Urban Decay Naked palette Love

Hi Beauties! Urban decay Naked Palette is the bomb. its very hard to find a palette that you can travel with, and has all the luscious colors intact to make your eyes pop, but I… View Post

Beautiful Blogger Award

I would love to thank imc2015 for nominating me for The Beautiful Blogger award!  1. List 7 random things about yourself  2. Nominate 7 creative, beautiful bloggers 3.notify the bloggers that you nominated them.  1.… View Post

Great Saturday Morning

Hope you’re all having a great Saturdays, ladies! I had such a wonderful morning waking up in Chicago — I started it off with an early Kettleworx class, then treated myself to a great Starbucks… View Post

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My many thanks!

Well it’s that time of the year again, and it’s time to give thanks for all we have in our life! I feel so blessed beyond words.. Not just for what I have in my… View Post