Hi ladies! 

It seems these days , everyone and their sister are wearing fake eyelashes, and as glamorous as that sounds at times, who has the time , or better yet, who wants to make the time to apply those every day? Not me. There are so many amazing products out there to give yourself full , beautiful lashes that you love. 

Mascara is one item I just can’t live without. It would be the one item I would hope to have with me on a stranded island, among any other makeup item. One reason.. It adds so much to your eyes. Here are some great ways to achieve those to die for lashes! 

– always take mascara off every night before bed. I can’t tell you how bad it is for the growth of your eyelashes to keep that on. Take off with a good makeup remover. Even coconut oil is great. 

always use a good eye lash conditioner before applying your mascara. It helps with keeping the mascara on , and not coming off through the day. I love the dior conditioner. It’s the ultimate best. 

– curl your eyelashes twice before applying mascara. This will give your eyelashes a great shape . 

– always apply a good mascara. Try to stay away from the cheap ones, as they aren’t going to stay on as well, and they do smear off. Try to invest in even a loreal mascara , as they have some of the best. 

– do not use your mascara more than 2-3 months. It’s time to switch . The mascara dries out, leaving you with clumpy eyelashes. 

– for thicker lashes, always apply two coats of mascara. Once you have applied the first, wait a few minutes for it to dry, then apply the second coat. Applying to much , to quick will result in clumpiness. 

Watch your eyelashes turn into gorgeous full lashes after applying these steps! You will never use fake lashes again.  



Hi ladies! 

Everyone loves putting make up on for huge events, or parties, but who really needs all that on regular days , when heading to work , or working out. I have been to multiple gyms where I see women in full makeup, and think to myself, ” what are you doing”? If they only knew what that makeup was doing to their pores as they are drenching themselves in sweat. Our skin needs to breathe, and you do not need a ton of makeup to feel done up. Here are some great tips on keeping your skin breathing, but yet looking refreshed. 

Ditch the foundation

Foundation is great when you are heading out to an event, and want a long lasting look, but a tinted moisturizer is wonderful. It gives your skin a glow, gives clarity to the skin, takes out redness, and helps cover up those pores. When I see some women wearing foundation, they have no right wearing it with the way it’s applied. Tinted moisturizer is perfect for those work days. It keeps your skin looking light and bright. 

Pick a good moisturizer

When using a tinted moisturizer, make sure you are using a good one. I love  moisturizers by Laura Mercier, who has amazing products. Some moisturizers can make your skin look worse, because some of them have a greasy feel. Check one out and try before using it on a daily basis.  

 Pick a good mascara 

For regular days, try to go a little heavier on the mascara , and lighter on the lipstick or gloss. I usually do it one way or the other. If I’m using more mascara, I’ll go lighter on the lip. If I go with a pop of color on the lip, I’ll go lighter on the mascara. I do not want to leave my house looking like Tammy baker, which I’ve seen on many women. Less is more . Remember that. 

Groomed eyebrows

Make sure your eyebrows are always polished. One thing that is annoying is seeing people with outgrown eyebrows. Make sure you use a good pencil to fill in, and a great eyebrow gel to hold them in place.  

 A nude lip always works

Nude gloss or lipstick is one of my favorites. It looks amazing. This always gives a more natural look to your makeup, without looking overdone. 

This is the simple look to everyday living. Remember the less you apply, the more natural you look. 


I wanted to do a post on youthful living, because Ive gotten a few emails from some older women wanting to know how to feel young, and why they feel too old to do certain things. I have to say that no matter what age you are, you are NEVER too old to do anything. Isnt that what keeps us feeling youthful in the first place? There isnt a set age or age requirement on living. We are on this earth to live, and do all the things that we want to do. I do not live life by any rules, and neither should you. We all know that aging is inevitable. We see our birthdays pass by, our older relatives pass into the next life, our kids get older, and we see everyone around us grow older, due to knowing them for so long. It is happening. The one thing to remember is living in the moment. You need to think about the now, and do in the now, instead of worrying what is to come. No one knows what that is. Its best to live in the moment,then to worry that moment away.

I have never lived by any age requirements because i believe there are none. The one thing that makes me feel younger is the fact I get out everyday and do the things I enjoy, be around the people that make me laugh, try new hobbies. That’s what makes us at our happiest, and there is no greater joy than laughing, and having fun. There are no limits on joy. If you are 60 years old, and want to go to Disney world, GO! Whats stopping you? Feeling youthful has everything in the world to do with actual living. When I say that, I mean getting out of your comfort zone. Try new things daily. Do the things that you never thought you could do, or picture yourself doing. The best thing that I tell my followers who email me on this subject, is write down a list of all the things you want to try. Start off by crossing each one off as you do them. If some of them are hard, start off slowly. One thing that I feel more and more people do, is sell themselves short, in the aspect of living. I hear so many older people say, well I’m too old for that, or my body wouldn’t be able to handle that. Says who? That’s the living part of feeling youthful. I recently just read a Time magazine, in which there was a 98 year old man that still ran in marathons. There is no age limit on living, and I don’t care what it is. For the part of looking youthful, that’s inevitable. We are all aging, but its about how we age , that matter most. You can only do so much before you say, ok, instead of worrying all the time about “how “young you look, you should worry about “how” young you feel. thats what it comes down to. Thats why its important to not let time pass you by, by putting restraints on life. Here are my tips of feeling youthful, and living a youthful life.

