and adding a plan to it. Create a schedule for your weekly workout. Plan exactly how you intend to carry them out and their particular days. A training schedule is great for focus and keeps you in a better mind to dominate your workout. Planning your workout leaves you with less room to skip them, which is excellent for keeping your fitness routine. If you prefer home or equipment-free workouts, you can consider getting some simple tech tools like the LED EMS Fat Burning Belt, which is excellent for muscle toning and body contouring.

Stretch before bed

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As easy as it may sound, stretching before bedtime is one of the effective ways to get fitter in 2021. Many fitness experts have confirmed the importance of stretching before sleep. Unfortunately, it is one of the most mistakes committed by even the most fitness enthusiast. Stretching shouldn’t be just a pre and post-workout activity. Stretching affects your performance by helping you manage burnout and post-workout injuries.

Getting fit can be as easy as adding a few things to build the proper framework for a healthy body and mind. However, there is no quick fix when you are trying to create a new habit. It’s more about your commitment and consistency, yet be patient with your initial steps and include more while developing.


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