My September Beauty Favorites!

fullsizerender-180I always love sharing with you some of my favorite monthly beauty products that I try out. I’ve tried so many , and I want to give you a heads up on what I think are some amazing beauty products. If you are one that needs a change, or is looking to replace a product already with a better one, I’m here to help.

I get products sent to me all the time, and that’s one of the things I love about blogging. I can try and tell, and it helps all of you the next time you step into a Sephora. One item that I really love is the Korres bath gel in Fig. It smells amazing , and is the perfect scent for fall. The minute you open the bottle, the aroma is divine. imageThe next product that I love and will forever use is my Charlotte Tilbury Mascara. I love mascara and this is one of the finer ones I’ve used. It really wraps the lash, and gives it such a great curl. It’s best to curl your lashes before using, and make sure to start at the bottom of the lash to get the best effect. It’s truly phenomenal.imageThe last product that I think every single girl should have is the Laura Mercier skin brightening powder. Wow does it make your skin pop. It’s very important that you use it correctly to get the best effect from it. One thing you do not want to do is use too much. It takes very little, or your skin will look cakey and thick. That’s a look you do not want. imageWell there are my favorites. These products are truly amazing, and for the price of each of them , you are getting your money’s worth. It’s best to put forth the money to get the best quality.


Love contouring? Smashbox made it a whole lot easier

Hi ladies! 

Contouring the face is so popular these days, that buying that perfect contouring kit can be a bit overwhelming , due to all the companies that have come out with contouring kits. I have really tried most of them, and as they all are made amazingly, Smashbox has come out with something so much easier.Smashbox has come out with some amazing contouring sticks, that ultimately can redefine any area on your face. We all know that contouring the face can bring depth, shadows, hide unevenness, and give you a more defined look. These contouring pencils are made for either darker skin tones, or lighter and fair skin tones. They include two pencils for the darker , contouring lines, and be for the highlighter, that draws the contouring out. 

Pallets can be very convienent for some, but these contouring pencils do not need anything but the blending, which I love the beauty blender. You contour the areas you are wanting, and then blending in all the lines, to make it look natural. I am absolutely in love with these, and are one of the greatest inventions ever in makeup. You can pick these up at any Sephora store. 


The best in color therapy! 

I have found the ultimate products that will leave your skin looking amazing , and taking away any gray or sallow tones.

I’m sure you all know by now that I have tried just about every product that Sephora can sell. There are ones that I keep running back to, simply because they have changed my skin in many ways. We all have discoloration in our skin from time to time, and these are some amazing finds if you are need of some skin color therapy.

I’m sure some of you suffer from brown spots. This can result from too much sun exposure. You know it’s best to always wear sunscreen, but to counteract those brown spots, the Algenist reveal corrector drops are amazing . They come in many shades that represent a certain skin problem. Dab a few of these drops on to your skin, and rub in, and you will have a better skin tone. Make sure your skin is clean , and this will be applied right before any makeup is put on.

Also the color FX corrector is amazing for newer scars and will you give you amazing luminosity in your skin. These are really two of the best color correctors that you can buy. Many women suffer from age spots, brown spots, and discoloration as they age. There is correctors that will give your skin a glow. Whatever the problem, there is a corrector for you, and these are the two best that I love.


Morning makeup routine.. Keep it simple

Hi ladies! 

Everyone loves putting make up on for huge events, or parties, but who really needs all that on regular days , when heading to work , or working out. I have been to multiple gyms where I see women in full makeup, and think to myself, ” what are you doing”? If they only knew what that makeup was doing to their pores as they are drenching themselves in sweat. Our skin needs to breathe, and you do not need a ton of makeup to feel done up. Here are some great tips on keeping your skin breathing, but yet looking refreshed. 

Ditch the foundation

Foundation is great when you are heading out to an event, and want a long lasting look, but a tinted moisturizer is wonderful. It gives your skin a glow, gives clarity to the skin, takes out redness, and helps cover up those pores. When I see some women wearing foundation, they have no right wearing it with the way it’s applied. Tinted moisturizer is perfect for those work days. It keeps your skin looking light and bright. 

Pick a good moisturizer

When using a tinted moisturizer, make sure you are using a good one. I love  moisturizers by Laura Mercier, who has amazing products. Some moisturizers can make your skin look worse, because some of them have a greasy feel. Check one out and try before using it on a daily basis.  

 Pick a good mascara 

For regular days, try to go a little heavier on the mascara , and lighter on the lipstick or gloss. I usually do it one way or the other. If I’m using more mascara, I’ll go lighter on the lip. If I go with a pop of color on the lip, I’ll go lighter on the mascara. I do not want to leave my house looking like Tammy baker, which I’ve seen on many women. Less is more . Remember that. 

Groomed eyebrows

Make sure your eyebrows are always polished. One thing that is annoying is seeing people with outgrown eyebrows. Make sure you use a good pencil to fill in, and a great eyebrow gel to hold them in place.  

 A nude lip always works

Nude gloss or lipstick is one of my favorites. It looks amazing. This always gives a more natural look to your makeup, without looking overdone. 

This is the simple look to everyday living. Remember the less you apply, the more natural you look. 


Blush it Up with Tom Ford

Hi ladies!FullSizeRender (68)

I recently attended a beauty boot camp workshop in Chicago, and they had an array of great products there to try. I found myself getting lost with all the awesome brands that were there, and picked up some great ones. One great thing I loved about it was the concept of blush, and how to apply. I really have never been a blush type of gal, except for a tiny bit of highlighter, but after this class, I am now a blush lover. Its all about finding the right one to fit your skin tone, and how to apply it the right way.

I have never been a blush type of gal, except for a tiny bit of highlighter, but after this class, I am now a blush lover.

A great blush that I recently picked up was the Tom Ford blush in the color, Ravish.  It is a color that fits any skin tone with a bit of olive tone to it. The line comes with a multitude of six colors. Frantic pink, Love lust, Ravish, savage, flush, wicked. Wicked is probably the most popular Tom Ford color, because it actually works best with any skin tone. Applying blush can be tricky, and if you have no idea how to apply, I recommend taking a makeup class, to teach you the ins & outs on makeup so that you don’t end up looking like a clown , when you walk out of your house. Its easy to think you know the application process, but it is a process, that takes a lot of practicing to get it down, and give your face a more natural , flushed look, instead of knowing that you applied blush. The whole concept of blush is to not look like you are wearing any, and your face just has a more flushed look to it. Chicago always is holding great makeup classes, and even more, you can pop over to you tube to get some great makeup tutorials on any type of makeup application that you want to learn , or even improve. Tom Ford blushes have such a shimmer, as well as their bronzers, which by the way are some of the best for the price tag. Sometimes it’s always best to pay the bigger price tag for the better products. One tip to always remember when applying blush , is to make sure even before your makeup is put on, that you have a great primer on. It really makes a difference in the way your blush is applied. Anyone looking for a great blush, that is totally worth the money, check out Tom ford.FullSizeRender (67)