Do you ever find yourself stressing for no apparent reason or it may even be that you have a lot on your plate at one time and it seems overwhelming? Well there are ways to destress on a daily basis. Here are a few ways to scoot that stress away!

– dance with your child
– take a peaceful walk
-take a warm bath with lavender
-take a run
-call someone you haven’t seen in a while (
– watch a funny movie.
-play a board game with your kids
-take a yoga class

** the list goes on and on. The number one rule to remembers that anything that is important to you as a hobby or something you feel you have no time for always destresses. Life is too fast today! We all need to slow down and enjoy the little pleasures in life. When we take care of ourselves , we take better care of other people. We are better wives& mothers!


This is a great protein starter for your morning.

3 oz egg whites
2 oz low fat mozzarella
1/2 chopped tomato
1/3 chopped red peppers
2 slices turkey bacon chopped

In a skillet, cook your turkey bacon. Chop the bacon once done, and set to the side. In the skillet, put egg whites, cheese, and tomatoes and red peppers and add bacon. Scramble everything and add pepper. Great morning starter!!!!


Clean eating is important for a number of reasons. What you decide to put in your body makes up for how you feel in the long run. Eating whole foods without the dyes, refined starches, additives , among a few will make you feel at the optimum level if health. Avoid the processed enriched foods with color additives, and ” fake” whole wheat. Choose foods that are rich in color and are raw wholesome foods. Here are a few to get you started at the store: whole wheat bread( preferably bought at health food store, fresh fruit ( berries), fresh colorful vegetables, mushrooms, organic salmon. These items can be used in an assortment of healthy clean recipes. Try to buy organic as much as possible as their is no pesticide use on them.