My Amazing Results With The FitRise Three Day Cleanse

Hey All !

I wanted to share with you my Amazing Results that had with The FitRise Three Day Cleanse By Danette May. I am very picky about the cleanses I do because I have never had any good results with any of them, except for The Sakara 10 Day Reset.I found this amazing 3 Day cleanse from Danette MAy online and decided to try it. I’m sure glad I did.

I was just coming off of a two week vacation and then a week long holiday. I was consuming some amazing wine along with some great Italian food. I knew I wanted to come home and reset my body. My thinking was foggy and I felt overexerted. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I tried this amazing cleanse.

Fit Rise Cleanse

I want to start off by saying that this is NOT a cleanse that starves you to death. This cleanse gives you vital nutrients and vitamins and nourishes your body. It doesn’t leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied. It’s not hard to do and is not overwhelming. I feel every single smoothie is delicious. The cleanse gives you a whole shopping list for the three days .


When you wake, you drink a mixture of Lemon Water with Cayenne Pepper and Apple Cider Vinegar. This literally filled me up. It’s really got a good taste to it. An hour later you will then make you a Lemon Green Tea. The Lemon in the tea is really cleansing to your organs . The Breakfast smoothie comes after that. It really does taste like a Pina Colada without the alcohol in it. Once that is drank, an hour later you drink the cider vinegar elixir again. Your Dinner consist of the Fired Up Metabolism Drink which is so good. You then drink the apple cider elixir again before bed. The day of smoothies really does keep you feeling full.


The second day is all about bringing in anti -inflammatory foods. They are still cleansing to the body and gives the body the chance to digest fully. You start off with the cider vinegar elixir , and then the Lemon Green Tea. You will then add in a Mint Drink as your Lunch. The Mint Drink really helps the digestive tract. The Lunch will consist of The Love Smoothie. This adds in chia seeds, and lots of greens to your cleanse. For Dinner, you Will make you the Coconut Kale. This is so good, topped off with the Cider Vinegar Elixir Before Bed. At this Point, You are really starting to feel light.


This is the Final Phase. I’m not going to lie, you are craving some real food at this point, but you feel too good. The last day you start off with the Apple Cider elixir, then the Lemon Green Tea. Your breakfast consist of the Green Goddess Smoothie which I have to say is super good too. You then move toward the Belly Bliss Meal for Lunch. The dinner is the Sensual Warrior Drink which to me taste like a chocolate shake. Once again, before bed you drink the Apple Cider Elixir drink. You then sleep really great. I think its all the detoxing.

Once I was done with the cleanse, my clarity and focus was better. I dropped 4 lbs. It was probably that stubborn water weight. I felt amazing. I then started to eat light and focus on whole foods again. I made light salads primarily of greens, and olive oil and vegetables. My workouts were back on track . I felt like a million dollars. I can’t stress to you enough how amazing this cleanse is. Try it for yourself and see how great you will feel.


Ways To Be A Boss Babe Any Day Of The Week

Hey all!

Boss Babe status doesn’t come easy. I mean we work hard to build our passions and sometimes find ourselves a bit overwhelmed or tired for that matter. I’m telling you that I have some GREAT motivation tips to keep that status going, and to build your passion with fire any day of the week. It’s all about balance and with these tips, you can conquer anything you set your mind to.

Doing What I love


Coffee is a lifesaver, especially on a Monday Morning. I know that through the weekends I like to hang with my family and friends. I try not to check my emails and DM’s through the weekends. I know when Monday rolls around, that is my most hectic morning of the week. Coffee gets me through it. Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee with warm almond milk? It gets the blood pumping and starts the days off right. (IF your a tea drinker, that’s perfect too)


We all need it. Honestly its my savior. I don’t know what I would do without Exercise. I try to incorporate it every morning after checking my emails and DM’s and preparing my posts for the week. It starts my days off just right and helps me focus on the rest of the tasks that I have for the day. Once I have my Fitness in for the Day, I feel I work Ten Times harder and actually get a lot more done. If you are a Yoga Lover, hit your favorite Yoga class. Fitness of any kind is Key.


I’ll admit, I’m a little OCD. I have many organization books for different tasks with my blogs and campaigns. I keep everything in their place. I know where everything is located and it makes it so much easier when I have to look something up or find something. I feel organization is key when running any type of business. It’s what gets things accomplished. You can find some great organization tablets from Target and Michaels. They are two of my favorites. Did I mention how cute they are?


Positivity gets you through anything. I’m a sole believer that positive energy is addictive. Keeping a positive attitude through out your days is key to also being happy. I find that keeping a positive attitude helps you get through anything. I use my mantras everyday and affirmations when I wake up. I use meditation also everyday, and I love it. Positivity is everything.

