My favorite concealers

Hi ladies!

I love makeup and one item that I can’t live without is my concealer. As we age, we tend to have dark circles under our eyes, or just areas where we need a little bit more coverage than normal. I have a few favorite concealers, and there are different things I like about each of them.

* Kat Von D concealer- she literally has such amazing makeup. The power it has is amazing, and this concealer has a great coverage without being so thick. One thing I can’t stand about certain concealers is some can look cakey and too thick in the areas your trying to camouflage. Kat Von D concealer comes in many shades , and has such a basic consistency. You don’t need to use a whole lot to get the coverage you need. This is by far one of my favorites.

*Makeup forever – have you ever tried their makeup? It’s amaxing. The coverage with their concealer is just as good as the coverage with their foundations. You don’t need a whole lot. The concealer is a bit more thick than the Kat Von D, but it still doesn’t take a lot. Makeup forever consistency can be thinned out of you mix with a bit of moisturizer. It comes in many shades, and the best part is that it looks amazing in lighting.

*Mac concealer- this is probably my least favorite out of the three, but I still like it. It’s just a bit more thicker for people that need more coverage. The shades can be tricky , but once you find the right one, you may never turn back. Mac has amazing products, and their concealers are great for people who need just a bit more consistency in their coverage. It’s best to hit a Mac store and try out different concealers before buying them. It can save you a lot of money.

Remember the key to a good concealer is getting just enough coverage without looking like a raccoon. That is not a pretty look.


The best makeup brushes and how to take care of them

Hi ladies ! 

Makeup is an important aspect in many of our lives. It can be somewhat stressful when trying to find the perfect shade to match our skin tone, or buying a lipstick that we can totally fall in love with. 

One huge aspect of applying makeup is the brushes we use to apply it with. There are many brush sets out there that are horrible quality. The minute you apply makeup, it seems some of the bristles fall out and end up on your cheek. Total turnoff right? I’ve had many brands that I’ve used, and some I’ve fallen in love with, and others I wouldn’t pay a dollar for. It comes down to this- You get what you pay for. Like anything else, paying more is the best option. 

My favorite brushes that I absolutely love is Mac cosmetic brushes. I can’t tell you how much I adore these brushes. They are versatile, and made of great quality. Yes they are on the higher side, but in the long run, you will be happier with them. The bristles are amazing and soft, and the best part is they can be cleaned very easy. The other brushes that are a bit less expensive , but amazing are the Sonia Kashuk brushes. These are carried at target, and really come in some cute designs. The Kabuki brush is my all time favorite. Once again the bristles are soft, and do not fall out over time. These are also prefect for a cute little Christmas stocking stuffer. 

Making sure you buy the better brushes is always important, but taking care of them is just as important. Refusing to clean brushes calls for more breakouts , and debris and germs that are carried onto your brushes. You want to keep them washed and cleaned after every use. I use a great Sephora brush cleaner. It is simply sprayed on and dried. It can turn your brushes into feeling brand new. Make the brushes count when shopping for makeup. It’s one of the most important tools that can make a difference in your investment.