We have all been there. We have decided to throw a dinner party at the last minute , only to be stressed out , feeling as if nothing is going to go right. Well I’m here to give you the tips to make sure that you never feel that way again.

The biggest solution to not feeling stressed during a dinner party is preparation and planning. Procrastination is what brings on the stress. image.jpeg

Best tips for throwing a stress free dinner party

  • Always cook with the freshest ingredients possible. This will make everything taste better and is the more healthier option overall. 
  • Always prepare your meal plan ahead of time or your menu. This takes time away from the planning process. It will be so much less stressful when heading to the store. The last thing you want to do is sit in the store wondering what to make. I would make the menu out from everything from appetizers to dessert. If you know you are having guest that prefer gluten free or vegetarian dishes, try to opt for one or two to accommodate them. There are amazing dishes on Pinterest
  • Don’t stress about having everything perfect. Being stress free will give you time to entertain your guests and have fun. 
  • Play some background music when entertaining. This will break the stiffness up and makes everything flow so much more better. A great Pandora station is sister Nancy. It’s an ecclectic reggae. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of drinks and wine flowing at all times. I know all of my girlfriends favorite wines, so I make sure to have plenty of it on hand. I would advise to add in some cute little wine tags for all the glasses. The last thing you want is someone looking around for their wine glass. 
  • Dont skimp on the appetizers. Have plenty to choose from for when guests arrive. A great baguette with truffle oil and a variety of cheeses never hurt anyone. 
  • Have some great ambiance around the house. I have all my lights on dimmers and it helps to drop the lighting or raise the lighting when needed. image.jpeg

These tips are perfect for throwing that amazing party. You will go on being stress free about the little things going forward. Enjoy


Hi ladies!

I recently attended a days makeup workshop in Indy , meeting different bloggers, and listening to an array of skin care specialists on the amazing benefits of sulfur on your skin. I really couldn’t put the two together and imagine what the great effects would be on the skin, but after the workshop, and seeing the results of some women who tried it out, I thought I’d give it a try. The results were astounding on the skin, and sulfur is a huge component in preventing acne. Many women whether young , or old can have severe skin problems from hormonal imbalances , to young girls going through puberty. We can also experience skin problems due to allergens to what is in our skincare, or even food that doesn’t agree with us. Sulfur fights acne because it has anti bacterial properties that hit the skin from the very core of within. It has a huge rate of clearing up redness or eczema. Sulphur has many medicinal properties. It is a skin mineral that is known to help you stay looking young , and its present in your skin cells. Some great spices of sulphur are from eggs. They contain the highest amount of sulphur , and that is exactly why using eggs on your face for skin tightening is so popular. Onions also have sulphur and it’s a great remedy for dandruff also. One great item that has worked wonders , and was brought up at the workshop was the Peter Thomas Roth therapeutic sulphur masque. Many women has claimed that by using this weekly their acne cleared up , and their skin looked more clearer. Sulphur also helps with deep pore cleansing. I picked some up this weekend, and thought I’d give it a test, and so far I’m loving it , even though I’ve only used it twice. Check it out for yourself.