Are Whitening Trays All The Hype?

White Smile With Smile Brilliant

Having beautiful teeth are so important to a lot of people. It seems for many, the costs can add up and before we know it, we’ve dropped thousands of dollars at the dentist office. This isn’t just the checkups, but also if we want a gorgeous , white smile.

These days, getting your teeth whitened at your dentist can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. I’m one that loves to have a white smile without breaking the bank. I recently used the amazing whitening system by Smile Brilliant. I can’t tell you how amazed I was at the results.

First off, the system is engineered and perfect for anyone. It doesn’t matter what state your teeth are in, there is a system to fit everyone. One great thing I loved was it was customized to fit my teeth. I made my own impressions, sent them in and they sent me my perfected trays back. They fit my teeth perfectly. This system is so innovative. It seems all you see these days are just the strips. Well I’m here to tell you Smile Brilliant is on a whole other level. You can customize your own amount of gel and sensitivity level. You can also pick how sensitive your teeth are.

There are many different systems to fit the needs of everyone. You can go with the 27 application if you have heavy, dark stains . If you feel they aren’t that stained, you may pick the average stain system. It goes from heavy stains system to a light stain system.

The system itself will come with whitening trays, 2 impression trays, 3 sets of impression material, desensitivity gel, and also they include 3 way postage. It’s honestly amazing. I used mine for about 6 weeks and I can’t believe the amazing results. This is a system that works entirely for you. It is made just for you. It has a very personable way about it, and it’s something that no strip can give you.

If you are looking for the perfect whitening system and want to save money in your pocket, this system is for you. Check out my before and afters.

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How To Reduce Inflammation Naturally

If you ever find in your training that you are feeling sore, lethargic, in pain, or swollen, then it could be because there is some inflammation in your body. It is something that is really natural, especially if you have an injury. As has been said, inflammation is a natural process that does help your body to heal and to defend itself from harm. However, inflammation can be something that is so harmful if it keeps lasting and becomes chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation could last for weeks or perhaps even years, and if it is left and nothing is done to deal with it, then it could lead to several health problems. That being said, there are plenty of things that you can do to reduce inflammation in your body, and things that will help to improve your overall health. So if this sounds like you, or you want to know more for when you have injuries and your body will be naturally inflamed, then this is for you. Here are some steps to living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and.


What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation, as has been mentioned briefly, is your body’s way of protecting itself from things like infection, injury or illness. As part of the response your body has, your body will increase the production of blood cells, immune cells, and substances that help to fight infection. If you’re not sure what inflammation will look like, then some signs to look out for are things like redness, pain, swelling, and even heat from certain areas of your body.

On the other hand, chronic inflammation, which is pretty long-term, is usually something that will happen inside of your body, so you might not actually spot any noticeable symptoms. This kind of inflammation can be the factor that drives illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and perhaps even cancer. So it really is a good idea to make sure that your body isn’t inflamed, as it can help your overall health and long-term health. Chronic inflammation can be something that can also happen if you’re overweight, obese or under high levels of stress.

What Are The Causes?

As has been mentioned, there are some lifestyle factors that can lead to inflammation, especially factors that are a particular habit. This can be things like having a lot of sugar in your diet and refined foods, as these can be the most harmful to your body. Too much of these foods can lead to diabetes, insulin resistance which has similarities to diabetes, and obesity. There have also been studies that have found that having a lot of refined carbs, like white bread and cakes, can also be a factor, as they can be something that leads to diabetes, as well as obesity, which is why a low carb diet could be a good solution to help reduce inflammation. What’s more, if you eat processed and packaged foods that are full of trans fats, then they have been shown to promote inflammation too. Vegetable oils that are used in many processed foods could also be another culprit to avoid in your diet. If you drink quite a lot of alcohol on a regular basis, as well as processed meat, then that has also shown to have an impact. Being active is key to avoiding it too, as long as you don’t overdo it and lead to an injury.

Foods to Avoid

Some of the foods that you need to avoid have been mentioned, but here are a list of foods that are best to avoid if you want to reduce chronic inflammation, or your risk of chronic inflammation. They are best if they are only eaten sparingly, or perhaps even cut out completely.

  • Sugary drinks like fruit juices and fizzy pop drinks
  • Refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, and cakes
  • Desserts are generally off-limits because of their high sugar content, especially things like cookies, candy, and ice cream
  • Processed meats like hot dogs and sausages are best to avoid
  • Snack foods like chips and pretzels
  • There are certain oils to avoid in your cooking and in the foods that you eat, like processed vegetable oils such as corn oil
  • Drinking too much alcohol is best avoided in life in general, but especially for inflammation

Foods to Eat

It isn’t all doom and gloom, though, there are many things that you can eat and fill your life and diet with tasty and yummy food. These are all the best anti-inflammatory foods, so fill your diet with these:

