Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Hope your all getting your fitness on! One body part that everyone wants to tone before summer is those biceps.. Well here is an arm workout that will get your biceps ready in 6 weeks.. Note* remember that following a healthy diet will only help you along:
Check it out:
3 times/ 15 reps each

– tricep dips
-bicep curls
-shoulder press
-tricep kickbacks
– hammer curls
-supinated bent over rows

Remember proper form is imperative!



Well everyone, as an avid fitness person , one thing I take pride in us my athletic shoes.. I look for fast, durable, and I’m not going to lie.. I look at the color and design.. One shoe that I have been dying to have is the new tiffaney blue nikes… Anywhere I look, they are sold out! They are absolutely gorgeous… How about anyone else??? Do you ever set your sights on something , and work tooth and nail trying to find them??? Well anyone out there who knows where I can order these or find these, I’d love to know!!! Have a hoppin Easter weekend everyone!