Wheatgrass is one of the best superfoods we can give our bodies. The benefits of this green is beyond amazing. Juice bars all around the world are offering wheatgrass shots to give your body that daily dose of health. You can make these in your own home with the right quality products. 

I’ve been taking wheatgrass shots everyday for the past year, and it really does make a difference in your health and energy levels. It’s an amazing blood purifier , and will leave you feeling great. Here are some wonderful benefits of wheatgrass. 

-wheatgrass is the ultimate healer for the body. It contains 17 amino acids which are building blocks. They contain many minerals that help body combat disease and ailments. 

-wheatgrass contains the amazing chlorophyll. It is healing to the blood and ultimately cleanses the blood like no other. 

-chlorophyll has enzymes that ultimately fight off the aging process. Chlorophyll is known to be one huge youthful additive. 

-taking chlorophyll wheatgrass shots has helped with tissue healing. It actually binds to the tissue and renews it from the inside. Wheatgrass is made up primarily of chlorophyll. It’s helpful in skin rashes when used topically.  If you are new to using wheatgrass , it’s best to buy a purified powder or a liquid chlorophyll supplement. You can use the wheatgrass in smoothies, and use the liquid chlorophyll mixed with water. It’s amazing for your health. 


These days its really important to know that free radicals can deteriorate the skin cells  and your face like no other. Free radicals can come from the sun, diet, carcinogens from bad products, and of course alcohol. Its very important from a young age to start using the best face products for skincare. The earlier that you take charge, the better your skin and face will be in the long run. Its the time in your 20’2 or 30’s to find a good skin care line that works best with your skin. You can go to a dermatologist to find out what kind of skin you actually have. You may be surprised.

It’s never too late to get a good eye cream, or weekly routine to set you skin up on. Crows feet can start as early as your late twenties. Crows feet can be due from too much squinting, and lack of care. The more collagen that we lose, the more we will see the small wrinkles set in. I’m not telling you that you have to spend a fortune for good skin. I know many people that have gorgeous skin just by making healthy choices through out their life. They have a healthy diet full of fresh veggies and fruit, and they casually have a glass of alcohol . They don’t spend every night adding bad habits to their life.

I have some great products that I absolutely love for the people who are looking for something that really works, and works well. These re my three favorite non prescription anti aging products. I love these dearly because they work and give you actual results. You can order them online, or you can find them in upscale department stores. Are you seeing the crows feet? Are you feeling like lately your skin is dehydrated, and more lines are more noticeable? Check these out. They will not disappoint.

FullSizeRender (156)


                                                                                                                Triple Lipid Restore by Skin Ceuticals

Triple Lipid Restore by SkinCeuticals is the bomb. It moisturizer is honestly one of the best I’ve ever used. It contains all the lipids essential for skin repairing, and gives your skin clarity and restores the moisture. If you have dull looking skin, this is the product to try.


FullSizeRender (158)                                                                                                                              SKIN MEDICA TNS ESSENTIAL SERUM


I can’t say enough about this product or the company. The TNS essential serum is probably the BEST I’ve ever used. It does come with a hefty pricetag, but it is unbelievable. Your skin is basically getting a facelift with this. It contains seven antioxidants and the skin plumper hyularonic acid. It has brightening supplements in it, and has collagen stimulating ingredients as well. Your skin will look dynamite .

FullSizeRender (159)                                                                                                                                                  SK-II FACIAL TREATMENT MASK

This product is wonderful. If you want a product that will feel like you just spent an hour getting a facial, then this is something that you need. You simply can use this two ways. You can run it under hot water before use to give that full relaxing effect, or keep it in a fridge and use it when you feel like you have some puffiness under the eyes.


Well here they are, and I cant rave enough about these amazing products. These three products have made such a difference in my skin. One last note: Always use a sunscreen that is high. Sun will ruin your skin. It’s so important for you to know the strong value of skincare as you age. It will make a difference .


Hi ladies!