  • Vegetables are a good thing in any diet, but especially in an anti-inflammatory diet. Some of the best vegetables are broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower
  • Fruit, again, is a great thing to have in your diet. But not all fruit is created equal. The best options for fruit are berries, including grapes and cherries
  • High-fat fruits like avocado and olives are great to have too, in certain portion sizes
  • Olive oil and coconut oil are the best oils to have in your diet
  • Fish like salmon, anchovies, sardines, and mackerel are great to get your omega-3 fatty acids into your diet
  • Nuts are such a good source of natural healthy fat, as well as being packed full of vitamins and minerals. Just make sure they aren’t the salted or processed kind
  • We all want something sweet from time to time, which is where chocolate comes in. Dark chocolate is the best to have if you want anti-inflammatory food
  • If you like to have a tipple that is more than water from time to time, then green tea is a great healthy option for a warm drink. If you want to have an alcoholic drink as well, then red wine is the best option (just make sure you only have a small glass at a time)
  • Spicing up your food is a good idea with things like chilli, as well as using things like tumeric and cinnamon

Chronic inflammation really is an unhealthy thing for your body, and can lead to even worse diseases. In many instances, the diet and lifestyle that you have can drive the inflammation or can even make it worse. If you aim for an anti-inflammatory diet, then it can really help with your optimal health and overall wellbeing, making sure that you are as healthy as possible.


Joining A Gym: What To Expect

If you are considering starting to take your health more seriously, there are many things that you might be thinking of doing for that purpose. One of the best moves you can make towards better health is, of course, to join a gym, and to make sure that you are going there often to get the most out of it. But if you have never really been part of a gym before and you don’t know what to expect, it can be more than a little daunting. With that in mind, it is a good idea to take a look a some of the things that you can probably expect from being a gym member, and that is what we are going to take a look at today. In this article, we will look at some of the things to expect as a new gym member, so that you can hopefully get as much out of it as you would hope to – and get to be considerably healthier in no time.

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One of the great things about any gym is that there is generally quite a lot of variety in terms of what you can do for workouts and how. Because of this, you will probably feel a little spoilt for choice, and hopefully you will feel that you membership is money well spent. But there is a good chance that you will also suffer a little of the anxiety of having too much choice. It’s important to try and find one or two things that you can get into first of all and stick to them, otherwise you might not be able to feel that you are going to get anywhere at all, and you might feel a little overwhelmed on the whole. Taking the variety into account, however, you should also plan for future goals in terms of those other machines and other equipment, so that you can make sure that you are really making the most of your membership. That is important, otherwise you will only feel that you are wasting your money.


That is important in itself, as if you don’t get what you need to out of the membership then there is little point of doing it at all. You are paying for the gym, probably a fair amount each month, and you need to make sure that you are not doing that for no reason. That means finding ways to get real value out of it, and the most important way to do that is to go to the gym as often as possible. At first, you will probably find it hard to go more than three times a week, especially if you are not currently in the best shape. But before long you will find that you are going every day, and that is exactly what you need to do to make sure that you are getting your value for money as best as you would hope. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there is not such a thing as overdoing it – there absolutely is, and you should aim to avoid doing that if you can at all help it. But find a balance, and you should find that you are making good use of your membership without straining yourself too much, which is ideal.

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You might be struck by just how much concern there is around safety in the gym, but if you stop to think about it, it is easy enough to see why. After all, it is pretty easy to accidentally hurt yourself on any of the machines, and sometimes even without the aid of machines. Anyone who has ever been to spinning class will know too well the jelly legs you get as you then walk down the stairs, and it can be genuinely dangerous if you are not careful. Make sure that you adhere to any rules and signs that you are presented with, so that you can be sure that you are keeping up your end of the bargain; that should mean that you are less likely to be injured, and that is what you want. If you are injured and you feel that it was due to something that the gym did wrong, remember you can always contact a personal injury lawyer if you feel you need to. The gym has a duty to do whatever they can to keep you safe, as long as you are also taking care of yourself.

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You really don’t overestimate the value of water when you are working out, especially if you are engaging in a high intensity workout at the gym. You should make a point never to go to the gym without a bottle of water, and you should aim to drink it all and replenish it while you are there too. Water keeps you hydrated, obviously, which means that you can workout for longer and more effectively, but importantly it also helps to stop you from fainting, which is more common at the gym than you might assume. There should be points where you can fill up your bottle at the gym, so make sure that you locate those first so that you know where to go should you become desperate for a drink. Some gyms will also offer ice water, which you should absolutely make good use of too.


A very common problem for many new gym members is a feeling of being on display. If you find that you are self-conscious when you go to the gym, you are not alone. Most people start out that way, and it just takes time to develop confidence in order to be able to improve how you are doing and feeling in there. Just remember that everyone has been there at some point in the past, and make sure that you keep showing up despite feeling nervous. That alone will show how serious you are about your own health, which will inspire you to keep on moving in the right direction.


My Love For O Necklace

I was recently gifted with the most beautiful bar necklace by O Necklace. I cant tell you how gorgeous this piece was when it arrived. They had my children’s names engraved on them with a gorgeous 24k gold plated chain. They let me design it exactly the way I wanted. That is what I love about this company. Their jewelry is not only beautiful and delicate, but their customer service is so satisfactory.

The Double Bar O Necklace

ONecklace is a personalized jewelry company that has been around since 2012. Their beautiful pieces has been seen in British Vogue, Pretty Little Liars ( that amazing show that the teens love these days), and The Talk.