Being a Boss Babe can be easy if you let it. Is it Hard work? Yes! IS it fun? Of Course. You have to set goals, and intentions for the day to get them met. Always focus on those and follow these Tips. I promise you will Conquer Everything You Set your Mind to.


Zen Like Ways To Bring More Calm In Your Home

These Days It seems like their is Chaos Everywhere.We are running around non stop trying to get from place to place. We have so many jobs these days. We are Mothers, Sisters, Wives and some of us have Full Time Jobs. It really does surprise me how many labels can be put on one person. It also seems that more and more people are taking care of the people around them and putting themselves on the backburner. I sometimes feel that maybe people “make” themselves so busy. They add more to their schedules, they say Yes way too often. That can really make for more chaos and busy in your life. It seems that getting home, making dinner, and getting all of our work done makes us want to hit the sack more early than ever. Am I Right? I have some great ways to bring more Calm in to your Home.

Eucalyptus is Great For Bringing Calm in to your Home


Eucalyptus is the bomb when it comes to calm. I love how it makes you feel and the scent is amazing. I place Eucalyptus in my shower to relax you while your in there. It helps so much. Eucalyptus oil is great too. I place that in the diffuser and it really makes everything calm. I absolutely love it.


I have so many candles around my house that I have lost count. I love lighting one each night while I read or watch a movie . It just sets the tone. Lavender has a real calming effect. Lavender spray is also great to use on your pillows at night or use to spray on your sheets. I use it every night on my pillows. It is amazing.


This is a life saver in the evenings. The minute I drink it, I need my bed. It gives you such a great relaxing feeling. It is great brewed and adding a bit of lemon is always a great addition. Chamomile has such a calming effect on the body and brain. It pretty much puts you in shut down mode. I have a glass every night before bed. It makes you sleep so soundly.


The music part is hard for me to decide on. Why? I absolutely love them both. Classical Music is so relaxing when I’m cooking. I listen to it all the time. Yoga Music is the music that I listen to right before bed and meditation. I can’t get enough of either one. They both calm the mind and bring you to a more relaxed state.

These are some great Zen Ways of bringing more Calm into your Daily Life in your Home. These have always worked well for me and I have instilled these things in to my Daily Life for Quite Some Time Now.


The Quick Antioxidant Filled Summer Salad

It’s that time! The time where the weekends are filled with family outings and good summer cookouts. I love salads. I love them even more when they are Healthy. This salad is one of my favorites to use as a side salad, or you add under a great Salmon fillet.

The Perfect Summer Salad


2 Cups of Mixed Greens

1 Cup all Organic Feta Cheese

1 cup organic Cherry Tomatoes

Black Pepper

1 Full Pear diced up

1 cup olive oil

Dill Weed

1/2 cup Parsley

1/2 cup Black Olives

A Good Salad always starts with some Great Organic Greens. I prefer Mixed Greens for this salad. I love the Mixture of the Greens and the Multi of Antioxidants that it gives you. Try to stick with Organic as it’s much healthier. The Antioxidants are loaded up in this small summer salad.

Throw your Greens into a bowl and add in all the other ingredients. Try to dice up the pear before hand so that it saves you time. I always try to stick to Organic ingredients. If you want to add more cheese, and prefer a block then dice up the feta cheese before hand also. I like to take a small baggie and place the oil and Dill weed and Parsley in that and shake it. It really gives the salad a really good mixture. This salad feeds two people. If you want to serve more, double the ingredients . The salad is great paired with a good Pinot Grigio.


Fourth of July Fashion Finds

It’s that time! The Fourth of July is in a few days, and it’s time to turn it up. It’s Party Time, and a Time of Celebration with your favorite people. We all have to look the part, and I have some great Fashion Finds to wear to your favorite festivities. These dresses are some of my favorites.

Venus Dress

This dress is by Venus. Venus has some really great dresses at great prices. You can check out their gorgeous dresses at This dress is the perfect attire with the Red, White and Blue stripes. Perfect to wear to your festivities. It’s long and would look great with some neutral or white strappy Sandels.

Vici collection

Vici collection has amazing clothes. It’s honestly one of my favorite online stores to get my wardrobe from . The clothing is made very well and they have a huge variety of amazing clothes to pick from for each season. I love seeing their new arrivals and I’m always on board with ordering quick. Their clothing doesn’t stay in stock very long. Their clothing is true to size, and they really have the cutest clothes. The second dress is a long white summer stunner. Love the length and would look great with some neutral wedge heels. I love this dress for the Fourth of July.

The Third romper is an all time favorite of mine. It can be seen at Vici Collection. It has a gorgeous shimmer to it and would look great with a long necklace and some gorgeous summer heels. I love the length and overall look of this romper. This is a romper that could also be worn on off season at any function. If you haven’t checked out Vici Collection yet, it’s definitely a website you will fall in love with. I hope you all have an amazing Fourth of July.