The best place for Namaste in Chicago! 

Hi ladies!  I love Chicago, and as much as I’m visiting, I have found my ultimate place for getting my inner Namaste in. Yoga loft Chicago Is my ultimate favorite yoga studio. The atmosphere is gorgeous, and…View Post

Urban Spa Nail fun

Happy Sunday! Im sure by now you probably know that I spend much time in Chicago, and how much I adore the city. I don’t adore just the stores, shopping, and amazing food, but the…View Post

Traveling?? Find that Gym

Hi ladies! There’s no other way to wake up then to sunshine in Chicago! Do you ever feel stressed when you leave town and feel like you’re going to miss out on your workout, or…View Post

Great Day to be in Chi Town

Happy Thursday ladies! It’s such a great day to be in Chicago! My Eataly cooking class was phenomenal. If you ever have a chance to go there and learn from the amazing Eataly cooks, I recommend…View Post

What fun in chicago

We’ll my husband and I took a quick weekend trip to Chicago to get some R&R.. And to spend some time together before the chaotic schedules of my two kids start( which by the way…View Post