They have many styles ranging from jewelry for your mothers, bracelets, and personalized rings to name a few. I loved the Bar Necklaces so much . I had to have one with my kids names personalized on it. I cant tell you how many compliments I’ve had on it. You can have any chain design that you prefer and any name customized on any piece of jewelry.

They have free shipping on all orders and the BEST price guaranteed. They also allow 90 days for any returns your not happy with. Their Best Sellers include the Classic Name Necklace, the Carrie Name Necklace, Small initial Necklace, Personalized Name bracelet, Engraved Mother Necklace to name a few.

If you are looking for the perfect Gift for any occasion, ONecklace is the place to look.


Return To Form: 4 Tips For Getting Back Into Fitness

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There are many reasons a person may find themselves needing to take a break from their focus on fitness; scheduling conflicts, health issues, injury recovery, or simply losing motivation can all take their toll on your ability to work out. Whatever the reason for your break, getting back to your usual pattern becomes your priority.

Unfortunately, returning to fitness after a prolonged break is not necessarily the simplest of tasks. However, there’s no time like the present, so start by setting a few fitness goals for summer and then keeping the following tips in mind as you (re)start your fitness journey…

#1 – Identify and overcome previous issues

While it is important to focus on your new future and the fitness goals you are hoping to achieve, it’s also worth considering why your focus on fitness slipped to begin with – and how you can prevent such a scenario from happening again.

If you, for example, had to take a fitness break due to injury, then you may want to think about options for preventing or limiting the chances of experiencing injuries in future. Small tweaks – such as wearing supports or improving your form – can be hugely beneficial in this regard. Alternatively, if scheduling problems were the cause of your fitness pause, then it might be worth considering switching to shorter, more impactful training – such as HIIT –  that allows you to see the highest return in the shortest possible time. Last but not least, if motivation was a factor, it’s worth thinking about why you lost your motivation. In many cases, a perceived lack of progress is the root cause of motivation issues; if you feel this may apply to you, then consider working with a personal trainer to help refine your workouts and ensure you can consistently build towards your desired results.

#2 – Set a definitive start date

When you’re out of the habit of working out, it can be hugely tempting to keep postponing your eventual return – you’ll go back to the gym, or book that session with a personal trainer, next week. Unfortunately, “next week” can keep being postponed, to the point where months have passed and you’re still no closer to making your return. This kind of delay is entirely natural, but it is something that needs to be overcome.

To do so, it is helpful to set a very definitive start date for your first workout, and to plan this into your schedule very specifically. It may also help to tell a few friends and family members that you’ll be restarting on this date also; not only does doing so help with accountability, but you’ll also be assured of their support and good wishes when the big day arrives.

#3 – Manage your expectations

Unfortunately, a long break from working out will likely have had an impact on your fitness. While this is to be expected, it is inherently disheartening to realize that things you used to be able to do with ease now suddenly feel incredibly difficult.

To overcome this problem, you first need to be kind to yourself. Sure, you had to pause your workouts and your fitness levels have been impacted, but you’re now rectifying the issue – you’re doing the right thing, so try to hold on to that. Yes, it’s irritating to feel that you’re starting over from scratch, but these things happen; focus your energy on your future, rather than worrying about the past.

Secondly, it’s also important to look for support. The best source of this support is likely to be a personal trainer; they will be able to assess your fitness as it is right now, and then formulate the most effective way for you to get back on track. In addition, it’s also helpful to talk to your friends and family about what you are experiencing; they can encourage you to keep going on the tougher days, which make it all the simpler for you to get back into the swing of things.

#4 – Focus on recovery management

When you first start working out again, you will probably find that you recover a little slower – and potentially with more aches and pains – than you did when you were working out regularly. This is entirely natural; your body is adjusting to your higher activity levels after a period of relative inactivity, so it may take awhile until you’re able to bounce back from a strenuous workout once more.

Due to the above, it’s helpful to remind yourself of the best way to recover after a workout so you can limit the discomfort you may experience. Think about factors such as hydration – not forgetting the importance of electrolytes – and consider taking hot baths or using heat treatment after each gym session. In addition, it’s also worth making a few tweaks to your diet to ensure you’re eating enough of the right nutrients; focus on foods that are rich in protein, leafy green vegetables, and healthy fats.

#5 – Celebrate every milestone

As your fitness begins to improve, it’s important to give yourself the licence to celebrate your achievements as you achieve milestones – even if you have previously achieved, or even bettered, those milestones in the past.

For example, if prior to your fitness break you could run 5K in 25 minutes, then running a 5K in half an hour may not feel like something you should celebrate… but if you had only been able to run a 5K in 45 minutes when you first started working out again, you’ve clearly improved, and that’s worthy of celebration. Try to focus on your achievements as they are now rather than comparing them to previous goals you had surpassed; you’re in an entirely new phase of fitness, and what went before can largely be disregarded as you seek to focus on the present.

In conclusion

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The tips above should help you to get return to fitness in the simplest, and most effective, way possible, as well as allowing you to look forward and enjoy all of the benefits of regular exercise long into the future.