Three great ways to wear Denim skirts

Denim has long been around forever. It is a natural in the world of fashion. It’s a versatile fabric that can be worn up or down, casual or edgy, depending on your preference. 

One fashion item I am loving at the moment are the denim skirts. I love the ragged , edgy ones , as well as the dressy , ruffled skirts. This is one item that you can wear all day long and turn a look from day to night. It all starts with accessories. You can wear an edgy skirt with a blouse and shoes such as your laid back chuck Taylor’s. If you are going out that night , change the top to a tunic and add some black booties. 

One of my favorites is pairing a denim skirt with a white blouse and adding some delicate gold chains. Denim skirts can be purchased just about anywhere. Zara carries many amazing styles of denim skirts. Theirs can range from a classic edgy skirt to a more lengthy skirt with a trim of ruffles. H & M also sells some cute skirts with lace detail inserted in the denim. It’s all what your personal style is. Here are some great looks for that denim skirt look you may be going after. 


Juicy Couture is bringing the tracksuit back

Tracksuits are back ladies!

Do you remember the days in which your closet was loaded with the Juicy Couture tracksuit? I sure do. The velour sets that were such a phenomenon back in the day. They were so famous back in the early 2000s, and then they seemed to fall off the bandwagon, once Juicy Couture closed all their stores.  They are making a comeback at least for now. It seemed back in the day, everyone and their sister were wearing the infamous sets, blinged out with sequins, and fancy font on the back.

These sets are able to be purchased as of now through Bloomingdale stores . They haven’t changed a bit.  are still made of the velour fabric , and can be bought in Black, Navy, and Grey. These sets were the perfect outfit for a casual fall day, or just running errands. I truly missed them when they fell off the fashion trends. I felt as though they would be around forever. They are still at the same price point, ranging from 88.00-108.00. It is a part of the Bloomingdales Fall collection series. According to Bloomingdales, they feel as if bringing the tracksuit back is going to be a hit. I know plenty of women that are loving this trend coming back, including me. The comfort level of these suits were like no other, and the look of them goes way beyond fitness status. They are meant to be worn in any way that suits your needs. They were so famous at one time, that your daughters could wear the exact same thing in smaller sizes. The phenomenon is back, but we don’t know how long. This could be a season addition, and nothing beyond. If people start wearing them up again, this may stick around for another decade. Are you looking to add to your fall wardrobe? You can pick one of these suits up at Bloomingdales.TracksuitFullSizeRender (146)




Caftans in resort wear. The new summer look

There is nothing I love more than to go on vacation and feel and look comfortable, but looking out together. The days of wearing tanks and shorts over your bathing suit are long gone. These days Caftans are the mainstay in beach and resort wear. You can even wear them over a pair of great shirts or a skirt for a night time look. 

There are so many great ways to wear caftans even if your not headed on a vacation , or even to the pool. The multitude of designs in the stores are amazing. If you are going after a more conservative look, the caftans with darker colors would be the key. They have ones that tie in the front, or even ones that can be worn as a cardigan. The caftan material is usually made with a light breezy feel, or even some are in linen material to keep it light and airy in the summer.

I have filled my summer wardrobe up with a few great ones that I wear during the day, or even to the pool. They have great ones out at stores likeH & M, or J Crew. They have gorgeous written all over them! 


Style trend.. Bring your nighttime wardrobe to day time.. Lingerie slip dresses! 

It’s amazing how fashion is constantly changing, and now lingerie is the next huge component in fashion style. It’s funny, because seven years ago, I wore a lingerie slip dress to a concert, paired with a great pair of black tights, not even thinking that maybe one day it would become a hit in fashion. Who would have ever thought that something elegant and beautiful that you usually wear to bed at night would be a daytime style trend? It’s gorgeous how it all fits together, and can become such a great clean look. The favorite of mine right now is a black lingerie slip dress , paired nicely with a great black blazer, and of course a nice set of heels. 

Any color of slip dresses can go great for a night out. One thing that is not on my radar for a clean look, is the slip dresses that allows to much to the imagination. You can pull this look off correctly without showing too much skin. The basic concept here is to go out looking polished , with a clean stream lined look. A pop of color added with a black slip dress is another favorite of mine. A summer look could also be a great slip dress in a light color , paired with a great summer wedge. Many stores are offering beautiful slip dresses with a little lace added for some elegant decor. These also look great worn as a long tank dress over a great pair of tights. Either way, bringing  some bedroom wardrobe to your day time is the style trend that will be around for a while. 


Crisp white shirts for summer! 

Hi ladies!

White has always been a favorite of mine. I love white roses, white cars, white walls, and white shirts! It’s my go to color for the summer, and every now and then , I love pairing a white shirt with a great pair of colored shorts. I even love a crisp white shirt on a man.

It’s always great to have them on hand when building up your wardrobe for the summer. One other detail I love is a bit of ruffle . These days you can find ruffles on just about anything. They are detailed on skirts,shorts,  and even shoes. It’s amazing what the color white can add to a full outfit. Great stores such as H & MPixie market, and Top shop are carrying some super cute summer tops that will have you shopping for more. There is something pure and clean about the color, and even in clothing , it can really bring a clean lined effect to the wardrobe.

Below are some of my favorite looks: