The Top Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

I am proclaimed beauty junkie. Yes, you heard that right. I can’t tell you the money I have shelled out over the years to find the Best products to suit my beauty needs. I am a Sephora lover, and going to Sephora is like heading to Target. It’s a money trap, but only with the Best in Beauty.

The Chanel Eye Palettes are amazing

I have found some pretty amazing products, despite the money wastes. These are the products that I keep going back to over and over again. I find something pretty special with each of them. I have tried cheaper versions of these products, but the more expensive ones always win the game.

Lets start with Mascara. Mascara is my best friend. If I was deserted on an island , and could only take one beauty product, it would definitely be Mascara. Tom Ford Mascara is my ultimate favorite. I have tried every single mascara known to man. Tom Ford’s is the ultimate best. It gives your lashes so much volume, and the Black is a true lush black. I simply can’t get enough of Tom Ford when it comes to anything.

Highlighter is another favorite of mine. I don’t use a lot of it, but it does seem to give your skin a bit of a sheek look. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter. It is gorgeous. It goes on very light and really doesn’t give you a highlighter look. It just gives your skin a bit of a dewy look. I love it.

Chanel has the Best Palettes. If you are looking for a good eyeshadow palette to travel with, then Chanel sells some amazing ones. I love deep browns, and greys and they have the best. They are small, and travel very nicely.

I’m not a huge lipstick person. I love a pop of color, but I say No Way to Matte colors. They are too dry for me, and I love a good gloss with a good lip pencil. Clinique sells great lip pencils that are lip colors. They are more velvety and have so much shine. It’s a lip color in one with the lip pencil. I’s addicted to them. These pencils come in some amazing colors, and they last a long time on your lips.

Well I have shared some of the most amazing products that I simply can’t live without. What are some of your favorite beauty products?




The Best with YSL

Hi ladies! 

When you think of yves St Laurent, don’t you think of class? Alluring? Well I had the luxury of winning a blog contest lately, and the prize was a collection of Yves St Laurent lip collection, and I have to do a review. 

I’m a huge lipstick lover, and quite picky with color. I think certain colors look better than others with skin tone, and I believe there are certain colors that look better during certain seasons. I’m not one to wear a peachy coral color in the fall, as I’m not huge on wearing bold dark colors in the summer. I love wearing light colors during lighter seasons. I have to say I cannot get enough of this collection. It has become a must for holiday gifts. The colors look amazing on, and they look exactly what the tube color is. It’s very true to color. I’m sure you have all bought high end lipsticks and you get them on , and they look nothing like what the tube implies. YSL is different, and on top of it, it has an amazing moisturizing feel to the lipstick. I usually put some on, and then on top of it, apply a light gloss, as I LOVE gloss. You honestly do not need gloss. The other great component shot YSL lipstick , is that the lipstick has true staying power for hours. I wore this for three -four hours before I felt to reapply. This brand magnifies class in every way. Their clothes to their bags and even their makeup line is one of my favorites! The tubes are glam too. They are gorgeous and alluring. Each color has a color complex that leaves the lips smoother, plumper, and more moisturized. Nothing gets better than YSL! 


Tips to get that healthy glow

Hi ladies! 

I’m sure you’ve all had those days , especially in the winter, where you just don’t feel like your skin looks that great, and it can tend to feel dry and have a lack of moisture in it. There are some great tips on giving your skin a healthy glow when your in a rush or feel as if you are having one of those days. 

– don’t wear anything that is matte finish. Matte finish can really make you look washed out, or your wearing too much makeup. It even make you look a lot older. That matte power will settle in your wrinkles a lot worse. 

– apply some concealer around the red areas on your face. This will conceal the redness, and give your face a more even out color. 

– do not use powders. Powders are the worst thing on dry skin. Even if it’s not dry, you can give your skin a dried out look with powder. If you are one to use powders, use only in the T zone, lightly. 

– dab some peach blush on the apples of your cheeks, or the newly peach highlighters you see in Sephora. They are wonderful and will instantly give your skin a sheen look to your skin. It gives your skin that flushed look. 

– try to mix a little facial oil with your foundation, and it will give your skin a more dewy finish. Don’t overdue the facial oil, only a few drops. 

Try misting at the end of your makeup session with some great facial mist such as the Evian spray. These tips will give your skin an extra boost in these winters cold monthes.  



Sponge Fun

Hi Ladies!

Hope your Monday has been good so far. I have had a few emails asking me about makeup blending. When you use multiple products on your face, especially with contouring, it’s so important to blend all those products well, so there isn’t any visible lines, or areas where you can see everything. It can be difficult to get that contouring look, especially if you’ve never done it, or are new to it. I advise to take a contour class at sephora, or even watching great you tube tutorials can be helpful. One of my favorites is She’s phenomenal with her videos. One great item that I keep with me and use especially when going out is the Beauty blender sponge. It is the best one so far that I’ve used, and I’ve used many. It is my all time favorite. It’s best when blending to wet it down, and squeeze the water out,and it will give your skin a dewy look to it. Like I said before, it’s very important to practice a few times with contouring to get it down, but the beauty blender sponge doesn’t need to be used just for contouring. If you are using a foundation and a concealer, it’s best to blend those two together. This is used by a lot of professional makeup artists also, and it has recieved great reviews. image


nails inc. St. James.. The perfect Red

Hi ladies!

Have you ever had a hard time searching for that perfect red? One that isn’t too dark, not too punk, but yet not too light? I have found a great color that a friend was wearing and it’s gorgeous. Made by Nails Inc, the color St.james is beautiful, and not too vampire red. There is always that one color every year, where you think you like it in the store, and then you get it home, and it’s not what you were expecting, and then your let down. My friend had this on, and let me borrow it before I bought, so that was nice. It is a great color, and I have to highly recommend it. Want to dabble with red? Check it out. image