Sugar is Sugar! It is found in so many things, that many of us think not. I’m here to tell you YES, there is! This list includes everything from wine, beer, ice cream, syrups, and artificial sweeteners. You really have to watch what you buy in the store, because all to often , we will throw something in our carts that we feel is healthy, when in reality it isn’t! One thing that drives me nuts is when a company puts a product out there that they claim is made of all natural products, and you cant pronounce one ingredient on the back. This stuff is killing americans, and over time it really does cause so many health issues as we grow older. The ideal diet is to AVOID any type of horrible additives, sweeteners, preservatives, fillers. These are not real , wholesome food. These junky preservatives help to keep things on the shelves longer, and give it the sweet taste that draws so many americans to them. The best bet is to shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store, unless you are a whole foods market. The wholesome raw fruits and vegetables is where to keep your ideal diet. The sugar intake that Americans are consuming today is why the childhood obesity level is at an all time high. Sugar causes many things to go weary in the body.

-If you or anyone you know suffers from an auto immune disorder, the best bet is to take out all gluten and dairy. I have seen people with these type of disorders get so much better when taking those things out of their diet.

-Chronic pain -Many people who have eliminated sugar out of their diet, and turned to a wholesome raw diet has seen amazing results. Sugar does nothing good for our bodies. It breaks down many efficiencies in it. There are many ways to cut back or cut out. You can always substitute ingredients for healthier ones. You can make amazing smoothies and juices by using raw, fresh ingredients. Sugar is a huge culprit for diabetes. If you are suffering from this, try to take out the sugar and see how your body responds. Nothing good comes from sugar intake. smoothie blend


Happy Thursday!
We all get those days where we wake up, and we don’t feel the best, or think we look the best. You could’ve had a great night out, and drank too much wine, or going through major hormonal issues, and feel you are having severe breakouts. Well guess what? It’s all normal. We have all been through it one time or another, and I have some of the BEST beauty hacks that you will love. The best bet when going out, or you know you are going out, is make sure to eat before you go, and drink one glass of water between your glasses of wine, or your preferred drink. This helps majorly with dehydration. Dehydration causes the skin to look drab, and lose color. If you feel you have that Hangover face- try using a gel moisturizer on your face after putting in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. This will reduce your eye puffiness, and reduce the redness. A great one to try is the garnier moisture bomb.
Going out that night? The best way to prep skin is to use sheet masks. They sell great ones at sephora.These will instantly bring a glow to your skin like no other. Are you having severe breakouts due to hormones? Well my best advice is to dab Differin gel onto your breakouts. It will instantly dry your skin out, and it will be back to new in no time. Remember to always keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water, and try to avoid using different brands of skin care products. It can really hurt your skin.


We live in a society where worth can be determined by age. As I’m writing this , I am 42 , moving toward 43. I have to admit, there are days when I get up , look at my growing kids, and it has to sink in that I’m in my 40’s. wow, it was like yesterday that I was pushing strollers and setting up play dates. As much as I would love just one of those days back, I’m embracing my age and where I’m at in my life. With society plastering all kinds of photoshopped pictures and social media pressing hard on the crazy anti aging products, it’s always easy to blame society on how this world relies so much on beauty, youth and worth. I have read about the 80 year old body builder , and the 100 year old marathon runner. They are inspiring and living. Living in my terms is what keeps us young and thriving. Yes, we may not be in our 20’s, but even so what do you really know about life in your twenties? Living each day to the fullest is what it’s all about. Rocking your age like no other. I love my 40’s,and where im at in life. Yes there are days that I wish I had my 20 year old body back, but as hard as I work out, I’m actually loving my body now . I can still do many things that I did in my 20’s, and I wake up every day thankful that it’s still working. You get what you put in. If you aren’t happy with something, FIX IT. CHANGE IT. You live one life. Get out and try new things. I always try to live outside my comfort zone. That’s just my personality. It has opened so many doors for me in so many ways. I blog and campaign for a living, and yes I love it, and im reminded every day that when I go for a campaign, im at times, competing with 20 something bloggers. Honestly, I’ve been chosen over them due to my wisdom and training in that aspect , and the fact that i have more experience with certain things. Believe me, age is what you make of it. You can look, feel, dress, eat, live any way you like, and it’s up to you how you choose to feel everyday you jump out of bed and choose to live your day. Get up and rock the skin your in! 


Oxygen Facials are the next big trend in skincare, and when you hear the benefits, you’ll see why. Who doesn’t want super soft skin these days? We live in a very polluted world and our skin can turn dull and look dehydrated. That’s why I live for my oxygen facials monthly. I have seen amazing results by going in once a month and getting this type of facial. The way your skin feels afterwards is amazing. If you have never tried one, here is the time to find out how amazing they are. Here are some great benefits:

  • They moisturize and help with the Glow.- Oxygen facials offer deep penetrating benefits that work their way deep into the skin. They help restore the PH levels in your skin, and help with the radiance. They also help prepare against sun damage. We raise our risks of sun damage every day when heading outdoors. Its always best everyday to wear a high SPF.
  • It increases circulation for a natural blush look- When getting an oxygen facial, it removes the impurities from the skin that lie deep within. The impurities are removed with fresh oxygen and boy does it feel great. You will walk out and have a natural glow to your cheeks. 
  • Helps with Blemish-Free Skin- Oxygen facials detoxifies the skin against the toxins and the every day stress that we incur. Everyday when we do our activities, the stress pollution hits our skin like no other. The oxygen helps with acne marks, sun spots, and age spots which increase as we age. These are weaknesses in the skin that improve with certain amounts of oxygen.

The next time you plan your day at the spa, or decide that you want to get a facial, try to opt for the Oxygen Facial. Your Skin will be glad you did!


We all want Glowing Skin and the lack of collagen that we lose can make our skin look dry and aging. The lack of collagen can cause the skin to droop, cause light wrinkles around the eyes, and neck, and even the hands. Well I have the solution! Did you know that adding some top ingredients to your morning smoothies will add in some extra help on those areas. I’m not saying its going to take away everything you dislike, but it will certainly help with building up collagen and giving our skin some vitamins that it misses out on. These top Ingredients are important not only for the skin, but for the body in general. They are full of antioxidants and help in repair and rebuilding in the skin and body.smoothie blend

-COLLAGEN- I have no idea what I would do without my collagen. You can now buy bone broth with collagen , which is even better. If you are a smoothie drinker, its best to add a few tablespoons to your smoothie. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It is found in just about everything. Its found in our muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, and tendons. It what keeps our strength in our bones and skin. It also helps with replacing dead skin cells.

-PROBIOTIC- If you haven’t seen my post on probiotics, I encourage you to read it. Adding in a probiotic to your smoothie, helps with keeping that gut healthy. IT helps keep inflammation down, and the immune system strong .

-MATCHA- Matcha tea is so amazing for your skin and body. It has long been known to help in aiding against certain cancers, and preventing inflammation. Drinking 1-2 glasses a day of matcha is so healthy for your immunity and even putting a teaspoon in your morning smoothie is sure to help in the fight against aging. Matcha tea is not only a preventative measure in skin health, its absolutely delicious.