2016 wellness trends on the rise. 

Hi ladies!

I don’t know about you, but 2016 has been amazing. I’m loving all the great health products coming out,and it’s always great to see what’s in store in the coming months to keep ourselves healthier than ever.

Optimal health is so important, and as we keep our bodies moving, and feeding our bodies with good wholesome food, it in return makes us feel better on the inside as well as the outside. I’m loving all the great wellness trends moving along this year, and it’s not about getting skinny, or  heading to the newest , hottest class! It’s about wellness all around , and getting our bodies in the best shape , and our health in the best shape, so we can feel better as we age. These are some great trends I think will grow even bigger this year.

• Everyday Active wear. We do not wear our workout clothes just to our morning workout classes any more. Now more than ever, top workout gear companies are coming out with the most comfortable clothes that actually make an outfit. You can go from the gym to shopping or even work, with the outfits they are making. I’m loving the neutral cardigans that can be worn to yoga , then topped over a tank with some nice pants. It’s becoming all about convienence and comfortability. I know I love hanging in my yoga pants on a casual day. What about you? 

•superfoods lattes- superfoods are in the health news everyday, and it seems they add more to the list every year. I’m loving the fact that you can take matcha powder, tumeric powder and boil into your very own latte. I’m thinking cacao lattes are next ? A tinge of chocolate would be great. 

 •diets are old news- diets to me don’t exist this year. It’s about eating clean and healthy, which isn’t a diet , but a lifestyle choice. Your seeing juicing becoming very popular( a great way of getting your superfoods). It’s becoming huge to make your own salads using top organic vegetables. Diets don’t exist to me. Healthy lifestyles do. 

 •online workouts- I know many people who are busy, and with travel on top of that , many people do not have the time to make it to a workout everyday. Sometimes it can get quite boring , and monotonous. Your seeing more online workouts to freely do on your smart tv, or even download onto your computer so you can hit that workout on the road, or even in a hotel room. I think by the end of the year we will see even more great options available. Trends are wonderful , and some of them can honestly change your way of living in a lot of ways. 


Top foods for glowing skin

Winter is a real pain when it comes to keeping your skin glowing. The dryness in the air and lack of moisture can wreak havoc on everything from your skin, to your hair and more. There are great ways to always keep your skin glowing in this frigid air, but more importantly, what we put in our bodies helps a great deal in keeping our skin nice and supple. My top foods for keeping winter glowing skin:

*walnuts- this amazing nut is loaded with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. It in return, stimulates collagen in our skin, helping us maintain that glow throughout the season. Adding these nuts to salads, muffins, and even your morning oatmeal, is a great way of reaping the benefits. 

*dark chocolate- I’m not saying to go out and buy a snicker bar. That’s the type of chocolate to stay away from, as it’s loaded up with sugar and preservatives. Try picking a bar up from your natural food market that has atleast 70 percent cacao . This reduces moisture , keeps skin hydrated, and improves your skins overall texture. 

*cherries- cherries slows down the aging process all together, and they are full of antioxidants. Adding these to your smoothies, or even topping your oatmeal is great. 

 *tomatoes-tomatoes are full of lycopene, which helps in keeping acne at bay. They help lower the hormone that causes acne. It’s easy to add tomatoes to anything, from dishes to salads. 

* green tea- this is a wonder drink. Been around for centuries, drinking 3-5 glasses a day lower levels of DHT. It’s loaded up with antioxidants and helps keep the skin subtle, and glowing. 


Spirulina.. The ultimate Green power

Hi ladies!

Add spirulina to your daily juice

Add spirulina to your daily juice

I wanted to do a few posts this week on superfoods, and power greens because this is the time of season when we need to stay well through the cold months, and stay at the top of our game physically, and mentally. The weather months can drain you in so many ways, especially when it comes to your health, so I wanted to do some posts on what superfoods were, and why we should incorporate them into our daily diet. One of the superfoods that is one of my ultimate favorite is Spirulina. This super power green has so many advantages when it comes to staying healthy.

Spirulina is loaded with so many nutrients, and grows in both salt and fresh water. This green can be taken in either powder form or tablet form. The powder form seems to be more potent , in the aspect, of being able to mix it with a lot of different fruits and vegetables. You can even mix it with wheatgrass, and add to your daily green juice for more added benefits. The standard daily dose of spirulina is 1-3 grams daily. In this does, it contains 4 grams of protein , along with Vitamin b1 , Vitamin B2, B3, copper, omega 3, and omega 6, and iron. The quality of spirulina is on the excellent side, but you need to find a good brand , that either comes in powder form or tablet form.

Spirulina offers so many great health benefits. The anti-inflammatory properties are wonderful. This super green can fight off free radicals , and oxidative damage. It can lower your triglycerides, and lower your LDL, while raising your HDL. This green works at such a high level.

It appears to have anti-cancer properties as well. In many studies, it has shown to stop lesions of the mouth from forming and growing bigger. This is huge for anyone who runs the risk of any type of cancer.

