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How to Get The Most out of Your Matcha Latte

Matcha tea has been around for centuries. We are now seeing it in many coffee shops being used in the amazing and delicious Matcha Lattes. The antioxidants and the vitamins instilled in this amazing tea is off the charts. You can now find many brands on the market to make this little concoction right in your own kitchen. It’s so imperative to find a good Matcha mix. Many that you find online is filled with fillers and isn’t true Matcha. I can truly tell a difference between a good and bad Matcha Tea. True Matcha to me just has a better distinct taste, and when mixed into a latte, the drink is amazing. Matcha is known to help protect the liver , boost brain function, help prevent cancer, help with weight loss, and good for the heart. We all know that too much coffee in the morning can cause jitters and anxiety. The Matcha doesn give you any of that. It gives you a boost of energy, without shaking all day. It also gives you “clean energy”. It’s not the kind of energy you get for a quick fix from caffeine. This gives you ultimate energy all day. Matcha Latte Health

Matcha also gives you amazing focus. It helps boost brain activity with a combination of caffeine and L-theanine which do wonders for focus and concentration. Matcha also is great for the immune system .It has a special antioxidant called ECCg which helps in fighting viruses and bacterial infections. Now why wouldn’t you want to drink a Matcha Latte each morning? I pair mine with a good, organic almond milk. It gives it a sweet taste, without the sugar. You can also add some sea salt to your Latte if you like the salty taste, rather than sweet. You can also steam your milk and add that to your morning latte.

There are many ways to get the most satisfaction out of your latte. It’s very satisfying in many ways, and if you are one that loves skim milk, then that can also be added. To get the most health benefits out of your Matcha, drink a cup every morning for good health. Matcha is also known to give you a more calm effect through your day. It activates the dopamine and seratonin levels in the brain. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, or experiencing a little anxiety, Grab you a Matcha.


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