Do you ever find yourself over whelmed every time you go shop for perfume? To me , it has always been on the difficult side, or it seems very stressful at times. You spend so much time using your wrist as a tester, that you end up walking out of the store smelling a little bit crazy. Whether you are buying a perfume for a gift, or for yourself, it always seems over whelming. There are perfumes that are too harsh, or just too much on the citrus side. It seems it takes a good hour just to find that perfect aroma. I recently stumbled into Sephora, as usual, and found the Fred Segal The Blend Kit, and honestly fell in love. The amazing component about this kit, is that all the fragrances are oils ,and I absolutely love how they absorb into the skin. They provide you with all these amazing recipes, so that you can mix and match the oils you want, to come up with that perfect scent. The Blend

The oils are to die for. They all have their unique aroma, and whether you are looking for a scent that is more musky, or more on the sweeter side, you will find it. It is on the more pricier side. One vial prices for 25.00, but the whole kit can be bought for 150.00. This kit will last you a long time, because it doesn’t take much of these oils to give you that scent that will last for hours. This kit would make the perfect gift for any woman who loves a good oil perfume. I feel oil absorbs fairly quickly, and last a lot longer than the traditional spray -on perfume. I feel the spray perfumes can be a bit too much. I have walked by plenty of women that smell as if they just got done emptying the whole bottle of perfume on themselves. Today would be a great day to pick this amazing blend kit up. Enjoy! img_1351


Winter is a real pain when it comes to keeping your skin glowing. The dryness in the air and lack of moisture can wreak havoc on everything from your skin, to your hair and more. There are great ways to always keep your skin glowing in this frigid air, but more importantly, what we put in our bodies helps a great deal in keeping our skin nice and supple. My top foods for keeping winter glowing skin:

*walnuts- this amazing nut is loaded with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. It in return, stimulates collagen in our skin, helping us maintain that glow throughout the season. Adding these nuts to salads, muffins, and even your morning oatmeal, is a great way of reaping the benefits. 

*dark chocolate- I’m not saying to go out and buy a snicker bar. That’s the type of chocolate to stay away from, as it’s loaded up with sugar and preservatives. Try picking a bar up from your natural food market that has atleast 70 percent cacao . This reduces moisture , keeps skin hydrated, and improves your skins overall texture. 

*cherries- cherries slows down the aging process all together, and they are full of antioxidants. Adding these to your smoothies, or even topping your oatmeal is great. 

 *tomatoes-tomatoes are full of lycopene, which helps in keeping acne at bay. They help lower the hormone that causes acne. It’s easy to add tomatoes to anything, from dishes to salads. 

* green tea- this is a wonder drink. Been around for centuries, drinking 3-5 glasses a day lower levels of DHT. It’s loaded up with antioxidants and helps keep the skin subtle, and glowing. 


One of the best parts of living is the flow of energy that surrounds all of us. It’s unique yes, but it’s up to us to choose the type of energy that we want around us. Positive energy comes in many different forms , from meditation & deep breathing, mindful thinking, ect.. But most of all , it comes from letting go. Letting go of what you THINK you should be doing, to doing what you WANT to be doing, and doing the things and experimenting with the things you like. We sometimes can find our selves at the end of the week, realizing that first.. The week is coming to a halt, and second, that the things you wanted to get done, or do were never put in place. It’s all about balance, and being mindful of the time we have, and how we want to utilize it. You get more satisfaction and happiness when you do things you enjoy to do.  

 Shifting focus on the accomplishing goals or tasks that you really WANT to do , should be your top priority. Taking time out of your day or evening to go do something that you have been wanting , is so important in the quest for living mindfully. What takes away our positive energy or flow is monotonous schedules, crazy chaos, which I call lather, rinse, and repeat. We get so caught up in chaos that it can strip away our energy , and turn it into many different things. It’s so important that what and who we put around us, radiates our energy to a high degree, and keeping it positive is all up to us. Some ways to keep that positive energy around- be thankful everyday for your blessings, plan to do more things each week that you absolutely love, ( each day that goes by, is one more day you missed out on doing it), spend more time with the friends and family that you love), stay heathy and exercise)( proven fact that working out and eating better makes us happier), give more to the needy, make a donation to your favorite charity, ( it’s always good to give back), practice being proud of all the accomplishments you’ve had, send your family a nice card. These are all ways that keep positive energy around us. Remember.. Always take time to relax. I feel people these days do not do that enough because of the crazy schedules. Last but not least… Breathe!!!