Studies have shown that it can reduce Blood pressure. The minimum grams daily, can be mixed in a quick juice for those added benefits. High blood pressure is on the rise, and if any of you run the risk, or already have it, please look into taking the daily amount of spirulina. Always consult with your doctor first.

Spirulina can also help your muscle strength improve. This green is a super green for a reason. Adding this daily will only help you health, and keep your healthy optimally.

Powdered spirulina

Powdered spirulina


Healthy doses to keep that flu at bay

Hi Ladies!

I know that the colder months are getting ready to settle in, and one thing I do every year is get my health to the optimal level , so I have a lower chance of catching any kind of sickness. That is one thing I truly cant stand is being sick, and with the vitamins and supplements that I take, the sickness has stayed away for the most part. There are some great healthy items that you can eat, and take to keep your immune system at the optimal level. These are some great things that I take, and they are great for your health.

  • Shitake Mushrooms- These amazing mushrooms have so many health benefits. They reduce your inflammatory proteins , and enhance your cell functions, which has shown to improve your immunity. I try to take a supplement everyday, and you can pick some great ones up at your local natural market.
  • Garlic- garlic has great anti viral and anti bacterial properties. Adding a bit to your food, or even taking garlic supplements will help with your overall immunity.
  • Edamame- These little pods are full of omega -3 fatty acids, and also help reduce inflammation. That is what causes horrible sickness is to much inflammation buildup in the body. We want to reduce it in any way that we can.
  • Green juices- I know that I go on and on about the Importance of juicing, but just getting those daily fresh vegetables and superfoods helps with keeping your immunity up, and preventing sickness. No time ? Pick up an evolution fresh drink. They are loaded with great vitamins and minerals, and my favorite is Green Devotion, loaded up with cucumber, celery, lemon, spinach. They are amazing drinks. I’m also a huge believer in the Super Elixir, which can be bought online.

Whole foods for your health are vital. I cant tell you the amount of energy I have since changing my diet. Diet has so much to do with the way you feel. You are feeding it everyday. Some great super foods that I love for those fresky winter colds and coughs are :

  • Honey- This is an amazing thing to take for a bad cough. It will literally suppress your nerve fibers that cause coughing. Add it to some hot tea, and you are go to go.
  • Peppermint is great if you have some congestion going on. We all hate that feeling of fullness in the chest. Chewing on it will help with phlegm and mucous. Hot peppermint tea is great too. Warm Tea is always great to have daily. its a healthy go to drink, and some teas provide amazing health benefits such as Green Tea. Adding in daily exercise to for at least for 30 minutes will help with immunity. Keep that flu away, and take care of of yourself everyday. Optimal health is vital , and just adding or changing some daily habits will get your health where it needs to be.
    shitake mushrooms

    shitake mushrooms


Products and services for Healthy Skin

Happy Hump Day Ladies!

Its becoming that time of year when our skin can take a turn for the worse with colder temps, and lack of moisture in the air, making our skin sometimes feel a little dried out, and not as lusturous as in the summer months. There are great ways to healthy skin, and keeping  your skin looking amazing . I know some of you are like me, and love testing out products, and tools that really help your skin stay healthy. I am going let you know about some of my favorite products and tools, and even for those of you that love heading to your dermatologist for quick procedures, Ill let you know my favorites in that area also, and the ones that work.

There are great ways to healthy skin, and keeping your skin looking amazing.

One of ultimate favorite devices that I cannot live without, is my PMD Microderm wand, and it literally is worth the money. It comes with different size heads to get those hard to get to areas. It will refresh your skin, and take away all the dead skin cells in a matter of minutes. If you normally see a dermatologist, this is the best tool to use between appointments. This can be bought online , and is definitely worth every penny.

If you aren’t up to spending that much money on a tool, then one of the best things for a light microderm is a good wash with a built in exfoliator for your face, such as Philosophy microdelivery scrub, which will scrub away the dead skin cells, with a mild facial cleanser designed to cleanse the skin, and will help with resurfacing . This is a sulfate free scrub which is wonderful for those of you with sensitive skin. This will help achieve that all -over glow to your skin.

There is another favorite of mine, that is a bit more on the pricey side, but I have had great results with it. The Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion exfoliant. This is a powerful at- home alternative to going to the dermatologist office for the microdermabrasion procedure. This can be bought at Sephora.

The best but most expensive of them all , are the chemical peels, and the microdermabrasion in office procedures.  Yes these can be pricey, but the all over result is wonderful. Light chemical peels, that are gentle on the skin, and not as harsh, such as Peter Thomas Roth correction pads, is a great product that will not break the bank, if that is the route you want to go. These are some of my favorite products out there that I have tried, and tested , and are among my favorites. As many of you know, great skin also comes with how we eat, and drinking loads of water. Juicing is one of my favorites because you are feeding your skin those healthy nutrients, and minerals. Drinking atleast 8 ( 8 oz. glasses a day is ideal). This helps flush toxins out, and really does feed the skin. It really helps also to stay away from foods, loaded with preservatives, and taking it easy on the alcohol. These habits WILL cause havoc on the skin. Feed the skin properly, and that glow will show through.

Feed the skin properly, and that glow will show through