Surround yourself around fun, and positive people. They are the only ones that make you laugh, and bring you joy right? Why would you settle for anything less than that? I spend my time around people who do not require a lot of maintenence. Im always up for a good time, so people that have your back always .. are the ultimate !

Think positive all the time. Positive thinking is so powerful. You may think that you are having the worst day ever, or the worst month, but believe me when I say this.. for every thing that doesn’t go as planned, something amazingly good always comes out of it. Its the power of thinking.

No matter what you do, or are doing.. Always have fun!! It doesnt matter if you are cooking, writing, reading, or dancing.. Always have fun.. Life is way too short not to. You feel more youthful when you are having fun too.

Don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. You will be judged always no matter what by some, so just do whatever you want anyway. Live for you and no one else.

Don’t put an age limit on the events you want to try. Its pretty amazing when I see someone much older than me, doing hot yoga, so if anything, its inspiring.  Always inspire!!

Always live your best life. Travel , shop, dance, read.. whatever your heart desires, is exactly what you should be doing. img_8194


Hi ladies!

I’ve had a few emails asking me what is a good time lapse to clean makeup brushes. Dirty Makeup brushes can cause a series of problems, not just for the makeup brushes , but can wreak havoc on your skin in many ways. First of all, I hope all of you are making it a constant habit of washing your face day, and night . If you are, you need to make sure your cleansing is not followed by a series of bad habits, such as keeping your Makeup brushes out where you hairspray your hair. That hairspray will end up on your makeup brushes, and those makeup brushes filled with  hairspray will end up on your face. It’s best to keep your makeup brushes cleaned every two weeks in rotation. They sell amazing makeup brush cleaners at Sephora. Here are a list of things that can happen if you do not keep those brushes clean.

your face will end up with terrible color. – if you are using makeup brushes over and over again, without washing them, that foundation from multiple uses , still stuck to your makeup brush , will make its own foundation color, and believe me, it will not be a color that will suit you.

-you will have some serious skin irritations- if you have un clean brushes, you will end up getting skin irritations. Those bristles will eventually dry out, leaving your skin dry and scaly.

your skin will end up breaking out! – you may for some certain reason along the way, think that your skin is very sensitive, but in reality , you may want to look at how clean your brushes are. The germs build up on brushes, leaving your skin grimy, in return, causes breakouts. Clean your brushes, and I guarantee your breakouts subside. Continuing to use dirty makeup brushes will only make your acne get worse.

 -your beauty investment is ruined. – makeup brushes aren’t cheap, and if you are dropping money on expensive brushes, take care of them. You are just wasting money if you aren’t taking care of them.

dirty brushes can cause some serious health problems. – did you know that sharing dirty makeup brushes can cause pinkeye, among other things. I know many girls , in the high school Ages, have sleepovers , get ready , and share makeup and brushes. DO NOT share them. They can cause many serious health issues. It’s just as bad as sharing lipsticks! Germs travel.

So the bottom line is –  be safe & smart, with your brushes. Germs are everywhere, especially in un clean environments. Make sure you store your brushes away from hairspray, pefumes, and anything that could be unhealthy .


Hi ladies! 

I’m sure you’ve all heard that as we age, our skin ages too, and we lose elasticity and collagen , which in turn can cause everything to fall, and continue sagging. It’s important to start a skin care regimen early on, taking care of our skin as well as we can. It really can alter the aging process in the long run. Here are some great ways to age defying skin as we get older. These are purely ways of creating a healthy lifestyle , in turn helping your skin out along the way. 

We all know that what we put on the inside, truly reflects on the outside. We eat good food, our skin and bodies look better. It’s always good to know what kind of skin type you have, therefore you can pick a good skin care line that works for your skin type, and start a treatment plan. 

Always use a gentle exfoliater . You can find some harsh ones, that will take the moisture out of your skin, and in fact, can make your skin sore. Stay away from the harsh exfoliaters, and use a gentle one.  

 Apple cider vinegar is the bomb when it comes to age spots. You can use apple cider vinegar with lemon, and apply before bed. You can use this combination anywhere on the body. 

Did you know the way you sleep can truly give you crows feet and wrinkles, and not wearing sunglasses in the sun, will cause excessive squinting, and in turn will give you crows feet? Keep the sunglasses nearby, and invest in a good pillowcase if you are a side sleeper. It helps so much. 

Start juicing with fresh vegetables and fruit. Stay away from the store bought juices if the sugar content is high. You can actually hurt your skin by ingesting sugar content daily. It’s always best to juice with a juicer, and buy organic produce. The minerals and vitamins you get, are phenomenal.  

 Be patient with your skin. Getting great skin is a process, and it will not happen within a week. It takes time. You may see a difference or an improvement within a week, but to get overall better clarity, toned skin, you will need to be patient.